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The Unz Review  A collection of various news articles from writers and bloggers from controversial and diverse perspectives. Also the blogging home of Steve Sailer

Viva La Manosphere! – a Drudge like site format with consistent and constant updates and new articles from the manosphere.




A King’s Castle – Two married family men share valuable insight with married and single men alike of how to succeed in their marriage and raise a family from a Red Pill perspective that doesn’t use the word “Alpha” every sentence.   I can’t recommend them enough.

TheFamilyAlpha –  Don’t let the title fool you. This is a married vet with two kids who pumps out a tremendous amount of work every day with the intent to turn married men into someone their wives can respect and follow.

AverageMarriedDad–  a guy who dispenses some laid back but great advice for married men and has a great list of movies to watch as a couple.




Return Of Kings  – Different authors, so varying viewpoints, but once you get past some of the Buzzfeed’esque rant pieces, you will find gems.  Ignore the troglodyte hedonism and pointless bashing of women and you’ll find some gold nuggets.



Girls Chase

ThisIsTrouble – KyleTrouble with his advice on game and quite a few travel memoirs.  He really turned himself around to become what he is today and is living proof of the self improvement he talks about.


Traditional Masculinity, Family, and Christianity:

American Dad – A married ex-military father of three dispenses wisdom and knowledge on almost a daily basis with an Orthodox influence and a genuine flair. His goal is to honor fathers – a rare desire these days.

Dalrock: “Thoughts from a happily married father on a post feminist world.”  He covers alot of the current Christian passivity on the overt feminist rebellion within it.

Orthosphere- The name should imply the orthodoxy, but with a foundation in “conservative” if not dissident right thought.

CitadelFoundations:  Reactionary Orthodox with articulate and intellectual prose, yet concise enough to the layman. He now blogs from Thermidor Mag


Philosophy, Reaction, and Political Magazines:

Jacobite Mag: A post-political rightward think tank like magazine that is for those with a decent attention span who can enjoy long form articles. It’s geared toward serious intellectuals.

The article on why the Right needs joy was a much needed voice in the morbid despairing dark that we so often see on the dissident right.

The Fifth Political Theory: A surprising non nationalist theory that the future of the cultural west is in becoming a stateless diaspora.  His “red pill” is that the nation can’t be saved. “5PT is about studying, defining, and implementing the ideal of the diasporic tribe.”

I will admit that I’ve never come across this particular node of thinking in this articulated form and reasoning on the right.

Social Matter: Online magazine that proposes NeoReactionary thought as well as an intellectual podcast. It’s less about ranting and more about critical analysis and political thought.

The “This Week In Reaction” posts are good way to absorb the best work from the Reactionary sphere.  I’ve stumbled across incredibly valuable reading material via this manner.



Davis M.J. Aurini has made some of the best insightful philosophical videos not only in the manosphere, but overall.  His phenomenal understanding of history is reflected in these videos and in his writing.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.  His heart is that of honesty and a desire to see people find a purpose in their lives.   Love or hate him, look at his content and let that reflect your conclusion of it’s worth.    (No, he’s not a holocaust denier.)

Rod Dreher: “Cuck” or not, his rather frequent daily posts are insightful and actual an alternative framework in rebuilding the Christian community in the wasteland of modernity.  His book the “Benedict Option” is a call to become a new beacon in a dark world, just as the Benedict monks did after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Cydonian Signal via Dave who has brilliant social commentary on politics, culture, and The Red Pill.  (Now defunct)

The Social Pathologist – An Australian catholic doctor who is versed in some rich theology as well as insightful thinker who is critical of much the alt-right.

Quintus Curtius – The closest thing to a classic scholar, philosopher, and historian the “manosphere” has ever produced.  His work is at very high reading level, so be prepared.

I highly recommend his book which you can get from Amazon in both physical and kindle edition, “Thirty Seven: Essays On Life, Wisdom, And Masculinity”  as well as “Pantheon”.

As one reviewer summed it up regarding Pantheon, “This book is a triumph in every sense of the word. No one else is doing what this guy is doing, anywhere. It must have taken the author years of study to put together all of these essays as he did, using all original sources. You can read these essays multiple times and get different things out of them each time.”   I would voraciously agree.

Free Northerner – Orthosphere thinker, philosopher, and neo-rectionary  His “lighting round” is a fantastic summary of the more in-depth and analytical pieces of manosphere bloggers of that particular week.

Vox Day:  This Mexican american Indian has some quality rants and posts. He’s an intellectual who doesn’t care about backlash.

His 16 points of the Alt Right were a critical framework for giving the movement something else besides the 1488 “blame minorities” for everything wing.  He’s also one of the first to really stand up to Spencer and the rest of the Neo Nazi crowd who kept insisting they on the “right” rather then the far left denizens they historically are.

Maverick Traveler : Some good insight and observations into masculinity, travel, lifestyle, and stories from the various countries he has lived in and visited.

The Z Man: Dabbles in fellow dissident right thought, though with a much more jaded perspective on race and ethnicity unfortunately. He calls it as he sees it. Does have HBD leanings.

His landmark article on positive and negative identity as steered me in a Langston Hughes – yes I like his work – kind of direction on identity with the exception of me not being black or in the Harlem Renaissance.


Economics and Life

Captain Capitalism  –  Economics and advice via AssholeConsulting about how to live well, cheap, and without life weighing you down.

If you want a good understanding of economics with no political slant, check him out.  A firm believer in the “Black Pill.”   The world is going to hell and he’s going to enjoy the decline as much as possible.

Hawaiian Libertarian – I would highly suggest his recent post in a series of advice for millennials as well as some of his older articles originally hosted on now defunct The Spearhead.


Motivation & Life

Danger & Play  Lawyer, writer of Gorrilla Mindset, and anti-cuckservative Mike Cernovich puts out incredible lifestyle and serious life-philosophy material for men that focuses on quality content rather then viral appeal to a wider audience.   His, “37 Thoughts On Not Wasting your 20s” is one of the most important articles I’ve ever read at the ripe age of 26. (Life Style Game)

TheGentlemensClub – a group of men who share their experiences and wisdom about life in a no-nonsense approach with a focus on becoming a better, stronger, and more masculine man. (Now defunct)

Thumotic   –  Jon Frost is a high quality/content blogger.  I highly suggest both, “What Do SEOs And Pick-Up Artists Have In Common?” and “The Secret”  (Life Style Game)



Steve Turley – A man of Orthodox faith and a Reformed background. He is a writer, philosopher, and educator that analyzes current events with classical eye.

Stefan Molyneux:  He may be wrong sometimes, but he is as genuine as it comes with trying to create honest dialogue and get at the truth – no matter where it leads.


Their Own Category:

Matt Forney.  A journalist of the “Manosphere” and writes about a lot regarding the alt-right.   Some think he’s part troll and part sexist misogynist shitlord, but if you want to get to know him, chat with him at a meetup and you’ll see he’s one funny, insightful, and entertaining fellow.


Southampton FC:  I really enjoy watching the EPL and over the last several years Southampton has become my favorite club even though they are mid to top table club.  Liverpool would be my second favorite.




Echo-chambers are not a good thing, even if you think you are right.  Take it from the source, not from your fellow online ideologues that won’t challenge what you think.   For this purpose, I present the following list:

Opposing Alternate Worldviews

JellyFishStation  – A woman and gamer who is making her through life with a feminist perspective.   I find her to be readable.

Extremely Vitriolic Opposing Worldviews

WeHuntedTheMammoth  – David Futrelle’s site where he makes fun of anything “manosphere” and has an OCD obsession with self-loathing and a hatred of anything “white” or “male”.  Bizarre and sad, but worth keeping tabs on to know your ideological opponents.
Mancheeze.   A TERF feminist who really doesn’t like men.  I don’t know why, ask her.

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