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Poem: Touch 0

Poem: Touch

Disclaimer/Caution: Extremely intentional creepy material meant to be read in a White Goodman accent from Dodgeball imminent!   Touch. I love touch. I like to touch. I like the way you’re built. It makes me want to touch.   like the feel of your clothes. The cotton turns me on, the denim gives me a rush, the leather invigorates my soul. I like that.   Let me feel your hair, my technique is flawless. Let me smell you in public. …”sniff” Is that lavender?   Your soft blouse gives me ideas, those rubbery flipflops make me wonder, and… Are those Pink booty...

Part 2 My Feminist Vow – By: Opinionated Man 0

Part 2 My Feminist Vow – By: Opinionated Man

As usual OM makes obvious, but witty points. Anyone remember the backlash Lana Del Rey suffered when she mentioned she wasn’t a feminist? She was roasted and made to understand that it was only because of feminism that she could say that – let alone anything – as well as have a career in music, have money, ect.

Warped Tour and a lack of Women 0

Warped Tour and a lack of Women

Apparently, Warped Tour 2014 – and previous warped tours – has a women problem.  That is in a women problem in terms of the amount of women involved in the bands who make up Warped Tour. Now right away, this observation should be made:  This one of the the usual “divide and conquer” approaches that people employ when talking about this subject wreaks of to motivate women and/or men to endorse a particular ideology to create ” specific issues” and win them votes.   As my friend Katie has said, and I’m paraphrasing, they are trying to divided us and get us at each...

Tumblr: Where the  Really Wild Things of Privilege Dwell 0

Tumblr: Where the Really Wild Things of Privilege Dwell

Tumblr is essentially a very entertaining cesspool of anger and vitriol where people “discuss” privilege.  Either the trolls on Tumblr are the best that the internet has ever produced – far surpassing the 4chan glory days- or there are some people who are truly filled with enough hatred, blame, and anger to make Emperor Palatine quite jealous. The internet is obviously a place for everything including some major venting.  What bugs me is that I can’t tell when people are actually serious or they are trolling.  Extremism is usually a word we toss around when we don’t agree with people – yea it’s...

Priorities: Green Housing vs being Homeless 0

Priorities: Green Housing vs being Homeless

About 3 weeks ago, I was in Chicago, the city I love to despise and badmouth.   There are a lot of reasons I don’t like the city, starting with how expensive it is down there, but as I was walking on Fullerton, I noticed a sign about green, energy friendly, sustainable, ect housing – all those buzzwords. That is fantastic and all, but when you are homeless and don’t have a place to live, how much does the “green” status of a dwelling matter? I wonder if we have really overlooked our priorities as a culture. Every group has a...


Poetry: “Lovers”

Context: I was at Swing State for Tuesday Poetry Night and I just let the creative and odd juices flow with no filter and just a bit of editing.   If you want to get a really interesting and creepy vibe, read this out aloud to yourself in your most creepy voice. “Lovers” Tender lovers,   I  am a true lover.   Lover’s walks… I invented those. An amorous bastard, I am that. Dearest, I am a passionate lover. Many lovelies  stalk my small living space like harpies with the beauty of mermaids, but I remain  passionately steadfast. What can...

Iraq and embracing Multiculturalism. 0

Iraq and embracing Multiculturalism.

     The good ole Huffington Post, a bastion of multiculturalism and pluralism, expressed great concern about Iraq and a potential bill in there “government” in which the legal age of divorce being lowered to nine years old in Iraq. This of course also involves a conservative hardline party in the government which wants to lower the legal age of marriage way down there, something that isn’t a horrific human rights violation in the minds of at least some Iraqis. Cultural differences eh?  One thing that really popped up in my mind is that to be truly multicultural and pluralistic, we...

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