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The Crucifixion Of Ben Schoen – The Fate of Male Allies

 The Sinner Disclosure: I’ve recently talked a bit with Ben via digital means.  He also points out that he does not identify as a feminist. Ben was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. The vengeance for all of the cat-calls, all of the “creepy” men with their ingrained misogynistic awkwardness,  and the sum of all “harassment” that they had ever experienced was visited upon Ben.   His apology was scorned. These militant feminists; they know not what they do. Or do...

Why Feminism Won’t Liberate Men Sexually 2

Why Feminism Won’t Liberate Men Sexually

I had the fortune of finding an article posted about 4 weeks ago on “We Hunted The Mammoth” in which the sites owner and noted male feminist – David Futrelle – promoted an article on The New Statesmen about how liberating men sexually would bring about an end to the problems women face concerning sexism. Liberation usually sounds like a phenomenal idea.  Well, what kind of liberation is the the author – a dominatrix by trade named Margaret Corvid  – talking about? Let’s get started.  There are plenty of anticipated attacks on MRA’s, the manosphere, and the ever present Patriarchy....

Tales Of Privilege – Damsel In The Wasteland 0

Tales Of Privilege – Damsel In The Wasteland

  I wake up in the underground volcano Patriarchy lair off the coast of Saudi Arabia, a bottle of Johnny Oppression still firmly wedged in my bloody fist. It’s just another morning for the Patriarchy. I and other members of the Patriarchy dwell in this dark and dimly lit lair – just like our capitalistic souls – so we can split the rent having donated the majority of our income to the foundation for Promoting Rape Culture. Every morning routine must be kicked off with max testosterone fueled amounts of oppression. ——– In our quest to destroy the environment, I...

My Transgender Roam on “We Hunted The Mammoth.” 0

My Transgender Roam on “We Hunted The Mammoth.”

Do you approve of mothers who abuse their kids? No? You’re a misogynist.

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