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Are You A Red Pilled Addict To Schadenfreude?

Recently I stumbled across an older article entitled “Are Men Still Hunting?”.   The author while an SJW feminist laments that men aren’t the aggressors anymore when it comes to approaching women.  (She follows up here.)  I saw some comments and added a cordial one of my own. What stood out were comments strewn about how women were reaping what they’ve sown because of feminism and great pleasure was expressed about it. Okay that’s true as well as bits about how approaching can be easily construed as sexual harassment these days. An overall glance of said comments prompted a realization;  many of us are too busy...


Those On The Wrong Side Of Weaponized Journalism

Journalism The Weapon Discretion and the choice of stories. An attentive media must cover the pressing issues of the day, as well as what is news. At the same time, the media chooses what is news by the stories it covers.     What is considered” news”  however, can be and often is driven by  twitter firestorms and twitter trends, social media platforms, Reddit’s front page,  and Facebook feeds in particular. Well, should journalists actually cover these kinds of stories?  Are they even stories worth covering? Should they be covered? One of the primary duties of the press has always been...

Improving Your Situation Always Starts With You. 5

Improving Your Situation Always Starts With You.

On my WP feed, an important post was made on a blog I follow called , “A Holistic Journey“. The blogger, alohaleya, recently wrote a post, My Fiction Put Me In Debt, in which she talks about the effects of resentment in her life toward her father as well as feeling shame for holding others responsible. What specifically caught my attention was the following: “I’m the one who’s chosen to interpret my life events as I have. I’m the one who’s assigned deep meaning to old memories…and this meaning no longer serves. For years, I viewed my dad in a...

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