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“I Hope You Die” 1

“I Hope You Die”

“I Hope You Die”.   The internet these days can get to people. Take OM who has been helping other bloggers as much as possible. The internet will still find faults. The guy who said OM made him feel “suicidal” is priceless – or a damn good troll. My motto: surround yourself with motivated people with a sense of self-responsiblity. Ignore the haters and SJWs like they aren’t even there. Light trolling can be useful sometimes however.   Keep strong OM.


Toddlers, Perspective, Drugs, and Flashbanging Swat Raids.

My family is a diverse  and divided one, and I love it.  Not just racially, but politically and on all those “controversial” issues which you aren’t supposed to bring up at the dinner table at family parties.  Well I’m a true rebel and I bring up that crap anyway.  So I somewhat… started up a huge debate on gun control with my family. (My aunt for a while was of the opinion that we didn’t need guns because the cops would always be there in time to protect people. Note I live about 50 minutes from Chicago.) It ended up...

Why Robin William’s death doesn’t matter to me. 1

Why Robin William’s death doesn’t matter to me.

It’s all over twitter, the news, my facebook feed; Robin Williams was very depressed and committed suicide.  Apparently this is a big deal because of how much influence he has had on people’s lives through his movies, comedy, ect. Okay, well not me. He has not had any effect on my life. In fact, I can’t think of one celebrity, actor, ect who actually has. Why? Because I don’t give a shit about celebrities or supposed “artists” that many of these high tier actors deem as such.   Do I dislike them? No, I just don’t care and I believe...

Poem: Touch 0

Poem: Touch

Disclaimer/Caution: Extremely intentional creepy material meant to be read in a White Goodman accent from Dodgeball imminent!   Touch. I love touch. I like to touch. I like the way you’re built. It makes me want to touch.   like the feel of your clothes. The cotton turns me on, the denim gives me a rush, the leather invigorates my soul. I like that.   Let me feel your hair, my technique is flawless. Let me smell you in public. …”sniff” Is that lavender?   Your soft blouse gives me ideas, those rubbery flipflops make me wonder, and… Are those Pink booty...

Part 2 My Feminist Vow – By: Opinionated Man 0

Part 2 My Feminist Vow – By: Opinionated Man

As usual OM makes obvious, but witty points. Anyone remember the backlash Lana Del Rey suffered when she mentioned she wasn’t a feminist? She was roasted and made to understand that it was only because of feminism that she could say that – let alone anything – as well as have a career in music, have money, ect.

Warped Tour and a lack of Women 0

Warped Tour and a lack of Women

Apparently, Warped Tour 2014 – and previous warped tours – has a women problem.  That is in a women problem in terms of the amount of women involved in the bands who make up Warped Tour. Now right away, this observation should be made:  This one of the the usual “divide and conquer” approaches that people employ when talking about this subject wreaks of to motivate women and/or men to endorse a particular ideology to create ” specific issues” and win them votes.   As my friend Katie has said, and I’m paraphrasing, they are trying to divided us and get us at each...

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