Departure of the Two Founding Paramore Members?

Josh Farro (guitarist) and Zac Farro (Drums) have left Paramore. (If you hadn’t guessed by their surnames, they are brothers.)

The two brothers told the Paramore members they would be leaving a few months ago, but it was posted on on the 18th of December.

 “A couple of months ago, Josh and Zac let us know they would be leaving the band after our show in Orlando last Sunday [December 12, at the House Of Blues venue],” they wrote. “None of us were really shocked. For the last year it hasn’t seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore.” Says Haley Williams, the vocalist of the band.

Yes, Haley Williams is very hot.

Fear not. The band will not be breaking up despite the departure of Zac and Josh. Paramore claim that “We never for a second thought about leaving any of this behind. We really hope that you can be encouraged by the fact that the three of us who are still here are ready to take on another chapter of our journey together.

Credits to Ultimate Guitar for the information.

-Chugcore (Aaron Kim)

Is our music scene in trouble? AP readers vote Never Shout Never for artist of the year.

Well a saddening tragedy has just been committed today. Forget Anne Frank, and forget Obama because Never Shout Never has been voted by the AP readers for their Artist of the year.   All I can wonder is, WHAT THE HELL happened to our scene? Never Shout Never? What has Christopher Drew actually accomplished in people’s minds to earn this? It’s very likely that AP was flooeded with Tween girls who are enamored with our  own scene’s horrendous version of Justin Bieber. In fact, I honestly don’t know what exactly makes him apart of our scene with the exception of his haircut.

In case you haven’t gotten the full impact of it, we have voted NVN as artist of the year. Lets look at what our groundbreaking ,brilliant, and high pitched friend has actually accomplished through his various yelps and squeals that some how act as a pheromone for vulnerable tweens who respond to his shrieks with shrieks, yelps, and squeals of their own:

– Being a complete jerk to his fans. You’d better not get him anything made with plastic, because he WILL throw it back in your face. Instead of a “Thank you”, you’ll be the shocked recipient of a sudden hippie rage rant consisting of why you are a pox upon the environment, the earth, and all of man-kind. True story.  Many other people will tell you stories of just how much of a dirtbag he is, so don’t be fulled by his hippie loving green crap.

– I was unfortunate enough to see part of NVN set while waiting for Sum 41 during Warped Tour 2010.  Not only are his live performances mediocre at best, (Many people will confirm this), but the loud shrieks of clinically insane sounding 13 year old girls will shatter your eardrums as Christopher Drew shouts out in his remarkably feminine voice “Everyone kiss somebody!”   I can only remember the stunned look on my face and the other sane audience members left who equally as shocked by the cheesiness we has just been subjected to.

– If two bland 20 minute albums filled with stale songs that all sound alike counts as musical genius and artist of the year “worthiness”, I’ve lost hope.

– How does lyrics of peace, love, and cheating distinguish him from the rest of the pop lyric tidal wave that exists in the mainstream? He can try to be the new John Lennon, but being an ungrateful snob who does nothing but smoke tons of weed all day just communicates his hypocrisy to anyone who isn’t below the age of 14, fancies creepy emo haircuts, and appreciates REAL music.

For those of you who know me, I love catchy music. I like Britney, because she is catchy. I like, Attack Attack, the Backstreet Boys, and No Doubt because they are catchy. They aren’t really musically talented per-say, full of originality, and filled with brilliant music composition, but at least they are nothing like NVN who isn’t catchy in the slightest bit!

There were so many better bands who had produced some incredible albums this year, but somehow, someway, people (a.k.a. 14 year old girls) voted NVN for the AltPress Artist of the Year. God help us.

By the way in case you are wondering, I’m working on the article about the 20 Bands of Christmas still. I’m trying to make it as epic as possible.

20 Bands Of Christmas was Amazing!

If you weren’t there, you missed out, and you missed out badly.  There were some bad bands who I will mention tomorrow, but there were some real surprises which gives me hope for our scene!

I’ll go into a huge mega post with plenty of details tomorrow, but I’ll give you a few following details:

– 400 people showed up, and got the place buzzing.
– Punchline was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Best live pop punk/indie rock band I’ve ever heard live. EVER.  Killer harmonizing vocals that blew my mind, and backup vocals to kill for.
– Thyteira. Usually, I rip this band. I’m not too huge on regular death metal, but they put on a great set, and they were perfect live. Perfect. I have now gained respect for them, and actually will attempt to fully listen through what they have put.  Their new singer is awesome.
– Elysion Fields, Within The Ruins, and For All Those Sleeping were all very very solid. 
– The Crimson Armada shared the best live performance with Punchline.  I’d never heard either band before, and I’m ashamed that I hadn’t stumbled across this phenomenal music before. Curses on Fallout Boy for what they have done to punchline!
– There was fight in which I witnessed first hand and close-up. A security guard ended up tackling the instigating hate mosher Brian Urlacher style. It was sick.  I’ll have some full details of this fight and why hate moshers are a plague to the scene, mkay? (The hate mosher was tackled while 4 people around him were kicking and punching him as he was down on the ground unable to move. Serves him right!

Anyway, more tomorrow.

After the Burial – In Dreams

After the Burial, a five-piece progressive metalcore band, is back with a new album titled “In Dreams”. After the Burial’s last release was a re-release of their second album “Rareform”. The re-release featured their new vocalist, Anthony Notarmaso. Anthony was welcomed by the band with open arms, and has continued to help After the Burial take their act to the next level.

Starting from the beginning of the album, After the Burial picks up where it left off. My Frailty is the traditional technical/melodic masterpiece with a little bit of brutalness mixed in that you would expect from After the Burial. This song features a very good solo, which lasts for about a minute of shredding. Trent and Justin have a great chemistry between them, and it shows in this song.

The second song on In Dreams is Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You. This song is fairly repetitive and does not feature a lot of extraordinary guitar work. There is a lot of chugging in this song, but none the less, it is still a decent song. However, this is one of those songs that someone could headbang to throughout the whole song, because it is almost non-stop heaviness.

Next is one of my favourite tunes on the album, Pendulum. It opens up with a very soothing guitar part and a nice little mini solo, which is repeated through most of the song. Then, comes the smash in your face heaviness again. Following the heaviness comes an interesting part in this song. Clean Vocals. After hearing this song for the first time, I had “We lose control” stuck in my head for several hours. After the Burial jumps right back into the heaviness with an intense breakdown and high-pitched screams, which further showcases Anthony’s range.

Bread Crumbs & White Stones is next up. This may be one of the strangest names for a song I have heard in a long time. It was released by the band about a month prior to the release of In Dreams, and has been one of my most played songs since then. This song also showcases the abilities of Anthony again as he experiments with the high screams in this song as well. The high point of this song is near the middle. The breakdown is a little repetitive, but the vocals suit it well, and it is just super heavy. The high scream that Anthony does gets me every time. I don’t know what about it amazes me so much. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.

The fifth song is titled To Carry You Away. Like Pendulum, this song starts off with another soothing guitar part, and slowly progresses into the After the Burial that most people know, and love. This song features a few very good guitar riffs, clean vocals that suit the song perfectly, a breakdown(you don’t say) and a face-melting solo. Another superb song on In Dreams.

Sleeper is next on our agenda. This is definitely the heaviest song on the album. Right from the get go, it is heavy. Awesome vocals, good drumming, good breakdowns and decent guitar work. Sleeper is a song created by After the Burial for the headbangers in the crowd, or the headbangers in their room or car!

The seventh song is Promises Kept. Similarly to Pendulum and To Carry You Away, this song opens up with another soothing intro, and features clean vocals that are very reminiscent to the clean vocals of Haste the Day. This is one of those love it or hate it songs. Many people won’t like this song if they don’t like clean vocals. There are a fair bit of them, but I personally love them. It adds another dimension to the band. However, for those people who do not like the clean vocals, I’m sure they will change their mind about the song after hearing the ending breakdown.

Lastly, we come to Encased In Ice. Another masterpiece on In Dreams. Parts of this song were featured on their promo video that was seen on the Youtube page of Sumerian Records. This song has a little bit of a different direction than After the Burial’s usual stuff. It almost has a Nu-Metal type feel to it. Nevertheless, it is another very good song, with a very catchy interlude before the mini solo. I have found myself saying “We are nothing more than memories” several times, when I’m just sitting around the house.

After the Burial’s “In Dreams” gets an 8.5/10 from me. It is not quite as technical as Rareform, but it is still very good, and the occasional clean vocals add a little more dimension to the songs.

My music history, and where it led to

Disclosure: post from 5 years ago, and damn its cringe-worthy

About 5 or 6 years ago, I did not like screamo music at all. I would label any kind of music with screaming as emo or screamo, and now I feel like such a fool. The bands I would listen to back then were Three Days Grace, Ill Nino, Panic! at the Disco, Queens of the Stone Age, etc. A few of the bands I listened to back then(Slipknot, Linkin Park) did scream, but it was not an evil scream, so I guess I didn’t mind it too much. However, my close-mindedness began to change going into my first year of high school.

Over the summer, I was introduced to As I Lay Dying by a friend and instantly fell in love with “Through Struggle”. I listened to that song probably 5 times a day! A few days after hearing “Through Struggle”, I began to want more of this screamo music, so I went on youtube and searched for more songs by As I Lay Dying. I remember hearing 4 songs that I loved, and only hearing 1 that I thought was okay. The songs that I loved were Confined, The Darkest Nights, Reflections, and the newly released The Sound of Truth.

For about a year, I was looking around on youtube trying to find new screamo bands. I liked most of the bands I found, but the two that stood out the most for me were August Burns Red and Parkway Drive. At this point in time, both bands were starting to get big. Parkway Drive was getting set to release “Horizons” and August Burns Red had just released “Messengers”. I loved both of these albums from my first listen and still consider them as great albums now. Messengers is probably my 3rd favourite album of all time!

Next, came the band that changed my music preferences forever. Chelsea Grin.
Two years ago I was introduced to Chelsea Grin by a friend who I met playing an online game. I asked him if he listened to Parkway Drive and he said “Not really. They aren’t heavy enough for my liking”. I instantly thought “ARE YOU HIGH!?” Anyways, he sent me a link to Chelsea Grin’s Crewcabanger. To this day, “You stupid trick. I will end this.” is one of my favourite parts of any song. Sadly, Chelsea Grin only had 5 or 6 songs at this point, and one of them was a cheesy cover of a rap song. Nevertheless, Chelsea Grin was monumental in my migration to the deathcore scene.

In the last year I have expanded my genres of liking to basically anything in the metal category. My favourite bands from the metalcore, post-hardcore, deathcore, melodic/technical death metal, and hardcore genres are listed below, in order (Favourite to 5th favourite).

Metalcore: For Today, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Bring me the Horizon(this could also be categorized as deathcore, but WHATEVS), and As I Lay Dying.

Post-Hardcore: A Day to Remember, Motionless In White, We Came As Romans, Attack Attack, and Memphis May Fire.

Deathcore: Chelsea Grin, Attila, Emmure, King Conquer, and Whitechapel.

Melodic/Technical Death Metal: After the Burial, Veil of Maya, Within the Ruins, The Contortionist, and The Faceless.

Hardcore(THIS ALSO INCLUDES MELODIC HARDCORE): Stick to Your Guns, The Ghost Inside, Comeback Kid, The Amity Affliction and Terror.

Additional praise goes to For Today, A Day to Remember and Parkway Drive for being my favourite bands for the last year.

Also, I could not leave this out. I have already seen For Today twice in the last 3 weeks, but they are going to be back in Canada in February on an amazing tour that they are headlining! I am definitely going to see them when this comes to London, and Toronto!!!

My Music Story – Chugcore

It all started about 2 years ago.

I was bored one day, and wanted to chat to some people through the internet (yeah, sounds stupid). I joined this forum called DarkDemon. No idea why… cause… it was a stickman animating forum. LOL. So yeah, I was really active, and talked to a few people. A friend of mine from there introduced me to As I Lay Dying. At first I was like, “ew wtf is this?” but gradually it grew on me.

I listened to As I Lay Dying on youtube, and I saw some other related bands, like Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. You know… those kind of metal bands haha. Over time, I heard about A Day To Remember

 from that same forum. I really liked ADTR because I thought they were ‘so original and unknown’. When I listened to ADTR, I went to the Victory Records website and looked at the shit they had there.

From there, I listened to post-hardcore bands and rock bands a lot. My favourite post-hardcore band was probably The Devil Wears Prada. I went to my local record shop to buy a TDWP album, but found out Meshuggah. I heard a bit of Meshuggah but didn’t like them, but for some reason I bought their album ‘obZen’. It was a pretty damn good album

A few months later I found out what metalcore and deathcore was. At first I was like “pfft. stupid names”. But I regret that. I listened to August Burns Red and really, really liked the song ‘Composure’. So I went and bought that CD, too haha. After listening to August Burns Red, I fell in love with metalcore music, and through metalcore, I started to love deathcore.

Deathcore was the music of my life. Some people may not see why, and I’m not sure myself, but the pure aggression and energy put into each song is overwhelming. The lyrics are so brutal and blunt –  it really relates to me.

Now, I’ve become a vivid part of the deathcore community and love every single aspect of deathcore.

My favourite bands from each genre:

Post-Hardcore: My Ticket Home, I The Breather, After Me the Flood, Casino Madrid, Halfway to Winter, Inspiration Isn’t Cheap, Lower Definition (broken up, unfortunately), Sirena, Woe Is Me, Sirens And Sailors

Metalcore: August Burns Red, Breakdown of Sanity, For Today, Get Up Texas, The Plot In You, Motionless in White (new album), Of Blackest Oceans, Crystal Lake, Counterparts,

Deathcore: Emmure, Oceano, Suicidal Massacre, As She Dies, xDoomedx, Myself My Enemy, The Baby Lottery, Garden of Stained Graves, GrenadeFace, Sensory Amusia (kind of djent-y), Spiritual Ravishment, The Wrath of Vesuvius, And Hell Followed With, Atrophy, Beheading of a King, Bermuda, Cognitive Atrophy, The Compliance Process, The Contortionist (old album), Defiler, Doom Cannon, He The Deceiver, Her Name In Blood…

Too many to name.

Please, if you haven’t checked out these bands, please do.
I’m new to this blog, so expect more from me :]


Elysion Fields and In Fear And Faith lose vocalists.

Sometimes bands have members depart rather amicably, while others simply don’t.  Vocalist Tim Sheridan from the Illinois native metal-core outfit, Elysion Fields, has left the band to start another band called “Autonomy”. Not much is known about this band yet except that its still trying to recruit a guitarist and a bassist. Sheridan was and still is on good terms with the band after the departure.

His replacement is Chris Fernandez an ex member of Thyateira.   I must however point out the benefit Chris has done for himself by getting away from yet another drag and disappointment upon this local metal scene in the essence of The Black Dahlia Murder wannabes, Thyateira.

During Tim’s last show with EF on December 11th, EF drew over 40 people to the venue of note, The Oasis, and put on a spectacular show playing almost every song they have written. Chris combine with Tim during the last song of their set for a remarkable vocal assault.  Expect good things from this band, as it remains one of the last bastions of talent and semi-originality in the local Wisconsin and Illinois scene.

Both Elysion Fields and Thyateira will be playing at this years “20 Band’s Of Christmas” on December 18th which will also host national acts Within The Ruins, The Crimson Armada, The Plot In You, For All Those Sleeping and other local bands, so be there.  This will probably be one of the biggest shows of the remaining year.   Last year there was about a thousand people in attendance, and if you get tickets now, it’s only 13$. I’ll be there, so if you’ve ever wanted to punch me in the face or trample me in a wall of death, this show is your chance to do that semi-legally.

Heres a link that I hope works to the 20 Bands Of Christmas Event as well as Last.Fm which should have directions to the “venue”


Anyone remember In Fear And Faith?  Yea, they are still around but haughty, snooty, and arrogant vocalist Cody Anderson isn’t anymore.  At first I thought this was their clean vocalist, but it’s actually their once screamer.  Last week it was announced by IFAF that he had left the band. To be honest, I’m sad to see him go as he was actually an excellent vocalist both live and on the album, which can’t be said of their high pitched creepy emo dressing clean vocalist/keyboardist.  Before I rip on him too much, one nice thing I’ll say that is also true is that his annoying vocals on each of their albums is much more tolerable live.

Cody on the other hand continuing his in-person deuchebaggery from Warped Tour 2010 essentially quit the the band during the “This Is A Family” tour, but I suppose this shouldn’t have been a surprise. We still don’t know exactly why he quit the band. All he left was a facebook status that is strongly reminiscent of a high-school breakup gone very bad:

“I have left In Fear And Faith. I will not tell you why because it’s none of your business. Nice meeting you all. Buy whatever CD they come out with next. Scott [Barnes] has a better voice than any of these other shitty bands out there. If you live in SD lets hang out. Please don’t talk shit cause it’s a pain to go to your home page and delete you”

Wow. He may be trying to avoid drama, but I’m tempted to friend him just to do some trolling after a status like that. After posting something like that, I really suspect he had a fight with the band.

“Buy whatever CD they come out with next.” No. Not after a release like Imperial.

“Nice meeting you all.” It appears that came from the bottom of his heart.

Anyway good riddance, even though I liked his vocals. Let’s just all try to remember the good times of the band. We can actually anticipate more live stellar performances by the band and realize that these guys may still be headed somewhere if they can revisit their roots.


Net Neutrality? COICA? Strikegently and mediafire could be doomed!

Usually I dont post about things political in nature because I suspect that most of us, like myself, listen and talk about music to get away from the real world, so to speak.  You get tired of the political BS, the promises of “change” and all the other nonsense. However, we must pay close attention nevertheless.

I however, am worried because the sites I watch, cherish, and enjoy such as Strikegently, mediafire, fastpasstv, and other are in real danger of suddenly being seized by the government at any time.  I encourage everyone to watch carefully for the signs of the government using it’s heavy hand at the bidding of certain favored parties to force ideas such as net neutrality, copyrights and piracy legislation, and the like.

Anyway to get you in the same angry mood I’m in, I suggest listening to the following Whitechapel songs while you read through the rest of this rant.

Wired posted a troubling article yesterday. Apparently the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill which allows the attorney general to “shut down websites with a court order if copyright infringement is deemed “central to the activity” of the site — regardless if the website has actually committed a crime.” 

This bill will essentially allow the Attorney General and any other over-zealous government cronies to turn off a website on the suspicion that it may have as much as a link to something that is “copyright.”  Say goodbye to Strikegently, ILYBD, mediafire, and every site with a similar nature that you have come to love.  There will be no trial and no verdict concerning the sites in question, because the Attorney General and whatever Sauron like minions he may have don’t need one in this bill.

The “Combating Online Infringment and Counterfeits Act” dubbed COICA is much scarier then any of us may realize.

 …But the law’s critics do not believe that giving the federal government the right to shut down websites at will based upon a vague and arbitrary standard of evidence, even if no law-breaking has been proved, is a particularly good idea. “

The really scary part here is the kind of track record the government holds when it comes to dealing with and/or rectifying mistakes. If you’ve mistakenly over paid in taxes, good luck getting that back. It takes months to get something as basic as a FOID card or even a reply from the government about why your 2 year old relative can’t possibly fulfill his or her mistaken jury duty summons.  If your site gets shut down by mistake, good luck getting it back on.   So for all you love and hold dear OPPOSE INTERNET CENSORSHIP and the hideous idea of government enforced NET NEUTRALITY.

You might not have anything at all illegal on your site.  You may just simply post links to material hosted elsewhere. You may however have something as innocent as a link to that youtube video of a recent concert which a record label decided to claim as copyright and find out the next morning that access to your site has been blocked and/or that your site has been shut down because of that little link.  The most interesting part is that some of our most prominent politicians have been screaming about China’s censorship, but somehow that same kind of censorship isn’t only acceptable here, but necessary. 
Does anyone actually expect this to force people to buy their music, their movies and their software? To the music industry I say this:   I for one won’t buy an album till I’ve gotten a copy of it first, listened to it, and made up my mind as to if its worth purchasing. If that privilege and advantage disappears, I for one simply won’t bother to purchase anything from the band who doesn’t have a majority of their music available for free download.

I will admit that I download alot of music and a bill like this would make it much harder for me to find free music to download.  But thats just a small concern when looking at the future. Sites that posts download links to bands such as ILYBD are the reason that I have even bothered to go to shows, to buy merch, and to go out and buy a bands album.  I know I am not the only one in this situation.

– Posted by: SyKo | 11/19/10 | 12:10 pm  On top of that, the few things I have purchased in the way of media in the last 10 years: almost everything was something I had previously seen online streamed or downloaded. I haven’t purchased any music or movies I can think of off hand IN YEARS that I didn’t check first to see if it was worth buying.”

I’ve seen some good points brought up by commenters on this story:

– “Now, on another note, WITHOUT shutting down the internet entirely, you’ll never stop people from receiving warez or .mp3s or .avis or any other file type. No one can prevent me or anyone else from receiving an encrypted, compressed file over a chat client like Skype. I have friends all over the world, and this will stop nothing. It’s not like they were going to get any money from us to begin with, so pfft at their claim of losses.”

 We aren’t China or Iran yet, but we are following them at an alarming speed with bills like this. What makes any of us think that this won’t be used in the future to shut down sites that the government doesn’t like? What makes us think they won’t simply label material on websites as “dangerous to Americans”, or my personal favorite “hate speech”?  The next Suicide Silence album for all we know could be branded hate speech

We need to fight this bill in every way possible. I hate to ask you, but please, call your senator, your congressmen, you know the drill. I plan on calling that sneaky lying Durbin myself and telling him just what I think of his “yes” vote on this.  There is a petition going around which I encourage you all to sign. (You all know how skeptical I am of anything with the word “progress” in it nowadays.

 So I encourage you to watch for the signs of the government using it’s heavy hand at the bidding of certain favored parties. Watch, cherish, and enjoy sites like Strikegently, mediafire, fastpasstv, and others, because they might suddenly be seized by the government the next day.

Gwen Stacy Breaks Up

Well yet another good band goes down. Looks like Solid State will lose another band. I’m sad to see these guys go.  Yea a little late, but I just found out about this a few moments ago while doing some web browsing. I could speculate on various reasons, but I’ll just post up what they put on their myspace regarding the breakup:

“After six years, nineteen countries, countless US tours, two albums, and an EP, Gwen Stacy has decided call it quits. We feel like now is the best time to end the band and pursue other options and directions in life. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the bands career over the years. 
“There are too many people to thank everyone individually, but we would like to send a special thanks to past members TJ Sego, Cole Wallace, Bobby Oakley, Josh Rickard, Mike Bryant, and Chris Suter, our manager Mark LaFay, Carl Severson and everyone else at what was Ferret Music, Once Nothing, Life In Your Way, Poison The Well, Haste The Day, Vanna, and every other band that we’ve been able to share the road with.
“Thank you as well to anyone who came out to a show, bought a shirt or cd, sang along, let us crash on their floor, or was just supportive in any way.
“A few of the members will be starting new projects and we will be updating our pages as these projects start to unfold. We want to assure everyone that we are splitting up on good terms. We’re all excited to see what everyone has in store for their future endeavors. Be sure to keep checking back to follow up with what everyone is doing.
“Our last show will be Saturday November 20th at Rhino’s, 331 S Walnut St. Bloomington, IN. Please come out and get gross with us one final time.
Well, I am glad that the ADTR and Underoath show I went to made up for this sad news. This does get me thinking though, all good things must end. Life is short I guess.  There last show is Saturday in Indiana. Anyone interested in going? 
Anyway one of my favorite songs from Gwen Stacy from a couple years back:

A Day To Remember Album Release Show at The Rave Sells Out!

Update: It’s been almost 8 years since this show and it’s still one of my favorites.

I’ve never seen The Rave sell out, but it sold out about 30 minutes before the show started.  This may have been one of the sickest shows I’ve ever been to and might be tied with the seven thousand people who showed up for August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada at Summerfest back in July.

The lineup for the show was Close Your Eyes, The Word Alive, Underoath, and A Day To Remember and the day was Tuesday the 16th of November, the very same day that ADTR would “What Seperates Me From You” finally hit the store shelves.

Now this is a show where if you chose to stand anywhere on the stage floor, you were stuck there. We were tightly packed together, body pressing upon body.  Also this is The Rave, which is a pretty big venue.

Now what did you miss?

  • You missed a show where the whole stage floor was a semi-quasi-moshpit for basically three hours. I was continually pushed around as were the people around from all directions so I kind of constantly swayed with the crowd. In fact at one point I picked up my feet and let the 3 huge guys near me pretty much carry me around for a few minutes. It was that tightly packed.
  • You missed a show where you actually couldn’t fall down. There were so many people packed close together that you could lean your whole body weight on the people around you and be propped up.
  • You missed around 20 or so fights that broke out
  • Even when music wasn’t playing you still got pushed and shoved around, as did the people around you. Too much excitement in the air I guess.
  • You missed great sets from Underoath and in particular A Day To Remember.  ATDR played several songs from For Those Who Have Heart and Homesick. 
  • You missed one of the best shows all year in this whole Wisconsin and Illinois area. I’ve rarely seen this kind of energy at a show before.

At times the whole floor turned into one giant pit from side to side, front to back, especially for Underoath and A Day To Remember. When the breakdown from My Life For Hire kicked in, the whole floor was a giant pit and you got pushed into and slammed into from every side. It was like a constant domino effect.  I and alot of people around me got pushed from the back to the middle to the front, and back to the middle during Underoath’s set.

 I was on my feet for almost 4 and half hours and I couldn’t sit down, nor could I get out of the front area of the crowd because of how tightly packed it was.  The pits were very aggressive and people were tossed around like ragdolls specifically because of the amount of people around them.

If you were on the stage floor you were constantly being pushed into by people from all sides who had people pushing into them from all sides. It was insane. It was exciting. It was incredible. When every one starting jumping for Plot To Bomb The Panhandle, the floor shook. By the way, these are the sickest pits I’ve ever been in, as well as that I’ve seen in person.

Close Your Eyes opened up, but for some reason I think they sounded somewhat better a few weeks ago at Clearwater. They put on a great show though considering how packed the place was.  They got some great crowd participation for “Song For The Broken”, which they seemed to do the best out of their set.

Now you can usually tell when The Word Alive is playing. There is alot of “We love you” and “F*ck this place up,” shouted by the lead vocalist. Apparently flurries of F-bombs make your breakdowns more badass.  Nevertheless, this is the best I’ve seen The Word Alive play by far.

A majority of the fights broke out during their set, as plenty of tough guys had something to prove. One guy who accidentally hit one of the hardcore dancers tried to reconcile with the guy, but he just put his fist up and shouted at him indicating that he would hit him if he said anything more.  Some people can throwdown but just can’t handle someone else throwing down into them.

Their last song Epiphany was probably the craziest of their set. I actually saw someone do some sort of weird break-dancing backflip ‘esqe multiple spin kick into some guy and a fight broke out a few seconds after it. The move the guy did probably could have won him a showing on America’s Got Talent, it was that awesome.

Underoath would get up and add to a show that just kept getting better and better. They led off with a song of their new album which I can’t recall, although it may have been In Division.  Things started to heat up at this point.  A bloody shirt somehow fell on my face, not sure how, several people lost their shoes, including my friend who came with me who lost her shoe toward the end of the set, and I got hit   in the head a couple times including having some guys elbow jammed into me for at least 5 minutes. I tried to move his elbow off my stomach but it was too tightly packed around me to even change how I was standing/forcibly leaned into the guy next to me.

Underoath played all the classic songs we know and love, as well as I think two other songs off Disambiguation.   For all of you who worry about Underoath without Aaron, “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” was performed perfectly, though the incredible amount of crowd participation singing out the chorus certainly helped and made it feel all that more epic.

They concluded with “Writing On The Walls”, which I will take credit for since I called it realizing it was the only other big song that they hadn’t played yet. When the breakdown kicked in it seemed like everyone suddenly lost it and went nuts. If only you had been there!  The one thing I’m realizing about Underoath is that you can look forward to an amazing intense show and excellent live sound every time they play a live show.

A Day To Remember opened up with “2nd Sucks” and people went nuts. Elbows, knees, and plenty of body squishing took place immediately, several of which made contact with my back, ribs, gut, you get the picture, as well as pretty much everyone else around.  I spent the rest of the show being squished around like a tomato.   Luckily someone had their video camera going up on the balcony to capture this epic kodak moment:

ADTR would continue with several songs from FTWHH as well as several Homesick and one of their earliest songs, “You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance”. I love that they did this because too often bands who release a new cd make the mistake of playing way too many songs off of it that the crowd won’t know. This was the album release show, but I’m pretty sure over half the people at the show had already downloaded the leaked album.

I finally fell over when the breakdown from “My Life For Hire” hit and the floor turned into a massive pit.  When ADTR played “I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of”, Mike from The Devil Wears Prada got on stage, did some sort of crazy stage dance, and screamed out his part like a greek god, which brought the show to a whole new level and made the hardcore dancers look like they were trying to escape angry villagers.

When their set ended the crowd, including me, screamed for an encore, and we got it. They played three more songs before the night was finally over.

For those of you who might not like any of the bands that played, this is one of those shows where the atmosphere, the crowd, and the energy and excitement made up for anything you may dislike or hate about the bands or the band’s music itself.  Plus A Day To Remember played tons of their old stuff which made this show something of epic proportions.  Tuesday night for all those who experienced will be a day to remember forever.

P.S, if your looking to download A Day To Remember‘s “What Separates Me From You”, I’ve found it on mediafire for you, again courtesy of ILYBD. Audio quality is VBR.

I would encourage all ADTR fans to buy this album, as buying it will help it gain media exposure, and I’d really like to see a band like ADTR break into the mainstream. Shockhound currently is selling the album download for 6.99$!  (Not become mainstream.) Anything with doses of screaming in it and breakdowns that gains media exposure is good for exposing hardcore and metal to the rest of the music world.  ( I will be buying this album myself on Friday when my paycheck comes in.)