Elysion Fields: Video – Of Titans

 I don’t think I’ve done enough to really promote these guys, considering just how good they are. Plenty of talent, hardworking, and makers of some actually original music metal-core maestros Elysion Fields have released a music video for their newest single, Of Titans. 

Who is Elysion Fields? If you don’t know that, I would ask where you have been? Anyway, EF is a “metal-core” band depending on whatever you think of when that comes to your ear. To be more appropriate, EF is a metal band that will get you nodding your head in approval.

For those of you looking for more then just BREAKDOWN, in our local scene this is a must listen-to-band. Overlooking the fact that Josh Woods is a sometimes deliberate troll and dick, he knows not only how to promote his band, but how to get them on some sick shows. The most recent evidence of that is a trip to Full Metal Texas SXSW where they tore it up. 

Credit should be always be given where credit is due, especially with these guys. Good song structure is probably these guys biggest strengths, and they do have some breakdowns that I can always throwdown to satisfy those urges. Can they still write amazing technical riffage? Damn right. Since I’m not a musician of any sorts, you’ll have to check out for yourself just how intricate some of their stuff is. 

Because I’m so awesome and nice, I’ve posted the video below! You’ll notice how much better the track quality of this song is compared to their latest self-titled EP

If you’re interested in some more of EF’s music, you can sign up for a free four track EP, as well as their newest single “Of Titans”  here. (On a sidenote, I have no idea how EF sounds like ADTR. Maybe the website is associating every band with screaming together?)

So just remember… If you are interested in just more then the typical metal scene around here, EF is a band that won’t disappoint you.  Keep an eye out for shows with these guys, because you can count on a great live show. (Those can be quite hard to find.)

Born Of Osiris release their best album yet.

The Discovery may be some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard regarding any type of metal anywhere. Technicality, which I usually hate, perfectly and masterfully fused and interwoven into brutality, brilliant synth, flash grooves and fast-paced chugs, masterful riffage, and catchy quick  bass notes that you can actually hear. Prepare to hear some great vocal alternation, because this album has it all. In short prepare for an amazing listening experience.

Born Of Osiris makes me actually somewhat proud to be from this despicable, oppressive union thug controlled state. So in case you don’t know, stay away from Illinois. If you come, your minimum wage salary will be taken to pay for the 100k a year wages of your neighborhood government employee. Did I mention gas prices? No wonder the scene sucks sometimes. Besides Dirty Nellies, Palatine, as well as the whole Chicago area really does suck. Anyway, rant off.

Now before I go on, let me just say this; I am writing from the perspective of a fan. I don’t really play any instruments, so I can’t begin to describe or necessarily understand the techniques employed in their music. I only know what I hear, and if it sounds good. To be blunt: You are going to hear some sick riffing, the best progressive djent out there, and hear a lot of different “things” on The Discovery. 

I’m not sure what constitutes groundbreaking nowadays, but I believe I can truly say this album of theirs is groundbreaking. It’s like nothing I’ve heard before. So the good news is that they will probably play some other songs besides the ones off The New Reign live now. (I loved the New Reign by the way.)

You are going to be confounded by incredible sounding songs like “Follow The Signs” which includes some synth and  guitar effects, I don’t even know how to describe. “Recreate” will capture you with a crushing breakdown which will suddenly and unexpectedly lead into a kind of solo, I’ve never really heard before. I don’t even know if it is a solo!  “Two Worlds Of Design” will shock you with it’s incredible fused synth ending. Craving plenty of breakdowns? Need to throw down in your basement or in your car and scare the seniors in the car next to you?  This album has more breakdowns then the both The New Reign and A Higher Place combined. Don’t worry though. Every breakdown in this album is completely effective, necessary, and intricate to the song.

There are a mix of three instrumental and clean vocals softish sounding synth tracks,  which some people have suggested were filler to make the album longer, but I would argue that they actually fit in well. I’m particularly fond of  The Omniscient which has a woman’s harmonizing tone in its background and a composition that reminds me of something you would hear on a Zelda soundtrack.  In fact it is now reminding me of Loreena Mckennitt at this moment.

The album ends well on the track, “Behold”, which actually might blow your mind. It blew mine. Some people have said the album didn’t end well, but listen to it a few times, and you may understand why I’m saying that it does. The breakdowns made me thrown down in the shower, and the ending reminded me a tad bit of Abstract Art so much so that I sat down dumbfounded as soon as I got out. 

Are there some things about the album that may have irked me a bit? Actually yes, but this has to do with the mixing of the album. I just wish that the treble might have been a bit louder, as well as the guitars just a tad bit.  If I were to rate this album, I still would give it a 5/5. It’s that good.  Get it, however you can. In case you are desperate, I’ve provided a link with good VBR quality: Born Of Osiris: The Discovery

Atticus Metal Tour 3 at the Rave!

 Be jealous. I saw the Atticus Metal Tour 3 at the Rave. Band of the night. They played four new songs! You weren’t there, I was. Yea, this was two weeks ago, but I still feel its worth some bragging.

 When your having an epic time in a crowded venue, it gets hot. Very hot.  At one point, the heat was so much that I sneezed and had snot dripping from my nose. I will admit that the thought crossed my mind of letting the snot continue to drip. All hardcore dancers that were foolish enough to greet my face with a windmill would receive a pleasant surprise on their hand. But I of course ran as fast as I could toward a bathroom trying to keep my pride intact, my man-card full, and feigned respect coming.

I made it, and freaked a bit as there were no paper towels, and the smell in the bathroom was pretty bad. You get used to these sort of things. I threw my coat in a corner hoping no one would steal it. Right after In The Midst Of Lions, I kept running back and forth through the pit to check on it. I hate how hard it is to trust people at shows sometimes. Good times were in store though, something I was assured of when I first saw Steve Mrozek walking to The Rave.

The Human Abstract were an excellent surprise live. They played a few songs off Digital Veil, but most importantly, they sounded awesome live, so props to them.  Their set seemed somewhat short though. Right after them was As Blood Runs Black.  Actually Elysion Fields (EF) got screwed big time in their time placement. This is testament to the fact that playing the bar stage when As Blood Runs Black is playing the main stage really does suck.

See what I mean about him looking like a Mexican Obama?

ABRB played some songs off the new album, which I was so disappointed in that I cant even remember what it was called. Instinct or something like that. They were solid live, something you can’t always say for every band. I still can’t get over how much their vocalist looks like a Mexican Obama. (He gets more and more badass) During part of their set I again had to run over toward the back where I had stashed my coat and check if it was still there. The thought of the coat locker they had crossed my mind, but I wasn’t going to shell out 3$ to get one.

I’m pretty sure that it was during ABRB set that I encountered an “old couple”. Yea, I’m pretty shocked still. Who above the age of 35 is at these kinds of shows right? Well I’m not sure who they were there for, but I started talking to them, they bought me some drinks, and I tried my best to keep them out of harms way during the show.  This couple who were both in their late 50s decided at one point to go closer to the front and right into the pit where the metal-heads were moshing.

Though it was no fault of their own, the couple was clueless as to exactly what “went down” or “occurred” at metal  shows, hence their relative closeness and at several points standing in the most dangerous area of the pit.  A one point the husband went fully into the metal pit and received a pleasant first hand-experience. I’m tempted to write a short little manual of what to/not to bring to a show, what to expect, and for some people how to survive.

Too often I find newbies who don’t know that depending where they are, they might have to fight for the survival of whatever they have on them. This was the case with the husband’s glasses which I managed to snag and save before they got stepped on the pit.  Unless your planning to observe the concert from way in back or on a balcony, don’t go to the floor level anywhere near the middle or front of the stage, because bodies are going to collide. People are going to jump up and down, mosh, push their way back and forth causing a domino effect, ect.

I was told that I would “shit in my pants” when I heard Darkest Hour. I didn’t. I guess I’m still not huge on regular death metal, even though they were quite good. To each his own taste I suppose.

Born Of Osiris of course headlined and didn’t disappoint. It seems that for some people they only mosh for their favorite bands, so it seemed the amount of moshers tripled and as a result their set felt even more intense then any of the other bands previously that night.  It was during their set some guy decided to throw down some windmills which hit me and made my throat feel as if someone had trounced it with a tree trunk. I of course felt scared and the windmiller felt powerful. 

Im trying to recall, but I think it was during their set that I saw Steve Mrozek really throw down in the pit.

After I emerged from the Rave covered in other people’s sweat, I realized that this was another epic show and that the year was only going to get better.  Btw, BOO’s new album, The Discovery, is finally out, get it! It’s their best stuff to date. (And is going to be worthy of a post all by itself.)

Bad HORRIBLE music exists. It really does. Behold “Friday” by Rebecca Black

I thought Justin Bieber or Ke$ha might have been some so called “musicians” to be the worst sensations to hit modern mainstream pop. I was wrong. I was very wrong.  My ears have bled, and yours will too once you see what has happened to music. Weep now, as I weep.  As I write this, it is Friday, and the word “Friday” will never be the same. 10 year olds now have a new drug and her name is Beiber fevered wannabe Rebbecca Black.  Before I go on, do I hate her? Not at all.

At first I didn’t think this was a real song. This song had to be a joke. Right? We were being trolled. It had to be that. Nope. This is a real song, and the only reason it’s gone this viral is because we all have been talking about how bad it is.

Now for the worst song I have EVER heard in my entire life:

Observe the intense brilliance of the lyrics. I was distracted from my intense enjoyment of new Born Of Osiris for this. I feel like three minutes of my life have been ripped away. Please tell me she actually didn’t make money off this.  I love catchy songs, but this makes Nsync look like Bach.

One comment about her video really caught my eye: To all the haters: she is trying to make it, and i bet 99% of you can’t even sing close to this good!!  

I still can’t figure out exactly where any “singing” actually took place in this video. I hate to say it, but she should have expected haters, especially with a video like this.  Anytime you put up something on youtube, you might be asking for trolls, haters, ect.

Starting on Friday, March 11, 2011, the viewcount for the music video jumped from around 3,000 views to over 7 million on YouTube in five days and became a popular viral video.[4][5] The popularity was due to the lyrics, singing and video content, all being what observers called “bizarre,” “inept” and “hilariously dreadful.”[4][6][7] Since the growth in popularity of the song and video, there have been numerous parody videos and remixes.[8][9] Forbes stated that the notoriety of the song is another sign of the power of social media — specifically Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, in this instance — in the ability to create “overnight sensations”.[10][11] “Rebecca Black” has continued to be a trending topic on Twitter since March 11,[12] and the song and singer were “savaged” on the social network[13] while being seen as a “YouTube laughingstock”.[9] 

Mhmmm. Yes, “dreadful” is an understatement. 

Kevin Rutherford, a columnist for Billboard magazine, wrote, “Black’s video for ‘Friday’ is one of those rare occurrences where even the most seasoned critics of Internet culture don’t know where to begin. From the singing straight out of Auto-Tuned hell to lyrics such as ‘Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes afterwards / I don’t want this weekend to end’ and a hilariously bad rap about passing school buses, ‘Friday’ is something that simply must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.”[14]

This is spot on. It’s hard to say just how bad this song is until someone sees it for themselves. Even still it’s as if I’m attracted to how bad it is. It’s hard to stop watching it while you stare at it in utter disbelief and shock. Yes, songs like this exist. Just no knew how bad it could and would get until March 11th.

“Friday” is produced by California-based Ark Music Factory and was funded by Black’s parents. Ark Music producer Patrice Wilson said Black was not off key before the auto-tuned technology was applied and that her voice was “actually really good.”

Wow, really? First off shame on Ark Music for this. I love the diverse amount of music out there, but it’s hard for me to consider this music.   Now if her voice was actually any good, the wouldn’t have to auto-tune the crap out of her voice. You can’t even tell if she is really singing in the video. It’s more like auto-tuned noise with lyrics that really speak to your soul. The brilliance!  Or as one person put it, “Those lyrics .. speak to my inner demons .. like .. when I was 3 and lost my favorite matchbox car and I couldn’t find it and went on a baby rampage.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Black says the harsh criticism has not killed her confidence. “I think I have talent on some level,” she said. “I don’t think I’m the worst singer, but I don’t think I’m the best singer.”

From what this video has showed us, she doesn’t actually have any talent because she actually can’t sing. On ANY level. Shame and utter shock. What she now needs is a Tosh.O web redemption. Badly.  The video doesn’t even make sense. If she is in 8th grade, how come her similar aged friends are driving a car? WTH?

It gets worse. Much worse.

Yea, I’ll give a little a bit of grace here. After hearing her sing a few lines from the national anthem, her voice isn’t bad.  What it doesn’t tell us is why they auto-tuned her voice so badly if she could actually sing like this.
When she answered that she had cried from some of the “hate”, I should point out that she really should cry. She should cry for what she has done to music.

She with her admitted Bieber fever and want for a duet with him has further embodied everything that is wrong with mainstream pop music. Just create some crappy, nonsensical lyrically themed song that could have been written by a 5 year old, is semi-catchy, and is filled with auto-tune that makes you wonder why people even bother to sing naturally, and you can make millions from easily hooked teens.

Well, we knew the parodies would come, even though this song doesn’t really need one considering it already is one. Anyway:

I’m going to go to grab a towel and try to stop the blood dripping from my ears.

The Color Morale: Home Town Heroes release My Devil In Your Eyes

 When it’s time to give credit, you have to give that credit where it is due. It’s time to give some of that said credit to The Color Morale for a masterpiece album release, currently one of the best releases I’ve heard yet in this young year. I won’t start going into what some would consider pointless drivel over what this album does for the “post-hardcore” sound/genre out there, because after all, it’s all metal.

First off, I have a bias. I love these guys. They’ve always gone out of their way for their home folks, playing shows all over the place when they weren’t on tour ranging from The Oasis, to the Paradigm (When it was still around.) to the Warped Skate Park.  I will never forget the time they made almost all of their shirts 5$ at their show at the Warped Skate Park.  They weren’t making any money on the shirts, but they didn’t care.  They wanted the people there to be able to pick one up and wear it proudly. I picked up 3 shirts myself and a wristband, and would have picked up more, but I didn’t have any more money on me.

If you get a chance to talk with them, take it. I.E Garrett Rapp is one of the coolest vocalist I’ve ever talked with. He will remember your face, come up to you after the show, give you a hug, and ask “What’s up dude?” I can’t stress how impressed I am with their devotion to their home base, a.k.a us. So show them love. Lots of it. 

The first The Color Morale album, We All Have Demons, was a good album. It was overproduced, hence Joey Sturgis, but still a unique album that had a trademark TCM sound. My Devil In Your Eyes proves that The Color Morale can really stand out in a post-hardcore genre that is overloaded with bands that simply cant stand out. I won’t bore you with technical details of each song, because I then wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, since I don’t play an instrument of any sort.

This album is filled with songs that actually somewhat stand out from each other. You’ll hear heavy songs such as The Dying Hymn, chaotic songs with The Chariot style riffs such as Demon Teeth (Which has a crushing breakdown at the end of it.), and some catchy clean chorus songs such as Falling Awake and Be Longing always.

Best of all, this album has a feel of its own, even though obvious breakdowns were written in it.  I was hoping for breakdowns in the last album, though I wanted some that wouldn’t just throw the album and the band into the “Generic” category. On another note, you have to treasure when bands can write breakdowns that don’t feel like suddenly thrown in filler because the band couldn’t write and compose anything else that the crowd would throw down to.  

MDIYE is better in everyday then WHD.  It has a unique track feel, those bloody catchy choruses that we all wanted, some great guest vocals, extremely wide range of vocals that we haven’t heard from TCM before, and best of all, GOOD breakdowns that actually vary.

All their songs are up on Youtube, so check them out! If you haven’t gotten a copy of it, get one.  Download it, buy it, ect. It’s worth the space on your Ipod or your Laptop.  If your broke and have less then 10$ in your bank account right now like I do, then enjoy this download through mediafire. I’d encourage you to buy their Album, but I’d suggest a purchase of their Merch as something that will help them much more, especially with the current gas prices. Support these guys. They are making it big because of how good they are and the character of these guys.

Sideprojects? More? Really? Why?

Side project much?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has noticed this, but there seems to have been a flurry of side projects from artists in the “metal” community as of late.  What am I talking about?

1. The probably now doomed side project of Mac-book scammer Jonny Craig. (Ew), Between The Buried And Me
2. After quitting Attack Attack, Johnny Franck has started a side project with Mike Caswell called “The March Ahead.”   Supposedly its some kind of more experimental dubstep project, which we are all just THRILLED to see more of.  (Talk about trends and fads…) Furthermore , his singing voice might be a bit…. questionable with his dependency on autotune.
3. Tommy Rogers from Between The Buried and Me just made a solo album called “Pulse” which he released under the name Thomas Giles. Woohoo! Apparently some people really dig it.
4. Periphery’s lead vocalist Spencer Sotelo has released his own solo work.  It’s not too bad.
5. I’ll throw Nick Jonas and Travis Barker in there, even though aren’t metal. Nick should have obvious appeal thanks to loyal fans from his time as one of the Jonas Brothers. 

          I ask myself, “Who doesn’t have a side-project nowadays? For some of these guys, as well as others, I’ve seen the internet call to “Support my solo project.”   Um…. No.    This must be some sort of new trend that anticipates the love and loyal dollars of fans supporting their work, as in the case of Jonny Craig, but I just can’t jump onto it.  If one of the vocalists from Peirce The Veil or Asking Alexandria started their own side-project or solo work, I’m sure many of the loyal 16 year old fans would support them in every way. Who can blame them after all?

       I’m a bit annoyed by all of them, and NO, I won’t buy or support any of these artists. I may have have or still do like them as part of their respective bands, but only in that manner. Only time will tell the good projects from the really crappy ones. Please, I urge people to not just support these side-projects because you love Johnny Franck, but only support them if they are actually worth it.  (If the music does something for you I suppose.)  Perhaps this will come and go. I look forward to downloading it myself and seeing if any of it is worth it.

Cain & Abel: A local production worth checking out.. (Get this album!)

Lately, I’ve been addicted to a band called Cain & Abel.  In particular I’m addicted to their album called Successor. Granted it hasn’t been officially released, but after hearing what they had on their facebook page, I wanted more. I probably spent several hours trying to find a leak to download. I ended up downloading one that needed a password that I didn’t know, until I found a legit good quality leak of their new album Successor. I was broke at the time, and still am due to spending money on shows.

 This is to date, one of the best albums (You can include EPs in that.) I have ever heard from any local band in the area. I have never listened to any local band as much as I have with Cain & Abel, most of which is due to this new album of theirs. Who knew that anyone around here actually sounded like this? Apparently, good things can come from Wisconsin, which appears to have a scene that is flourishing with some talent. 

One of my friends mentioned that he thought they were unoriginal, but I would have to disagree after listening to Successor at least 10 times through if not more. This album seems to have it all. Catchy riffs, a great and diverse range of vocals, uplifting lyrics, and crushing breakdowns that aren’t repetitive because of the structure of each song.  Compared to alot of other music in our scene, this album has really stood out as something that is a pleasure to listen to. In fact surprisingly enough, most of the songs each have their own sound, something that is rare a gift to a listener.

It’s shocking to think that their could be a band like this, filled with high-schoolers, could be this good, catchy, and talented. Mark my words, if these guys continue to work hard, they are going to explode. When people hear what I’ve heard, their jaws will drop in awe and amazement. 

Usually my music of choice when I’m driving around is ABR, Underoath, TDWP, BOO, Cry Of The Afflicted, VOM, and Your Memorial, but Cain & Abel have been added to the list. I can’t stress how much I enjoy the fact that album is well enough produced, that it doesn’t suck on my horrible car stereo system.  I love the fact that I can blast these guys and be richly rewarded by just about every song.

I hope these guys play Warped Tour and Cornerstone again, because if I would have heard them before last year’s Milwaukee Warped Tour, I would have fought for a spot in front of their stage. (Probably the Ernie Ball one I imagine.) I’m planning on going to Cornerstone this year, and if these guys play there, they will be sure to wow metal fans there.

If you haven’t checked these guys out, do it. If your desperate enough for a download of Successor, google it or shoot me an email.  I strongly suggest buying it, as this album is actually worth something. (You will actually be buying something local with pretty damn decent sound quality!)

Remember, think local, support local, and buy local.

Zero Transition

These guys are an amazing Hardcore band hailing from Kathmandu, NEPAL. I know, right?
They’ve released a self titled EP which I advise you guys to go check out. If you like it, support them as much as possible. All their work was done by themselves, which is pretty amazing.
That is their facebook page, so I would suggest checking out a few of their songs, like their page, and try to find them in a shop. If you’ve done all that and can’t find their album, I’ll see if I can get you a link from them.
Band: Zero Transition
Album: Zero Transition EP
2.The rising
3.Breaking point
4.Nothing to say
5.Bringing you down
6.Jekyll & Rasputin
7.The demise of the empire
8.We are not asking much
9.Walled-in-alive [Outro]

My favourite is Bringing You Down 😛

-Chugcore (aka. Aaron Kim)

How to make your band succesful and stand out? Suggestions…


     There are thousands and thousands of bands out there, all striving for exposure and to make a name for themselves.  In order to stand out you’ve got to put 100% of your energy into the band and into your music. Let me make something clear before I give my two cents. I’m no expert. Everything that I’m about to suggest is based off of what I’ve experienced and seen throughout our scene as well as others.  I’m just your average avid music fan who really wants to see bands succeed.

1. Get money together: Everything costs money, and usually plenty of it. Bands who want to make it are going to have to have members who all have jobs and are willing to invest money into the band. Money makes the world go ’round and the music scene is no exception.

2. Buy good equipment. This of course is going to cost plenty of money. Good equipment says something about your band to companies (potential sponsors) and labels out there. Not only that, but the benefit it will provide your live sound is extremely important.

3. Pay the necessary cash for a good recording of your studio tracks. Again, this ties into the money issue, but when someone’s browsing though your facebook and myspace listening to what you have posted there, you want it to sound as good as possible. Don’t settle for subpar recordings, because there’s a strong chance that stranger won’t give your band another shot for a long time. First impressions are everything.

4. Obtain good and creative merch.  Sure, every band out there has cool T-shirts with bad-ass sangs on them, but do you really want to settle for the norm? Do something creative with your merch. Do something no one else has done or something that is rare with their merch.  I’ve seen some crazy stuff myself.

    For example, I saw a band have someone paint pictures during their set. Weird, but the fact that they auctioned off just one of those paintings for 100$ stands on its own. For a band touring, that’s money in your gas tank, food for the night, and whatever other necessities based off just one painting.  Think of the possibilities.

Another band that got some attention was one that sold their own hand-made soap. For some people, showering with soap made by their favorite bands gives them something to boast about over the common fan. Did I mention how much they sold it for?

5. Promotion. If you want people to hear your music, your going to have to make a strong, persistent, and time consuming effort to make exactly that happen. Go to local shows and distribute samples of your music. Give out flyers wherever you are. Hit up every music blog you can find and distribute samples of your music. Talk with every person/fan you can find. Build a communication network. Talk and make friends with other bands. It could mean the difference between you getting a spot on a very good show or being regulated to yet another crappy local show. Get to know local promoters. Get yourself out there!

6. Release physical and digital tracks.  You need to get your work out there as soon as you can. People who liked what they heard at your show may want to listen further, and perhaps spread the word in the process. (I.E. Sharing tracks on facebook)

7. Put up a free download of your music online. This is a controversial suggestion, but let’s face it, unless someone really likes your EP, Single, or album, they aren’t going to buy it.  (Asking for an optional donation isn’t a bad idea though.) There is very VERY little money in digital or physical sales. If your going to make money, your going to make it elsewhere. So in order to make that money, distribute as many copies of your studio work as possible.

Go to every blog, file-sharing site, and option you can find and get them to post up your music.  The exposure and promotion you will get is something that will be hard to rival through other methods. Remember, word of mouth (Or online “spreading the word”) is free advertising and promotion. FREE! You need every single person possible to hear your music, as everyone of those folks is a potential fan who might come out to your shows, buy your merchandise, and of course spread the word.

8. Strongly consider just how important and beneficial signing to a record label will be for your band. Sure it’s almost always the goal of every local band around here to get signed to a record label of some sort. Weigh your options though. You will be a slave to those record labels, and chances are you will be in their debt, which isn’t a position you may want to find yourself in. There are other possibilities out there, especially nowadays. Observe the scene and be sure to pay attention to the changes happening to the music industry and scene right now, and the possibilities of the future.

9. Set yourself a part. Know your “genre” and know your targeted fan base and audience. Do something different. Think of the possibilities? What if you wore bags over your head? What if you played live shows over a streaming webcam onto a site like Youtube or Stickam? Could you stream your show’s and set’s live somehow and make fans feel as if they were actually at your show?  Play secret shows that people have to find out about? (Okay, maybe not that.) Can you do something different with your stage-performance? Think outside the box.

    A good example of a band in our area that does a lot of these suggestions well is Elysion Fields.  Having a marketing genius named Josh Woods for a guitarist really helps their assent to success. So does all of their members having steady jobs, as well as good equipment.  Perhaps you might be able to hit up Josh and ask him for some advice, but beware, he’s very secretive about his methods.

    I suggest observing what other bands such as Punchline, Before Their Eyes, The Composure, Radiohead, and OK Go have done, (All bands that either have no record label, or have their own record label)


    P.S. here are some sites if your interested in some basic exposure through blogs:


    The first show at a new venue: The Round Lake Civic Center

     The Round Lake Civic center hosted it’s first local show with a great mix of alternative rock, indie, post-hardcore, and metal-core music featuring the likes of The Island Of Misfit Toys, Tadashi, I Made You Myself, Two Star, and Elysion Fields.

    Epic performances by The Island Of Misfit Toys, Two Star, and Elysion Fields rewarded the 100+ attendees observing the show, which according to several bands went better then expected.  (For a fresh Indie Powerpop sound, Two Star most certainly stands out in our area.)

    I would like to call specific attention to the venue itself here, the Round Lake Civic Center. It’s definitely one of the nicest venues in terms of space, stage, and the room itself. The stage is very wide and is probably one of the biggest I’ve seen in any venues around here. The room looks like an auditorium and a giant multi-purpose room of sorts, and has a retractable wall that will at least triple the size of the room.

    To give you an idea of what this room looks like, as well as the stage, I snagged a picture off their website:

    To make things even better, there is also an outdoor stage which makes summer shows a glaring and obvious important possibility.

    This venue has the potential to be the best venue in the area. The PA system is in question, as I don’t know much about it. I was foolish enough to not take any footage of the show on Friday, but I will take some pictures for the next show there.  My thanks for that show goes out to Justin Matulonis  who booked the show and is the founder Lake County Entertainment and Arts.    I suggest you contact him if anyone is curious about setting up shows there. I really wish we could get the upcoming The Color Morale and Thyateira show here instead of the Warped Skate Park. Perhaps there is hope.