#RaceTogether And Have Your Reputation Destroyed

Prepare Your Smartphones For War

#RaceTogether is a minefield filled with short-tempered caffeine deprived customers who consider the concept of patience to be hate-speech rather then a virtue.   Then throw in some barbed wired and machine gun nests known as the smart-phone.

Every one has a smart phone these days that can record any conversation – a blessing and a curse.   It’s a foregone conclusion that any actual honest dialogue can take place between groups of extremely racially sensitive people.   Your words are a tweet away from being broadcast to the dark corners of tumblr dwelling other-kins and SJWs who haven’t forget that people with dissenting opinions are actual humans.   Davis Aurini makes a good point about this:

That is just the obvious hindrance.  The actual primary problem is that people view this entire idea as less of a conversation and more of a, “I’m mad at your kind of people for these reasons,” lecture.   Actual dialogue on a subject so controversial can’t take place in any public setting as you could lose your job.

In fact, it doesn’t actually matter if you are what society considers to be a “racist” or any one of the “ists” these days.   Once accused in the public eye – or rather the social media feed – you are guilty until proven innocent which means you are forever guilty on a basic Google search.

Caffeine Deprived Intruders Are On Their Way.
Caffeine Deprived Intruders Are On Their Way.

The Poor Baristas…

Let’s think about the Baristas for just a second.  Not only does #RaceTogether fulfill that old joke about SJWs at liberal arts colleges becoming Baristas, it adds a particular new explosive compound for angry uptight customers to get free beverages and add further misery to the idea of “customer service.”

Perhaps Schultz has been preparing his guinea pigs for these kinds of experiments all along and actually intends to scare off some of his already well-off liberal white types who spend 3k+ on Starbucks a year.  After all, how many flak barrages intended to induce white self-loathing can these types endure?

Schultz’s idea will create friendly fire situations and the casualties will be his own fellow ideologues.   Think about it, how many of the intended targets – backwater redneck conservative stereotypes – actually frequent Starbucks who aren’t actively boycotting it?  That was a rhetorical question.

Despite the backlash and drubbing coming from various sides of the spectrum , some of the mainstream media consider this a great idea. Time Magazine actually proclaimed #RaceTogether as a “brilliant” and “bold move” rather then a kamikaze mission in which allies will have their eco friendly cars sunk.   No, this doesn’t make me happy, it makes me sad.

What about the dialogue?

An honest conversation about race will only occur (1) between friends & family with liquor involved and the smartphones put away and (2) when people stop seeing every last damn thing through a racial lens – namely SJWs and many on the left who base their entire identity off race rather then the actual person.

Remember, vast generalizations and labels of people based on their race, ethnicity, and gender are perfectly acceptable as long as it’s the right people.    Being judged based on who you are is just too tiresome and isn’t convenient for being a part of the continual victim club.

Public Bathrooms: A bane to mankind.

The primary problem with public bathrooms is that the are public. Anyone can use them. Is that a bad thing? Let’s use an extreme example and point to the bathrooms at Union Station in Chicago. In fact, prepare for a rant.

You walk in and hit a line. There is ALWAYS a line.  As you wait in that line trying to avoid eye contact with everyone in there who keeps looking you up and down, you notice the walls.  They are covered in stains of who knows what, soaked in that welcoming urine smell, and covered in graffiti that usually involves a phone number, sex, gang signs, and “so and so was here.”   Just to top it off, there is at least one guy there who looks at your creepily and winks at you.  Now you are just starting to get comfortable.

On a side note, putting your name on the bathroom wall proclaiming your one-time or perhaps continued presence in that bathroom really isn’t something you want to brag about. Neither is your chosen gang affiliation or your phone number.  If you get called by creeps at 2am inquiring as to your whereabouts and what you are doing, that’s your fault.

Finally, the stall in front of you is open.  You enter in the dimly lit space and once inside this tight cubicle of pestilence and appalling aromas you notice that the toilet seat has a dispenser attached to it that covers the seat in a clear plastic cyran wrap style covering. Well that’s disconcerting. Thoughts might go through your head such as, “(1) What is so bad that it risks the spread of disease and/or affection to necessitate this plastic covering?” (2) “Who has been using this and what do they have?” (3) What if the water pops up and hits that ‘area’ as I do my number two?”

Potential options? Walk out and hit another bathroom of some public restaurant or establishment on the way. Even then, you still notice that people LACK proper bathroom etiquette when they don’t have to clean it up.  There is no need to leave used toilet paper all over the floor, leave the seat laying down covered in urine, and if you somehow get crap on the rim and the stall walls, WIPE IT OFF.  Apparently, that’s not an option because other people will clean up the mess. What is this, 1st grade??!?!

Sometimes, there is no respite. You can’t catch a break. I went down to Occupy for two days at one point and during the day had to use the bathroom. I tried using the PNC and their security turned me down despite the fact that I am PNC account owner and had my PNC card with me to show them.  Eventually I was forced into a surprisingly cleaner alternative – peeing in an alley. The result was one of the best feeling I’ve ever had in the world and the ultimate satisfaction of feeling that weight lift off your shoulders.