For This New Year: Hug Your Woke Neighbor, Student, and Activist.

Everyone apparently sets New Years resolutions on Faceberg to supposedly motivate themselves and look good while doing it to the applause of others trying to do the same thing. A few weeks later and no weights have been lifting, diets undertaken, hobbies started, repairs and construction began, et cetera. We have all been there, done that, and some of us will do the exact same thing again.

However, I have a better idea.

I’ve already seen the smorgasbord of dumb people doing dumb things, specifically the woke SJW types, activists, and those whose entire purpose and drive in life makes them chronically unhappy. We of course solemn shake our heads in unison over the latest meltdown and very potent demonstration and manifestation of that unhappiness and resulting rage and bitterness. It was after all inevitable. Calling out injustice “everywhere” and every new ist and ism that rears its systematic oppressive head takes it toll on one’s sanity and ability to enjoy life.

Sure we can all laugh, point, berate, and all the usual responses. Kick em when they are down Eric Holder style. They deserve it right? They made their own bed, now they can lie in. That however just keeps the usual echo chambers echoing and brimming with all too common schadenfreude for the various social media addicts sharing it daily. Honestly, I’m tired of it. Well it’s time for a change; it’s the “current year” after all.

Give these miserable miserly lonely miscreants a hug. Seriously, they need it. Let it be like when the Germans, French, and English called a truce for Christmas day and sang songs together over a good smoke; from a deplorable bigoted ist/ism like yourself to a woke, smart, socially aware on-the-right-side-of-history, non-gendered activist in need of some love.

I’m serious. Or at least some kind words if they look like they may consider a hug to be sexual assault. (You know the type.) Let them know, they are gonna be fine and that their recent offense isn’t that big of a deal.

Consider these woke folks to be stuck in extra secure shrink wrap. Whenever something tries to unravel a strand, the overall wrap gets even tighter. Stuck in an incoherent worldview that constantly clashes with reality  the way they wish the world was, they end up upset, confused, miserable, depressed, and often lonely – basically everything that involves being plagued by mental health issues. Trump’s election is one obvious example of this.

Occasionally some reach a point where the shrink wrap snaps entirely freeing them from their cocoon, but life isn’t fair and plenty of them remain trapped. We’ve already come to a point in the “culture war” where logic no longer matters – specifically to those woke types who can dismiss glaring conflicts with their worldview as ist, ism, phobia, oppressive, colonial, patriarchal et cetera. You can’t argue with cult members, so stop trying.

Appeal to their emotional side instead. It’s the dominant means of persuasion in our era and the best way to establish a bond with someone.

There’s a reason why most advertisements we see are all based on how we feel or trying to make us feel a certain way. The feel and taste of that cold bud lite, driving that sleek fast and luxurious Mercedes or rough and touch Chevy truck, how you can look with this newest razor or excellent lipstick. Well, absorb the lesson from their playbook and give it a well meaning embrace.

It’s not just for them – who are burned out and need the reprieve from politics and the culture war- but for you too in the Dissident Right.

This suggestion to appeal to their emotions almost sounds facetious and borderline manipulative, but we aren’t trying to harness our inner dark triad Machiavelli. This is sincere. Constantly being focused on the what’s wrong with the world and staring into all the injustices is similar to staring into Nietzsche abyss and becoming the very monster you see. At a certain point even the most ardent party member holding the record for denouncing his neighbors and comrades is denounced himself and sentenced to the gulag.

You can be there when that happens and considering what was acceptable just 5 years ago, it’s inevitable that plenty of people are going to be eaten by their own tolerant tribe. They will be upset, shocked, and suddenly starting to peer through those newly formed cracks.

So show them what life is like beyond the cracks of their basement walls ; some actual damned happiness and enjoyment of life. Start with the small things in life. You might not be able to buy your wife a Lamborghini, but a $1 bar of chocolates let’s her know she’s in your thoughts. It’s the same principle for our woke friends.

Slowly by small actions build those tears in the shrink wrap. You never know what incident could come about each time until there is that hopeful snap. Life is short. It’s hard to see how much of what happened yesterday will matter 30 years from now in comparison to your children and future grand-children.

Sure, the long game and what happens today is important to their future and yours, but don’t let the worries of today destroy the future happiness and “life-well-lived” sense of tomorrow. If that happens, no one has really “won.”

Thinking Aloud: The Information War and Fighting an Enemy With No Rules

Branding.  Easy, understandable, and no-explanation needed labels, terms, and phrases with all the right kinds of connotations regardless of who hears them; a 711 worker, Chase teller, Facebook drone, Amazon warehouse workhorse, lobbyist, journalist, brand influencer, or dog groomer. 

One group of people in particular have perfected it’s use: Activist Progressives.  Those of us versed in the “culture war” and wrongthink have an inkling as to what this label means. Most “normies” however won’t. It could mean anything. Not good. Sad. 

That right there is our number one problem. Yea, I’m serious. It’s worse than the deplatforming, twitter lynch mobs targeting us, Big Tech monopoly/censorship, and AntiFa beatings endowed upon us.   In fact it’s whats enabled our current beatings and martydom in the internet arena suffered at the hands of the progressive mobs that don’t seem to stoke widespread and obvious condemnation by the masses. 

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When To Use Scorched Earth Against SJW’s

When to Employ scorched earth against SJWs/Social Justice Warrior

When to Employ scorched earth against SJWs/Social Justice Warrior
Scorched Earth

Vox Day via Milo Yiannapolous makes an important point in a recent post, “Embrace Your Extremists” regarding the current culture war and how we should deal with particularly active, aggressive, and rabid SJWs who are on the attack.

“If you want to stop people using bad tactics, the only way to do it is to make them prohibitively costly. And the only way to do that is to use the same tactics with such brutal efficiency that they cry “uncle” and agree to a ceasefire.”

I’ve come to realize that the moral high-ground isn’t just useless vs particularly active and vicious SJWs, but a dangerous handicap.  As Internet Aristocrat has said, “You can’t reason with these people. They don’t care. They are narcissists to the core.”

Now each situation is different, but when you deal with SJWs actively trying to go after you, fighting fire with fire is an absolute necessity – for instance when they try to change the Code of Conduct of a company/organization to begin their Stalinist purges and thought-police even the most meek of dissenters.  Note that these dissenters are often moderates, who at a certain point will get fed up.

If an SJW is going to attempt to get people fired from their jobs, dox people, and threaten them, then they should be subjected to the same treatment if not harsher to make them realize what terrible dicks they actually are – note legal restrictions.  This is exactly why Milo Yiannapolous wrote up his three part expose on Randi Harper to demonstrate how much of a vicious terrible hypocrite she actually is.

Now “scorched earth” tactic that Vox Day endorses in his primer “SJWs Always Lie” – which has been described as the digital Art Of War of are time for good reason – isn’t necessary all the time when dealing with SJWs. It’s the one’s that pick up the rifles that need to have salvos fired in return. If I learned anything from #GamerGate, its that the same boycott tactics, public shame, and pressuring tactics SJWs employ can be utilized against them with devastating effects.

Companies and corporations still have yet to realize that disgruntled people sending emails to them usually don’t represent even 5% of their customer base. Until they do, these tactics will continue to be effective and we should utilize them like our cultural enemies are.

If your enemy has a tank, you need one as well. If Julie Bindel wants to put all males in a camp for the proper re-education, we should advocate the same for her.

Consider the current raging tornado surrounding Sarah Butts who may have actually molested a child, not withstanding her views on the subject of pedophilia.

To be honest, Sarah was trying to engage in a philosophical conversation over the issues of age of consent, sexuality, ect on “her” forum posts and blogs.  However, when she started labeling opponents – namely #GamerGate and others with every “ist” and “ism” under the scalding sun – while trying to destroy any critics and GamerGate supporters, she began her own Pearl Harbor and the response she is receiving is her just due.   She refrained from actual honest intentions in her dialogue and began her campaign of extermination.

Now every SJW isn’t Sarah Butts.

I know some SJWs in real life. They aren’t active and they don’t participate in email and social media campaigns to destroy people.  They should be treated as POWs.   Never employ “scorched earth” against those who haven’t initiated it first. Guilt By Association SHOULD not be attached to what I would call the, “nominal SJWs.”

We don’t want to turn “thinkers” into flag-burning revolutionaries so to speak, which is why each SJW individual should be handled differently based on what they actually do and endorse.

The “Extremists”

Vox’s use of the word “extremist” is also telling and its an important indicator of how important the war over words actually is.  Consider what used to be considered an “extremist” 100 years ago or yet better a “fundamentalist”.

The connotation went from having fundamentals to being some sort of religious… extremist.  Brilliant when you think about it. “Extremist” is today’s current expansion on that concept and it’s unfortunate that the radical social justice left is winning when it comes to attaching a specific connotation when the word is used.

Labels are again the primary weapon.   SJWs will label anyone who dissents from their narrative as extremists.   Now any normal person who hears the word “extremist” attached to an individual or group will immediately assume a negative about them before hearing anything they have to say.

It’s important for us to use the word when referencing SJWs so that (1) their wordplay can’t be used to control the narrative, (2) they cant effectively utilize attacking the individual instead of the ideas by causing people to dismiss “extremists” without hearing what actually makes them extreme from a source that isnt an SJW.

Remember, when your opponents engage in demagoguery, label slander, and every other slight under the sun designed to destroy your character and reputation, it is absolutely necessary to not only fight back with their same tactics, but to do it with urgency.

Reputations of semi-private individuals can be destroyed online and the truth won’t matter, rather what the neutral public observes from the loudest mouths will shape their perception of who you and what you stand for.  It’s up to you to shape that.