I’m offended! The Rise of the Keyboard Warrior.

These day’s it seems that no matter what you do, you are going to offend someone. Whether you eat a slice of pizza,  play GTA 5, listen to whatever music you prefer, say how much you like someone or a particular idea, someone is going to get offended.

Well, I’m sure plenty of people, including myself, are sick and tired of it. We’ve walked on glass for so long -both out of the goodness of our hearts and because we care about our reputations and future employment – that we’ve fallen through the glass, cut our feet on it, and have begun to pick up the smashed pieces in our hands with dubious intent.

The internet however has given us that avenue in which we can express our discomfort, displeasure, annoyance, and down right distaste for all.  No, don’t judge.  Having that “release” is essential to our continued and approved social behavior in every day life.  Bar fights over stupid things, blowing up characters backed by the voices of 12 year olds on Call of Duty, and stealing things in Skyrim without remorse are all examples of what we want to do but can’t.

So we hide behind our keyboards as anonymous posters on forums and message boards as we wreck havoc. Trolling is so addicting because it something that you can’t do in real life. 

Let’s face it, people want to say whatever the hell is on their mind without fear of consequence.  We’ve somewhat employed comedy to that extent, but not everyone is a comedian.  So where’s the release for the rest of us? It’s at our finger tips touching our keyboards – and our phones –  as we sling mud on youtube, cause strife on reddit, and secretly browse the /b/ board on 4chan.  Sometimes, you just have to let some steam go without fear of repercussion.

It is for this very reason that anonymity is so powerful and important.  There are of course people who get offended easily want to remove that shroud so they can get vengeance.  To them I say: “Get over it. “

To those wishing for increased anonymity to please their hedonistic darker urges; proxies are and always will be your friend.  Just make sure to always use at least 7 of them.  So sling some mud on a message board, troll on a feminist website, or post what you really think about a philosophical icon – it will feel incredible.