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MLK would have backed it? 0

MLK would have backed it?

“Obama: MLK would have backed “‘Obamacare’”, runs the headline on several news websites.  I get used to sifting through the usual anti-Obama headlines. I laugh at and enjoy the clever ones, shake my head at the name-calling ones, and attempt to find those rare somewhat impartial stories addressing the policy and thought of the POTUS.  This story, through a quick look at the Washington Times, hits my negative bone. Not specifically because Obama said it, but rather because of the statement implies; an appeal to a person to justify something, rather then the ideas.  I call this hero worship.  Our...

Libertarianism – An Ecological Consideration 0

Libertarianism – An Ecological Consideration

This is an incredible examination of the environmental question through a libertarian lense. It’s a lot to take in so I will have to re-read this again in the near future.

I’m offended! The Rise of the Keyboard Warrior. 0

I’m offended! The Rise of the Keyboard Warrior.

These day’s it seems that no matter what you do, you are going to offend someone. Whether you eat a slice of pizza,  play GTA 5, listen to whatever music you prefer, say how much you like someone or a particular idea, someone is going to get offended. Well, I’m sure plenty of people, including myself, are sick and tired of it. We’ve walked on glass for so long -both out of the goodness of our hearts and because we care about our reputations and future employment – that we’ve fallen through the glass, cut our feet on it, and...

We Came As Romans “Tracing Back Roots” a pleasant surprise. 0

We Came As Romans “Tracing Back Roots” a pleasant surprise.

I like surprises. They keep life interesting and smack you with a dash of of the unexpected.  For anyone who likes metal, whatever that actually constitutes these days, I’ve been rather pleasantly surprised with the new We Came As Roman’s album Tracing Back Roots.  In fact, I was somewhat blown away since my expectations were so low.  Now before the metal elitists jump on the fact that I just dropped WCAR’s name and metal in the same sentence, let me remind you that Slayer hasn’t released a good album in 20 years, Gwar still sucks, and Megadeath is getting up...

The Desired Life: Working Without Air Conditioning – How did they do it? 0

The Desired Life: Working Without Air Conditioning – How did they do it?

Everyone loves the summer.  The suns out, your windows are down with music blasting to scare the old folks next to you, and most of the girls sharing the sidewalks around you are wearing garments that leave little to the imagination.  – Insert Quagmire, “Giggity.”  Despite all this, I’m already over Summer and wishing for Fall and Winter.  Sure, cold weather sucks, but at least you can put clothes on to keep warm. In the summer you can take all your clothes off and still be sweating profusely with no respite. Then your air conditioning fails, its 91 degrees out,...

Public Bathrooms: A bane to mankind. 1

Public Bathrooms: A bane to mankind.

The primary problem with public bathrooms is that the are public. Anyone can use them. Is that a bad thing? Let’s use an extreme example and point to the bathrooms at Union Station in Chicago. In fact, prepare for a rant. You walk in and hit a line. There is ALWAYS a line.  As you wait in that line trying to avoid eye contact with everyone in there who keeps looking you up and down, you notice the walls.  They are covered in stains of who knows what, soaked in that welcoming urine smell, and covered in graffiti that usually...

Memories of a Night Owl 1

Memories of a Night Owl

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a night owl. When I was 10 my penultimate achievement was convincing my parents that a 10:45 bed time was a tremendous idea. From that point on, I never looked back. Sleeping? What is that? Even when I was told to go to bed, I managed to find ways to stay up, both observed and un-observed by my parents.  I refined the art of sneaking, silence, and warning systems a.k.a loud doors to ensure my nocturnal activities. If I had access to light from door being open ajar, I would stay up...

Terrifying Encounters: Asking the girl out. 0

Terrifying Encounters: Asking the girl out.

This is a post of mine before I discovered the manosphere and the ideas of TRP. The hardest situations in life for me are still the one’s that supposedly shouldn’t be hard; asking girls out. It’s daunting, terrifying, and downright makes leg shake and my voice wobble.   Every-time this happens, I continue to lose man-cards. I’ve already lost so many of said man-cards, that I’m certain I’ve ran out. I of course blame this on improper upbringing, a lack of discipline, and a personality dominated by a will to avoid any situation that might become uncomfortable. In layman’s terms, I...

The Public Relations game and the illusion of Customer Service 0

The Public Relations game and the illusion of Customer Service

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you are used to hearing the phrase, “Give great customer service!”   None of us really know what it means, but we nod our heads to reassure the store manager that we are indeed all about the famed customer services that corporate demands.  Oh, and bringing in those sales. Does anyone actually know what it means to give great customer service?  Usually when it comes to retail, I automatically assume that the phrase “customer service” is more of a company mandated hands-on PR stunt conducted by each employee on a daily basis: Act like you...

The Writer’s Block of Life. 0

The Writer’s Block of Life.

They say you should always practice what you are good at. I’m good at writing, or at least I tell myself I am.  When it comes to the concept of practice and applying said practice to writing, I just don’t do it. Instead I content myself to do fabulous life fulfilling routines like working at Menards and Trinity.  You know you are going places when you are working part-time. Let’s talk brass tax – pure honesty; I’m lazy.  I’m not lazy… when it comes to working, though I’m close to it.  Rather, I’m lazy when it comes to being a...

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