Come to your show? Music please! Shed your apathy as well.

So I keep getting facebook invites from people and bands to come out to shows and hear bands I’ve never heard of before. Okay, fine. I go to check out their facebook or whatever website they have and I find out that there is no music posted. None.

This has happened enough times to make me go on a rant about it. Not just about this, but the amount of apathy that ends up affecting me to the point where I don’t have much money to go to shows.  Occasionally I’ll go to a show with bands whose music I haven’t been able to hear, either because I didn’t have time, or they didn’t have any music out. However that only happens if the venue is very very close to me. With the price of gas nowadays, I’m not driving down to Milwaukee and shelling out cash for a ticket to hear a band whose music I’ve never heard because they have no music posted anywhere.

There’s more to blame then just the fact that there is no music released. Going to a show cost money. Alot of it. It might not seem like alot when you live in your parent’s basement, but when you are paying rent, car insurance, utilities, household expenses of every sort, ect, you don’t exactly have alot of spending money. If your lucky, Taco Bell, Ramen, Oatmeal, U-Torrent, and Mediafire become close compatriots in your depressing plight.

That’s over 100 miles round trip. 

 Now for some numbers. Its over a 150 mile round trip to go down to Mojoes, over 100 miles to The Rave, and at least 90 to go down to Bartlett, and at least 50 miles in a round trip. (From Grayslake, Illinois)  That’s adds up in gas as fast as a scene girl’s hair lights on fire.  Throw in the additional roll of the dice in desperate hope that the sound guy is competent so that the bands don’t sound like crap, and it’s not exactly a persuasive argument for me to want to get off my ass and bother going.  

In part this is all your FAULTS! I’ll share some of that blame as well.  I’m tired of hearing, “It doesn’t affect me, so I don’t care!”   Wrong, deuche bag, it does. Stop being mad bro and realize that  your widespread apathy makes sure that we are all equally screwed over when the newest tax is approved in the hell-hole state of Illinois. (Gas tax anyone?)

Dick Durban 

 Pro-tip: Stop voting for or not voting against politicians who promote policy that makes the odds of the survival of the music scene as likely as not being mobbed for money by the homeless who stalk Union Station.  Get involved. When the newest gas tax is endorsed in favor of providing more money for “education”  or new social programs, tremble in fear, because it just might cost you some additional fans making it to your show.

Stop complaining that it now costs extra in Illinois to order Merch off a bands website and instead raise your middle fingers to the man on the right who loves to kiss the asses of special interest groups who obviously don’t care if we can make it to the next show or buy a shirt.

Remember, high prices, gas included, doesn’t just affect you.  It also might prevent bands from even being able to show up because they haven’t been able to sell enough merch to shell out the 100$ needed in gas to put in their rusty van to get to the next show.

Pro-tip: it’s hard to get people to come out to shows nowadays, even free ones.  A lack of promotion, communication, competent bookers, and sometime lack of overall fans for the bands playing produces shows that you quickly forget ever occurred, regardless of how many kids you may have trashed with your pit skills in the non-existent pit.  On top of all this, it really sucks when you actually go to a show and the fact that there is almost no one there guarantees an atmosphere of a bar populated by fellows aged 40+.

I can’t stress enough just how important it is for there to be alot of people at a show. The more people you have there, the more energy at the show. It’s almost a given. I for one hate going to shows where it feels dead and when you hear the impending “Everyone Move!” shout from the stage, no one is around to move. But we all decrease the chances of this happening and people moving with apathy and stupidity.

If gas was back down to a dollar, even two, I can guarantee you that there would be alot more people at shows, regardless of how many spin kicks they had to endure from hate moshers.  Instead hard times, apathy, cronies, and leeches off the system have ensured that me, you, and anyone else making under 15$ an hour has less money in our pockets to afford these mundane luxuries.

When we have more money in our pockets that’s not taken from us in an excuse to fund some new program that we will never be able to participate in or see a return, “cough social security”, we will be able to afford to go to more shows, buy more merch, and pay for the inevitable hospital bills at the next The Acacia Strain show. I thought this was common sense.  But apparently, it’s not, so we have to suffice with throwing down in our homes as a substitute as the neighbors/parents look at us with confused faces.   Hopefully my ceiling fan and my dignity remains intact.

So if you’re going to bother asking people to go to a show, promote the hell out of it, make sure people are actually going to go, and have some music up so that I, as well as others, know that your band doesn’t sound like Niki Minaj.

Children Of Fire – Oh Sleeper. The best concept album of the year.

    It’s been a good year for metal. Every kind of it. Ranging from the new The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, Of Mice & Men, Life In Your Way, and Oh Sleeper to Carnifex, Close Your Eyes, Trivium, Born Of Osiris, and Structures, there is a lot of good music to go around.

My personal favorite of this year so far, hands down, is Children Of Fire by Oh Sleeper. It is probably one of the best albums I’ve listened to in years.  This is the Michelangelo of not only the genre as a whole, but of the year. I’ve been sick of horrid clean vocals that sound like teenage girls are singing the choruses, (“cough” Alesana, A Skylit Drive, ect.) something that the guitarist of Oh Sleeper has managed to avoid. Not only does he avoid it, he demonstrates the best clean vocals I’ve heard in any sort of metal-core in a long time.

The screaming is surprisingly completely legible, something that is sometimes a rarity nowadays. The album doesn’t fall into the repetitive groove, but rather has songs that are perfectly chosen.

– The haunting beauty of the family ruin.   The comparison of conscious vs. action is something that one will want to listen closely to. This song gave me chills as I listened to it at night walking through my neighborhood.

“She finds him by the fire, His clothes have got him dripping from his crimes. He beckons her, “Sweet daughter,” The voice that once avenged her younger life.

So ironic, its ironic, its ironic that you’re contemplating murder while I’m educating you in mercy”

-The tragic lyric, almost depressing lyrics of Hush Yael that illustrate a child’s attempt to survive human brutality.  It send chills up your spine, the lyrics telling a true story.

“Wet your jaws for the world. We’re going back to the darkest hour where our kind has confirmed, we are the masters of sin and slaughter.”

– The acoustic feeling melody of Means To Believe.  The theology communicated by this song is something to ponder.  Make sure to actually listen very closely and look beyond the surface of the song.

If the blind can see you, and the lame can meet you, will the dead embrace you if you never gave them the means to believe?

-The brutality of The Marriage of Steel and Skin.  A deep, yet very disturbing outlook of vengeance, action, and blood.  What can be justified?

“Daughter! Sweet daughter! What has brought this bed of blood? What man? What man has entered my home?”

-The best quick 20 seconds of technical riffage this year in Dealers Of Fame. It’s always a hard feat to pull off technicality that doesn’t sound forced, but rather flows perfectly.  If you skip to 1:45, you’ll know what  I’m talking about. If you listen to the whole song though, you’ll understand why it fits like a work of art.

Innocence turned its head at 19 as the two screamed, ‘Don’t try to save us. We’ll prove we’re man enough. Look how they chase us.All we need is fame fame fame.'”

    Children of Fire proves once again that well thought out album concept themes can pack a punch that stands out from the smorgasbord of repetitive material that flows through the scene today.  The lyrics of this album are very powerful and may be some of the deepest I’ve ever heard, so much so that they go down to a very deep philosophical notions of human nature. This is truly an album with lyrics that actually present strong imagery to the listener that can be visualized. Some of it is truly horrifying.

    To enjoy this album to its fullest, it must be listened to as a whole at least several times. Many of the songs are based off some of the brutality of human nature. This ranges from songs about Russian teens who murdered in the pursuit of fame, a daughter who contemplates killing her father, to a child who witnesses the murder of his family.  But the meanings of these songs are much deeper then the stories told by them.

   Now concerning our local scene, I haven’t been too impressed lately. Remember, competent and talented originality always brings the best music to the forefront. Stop copying and start innovating. I love breakdowns, but can you always force one in every song? There’s always ways to create a piece of music that still motivates the windmills to commence, the long hair to headbang, and the onlookers to stare with jaws dropped.

   I’m always interested in new bands coming out of the scene from around here. Now that I work third-shift and my Ipod is always cranking for 8 hours, I’ve got plenty of time for new music.  For those of you interested in just more than music, podcasts, lectures, sermons, audiobooks, ect are always welcome, regardless of the content.

Feeling a major amount of August Burns Red

Ever since Milwaukee Warped Tour and seeing August Burns Red, TDWP, ADTR, and numerous bands, I’ve been in a mood for something moving and heavy, but with a bit of technicality thrown in there.

 One of the songs August Burns Red played for their set, was Meddler.  I had forgotten just how good of a song this was until they played it live. One reason for this is that my favorite album of theirs is Messengers which I primarily listen to when I decide to listen to ABR.

Since the people filming in milwaukee didnt seem to film alot of their set, or in particular, Meddler, and put it on youtube, the music video will have to suffice.

The whole song in general has been pumping me up, not just the breakdown, which is a rarity for me. I’ve probably listened to this song alone over 50 times in the last 5 days.  Sometimes, you just can’t get it out of your head and you have to keep listening to it.

Plan to post quite a few more times this week. Still working on writing down everything that happened several Tuesday’s ago during Milwaukee’s Warped Tour, and I’m looking at two newer bands that have just come out in the area. One of those includes Waking Giants.

Warped Tour 2011 in Milwakuee

Well, its been about 2 months, but I’m about to throw myself back into the music scene this summer. I’m planning on going to several local shows coming up, and of course Warped Tour in Milwaukee on July 19th.

I’m really pumped for the lineup this year which has some great live bands on there this year. The only concern I have is that bands I want to see will be playing at the same time on different stages. Because of that I strongly considered going to the Tinley Park Warped Tour yesterday, but its too much of a hassle to do 6 miles worth of walking and catch the equivalent of 4 Metra trains for a round trip.

The bands I’m pumped for this year include:

Abandon All Ships – Yea, faggots and all that, I know.
Asking Alexandria – Yea, that’s right. What can I say, they were good live when I saw them.
August Burns Red
A Day To Remember
The Devil Wears Prada
Enter Shakari – Hell yea
Hellogoodbye – Yea, I’m going to sing along with “Here In Your Arms”
Motionless In White – The lead singer looks like Marilyn Manson Jr, but please, ignore that. 
Of Mice & Men – The new album is good, and they have a very good reputation for live shows.
Paramore – I loved Paramore before they were huge. Definitely seeing them.
The Word Alive – Sick band…
Winds Of Plague – Legendary live shows. 
We Came As Romans
Woe Is Me 

Bands I’m not pumped for:

A Skylit Drive – The lead singer sounds like a girl
Miss May I – sucks live
Dance Gavin Dance
The Acacia Strain – Too many bro-core kids for my taste doing spin kicks. That and every song sounds the same.

I’d love to meet up with some people there.  My transportation is already set, but I’m keeping an eye out. Oh and remember, you can bring stuff in!!! That includes food, and any beverage with a cap. (Bottled Water)

I’ll do some reminiscing of how amazing it will be on July 20th.

Must Go To Show – Monsters and KIDS last show.

Hang your head in utter despair.  Expect to see a reduction in flat brimmed baseball caps and jersey’s. Expect to see less spin kicks in crowded rooms. Expect to see a few less fights between testosterone driven tough bro-kids at The Oasis.  Illinois, or more specifically, the Lake County area is losing two of its heaviest bands, KIDS and Monsters, who are both breaking up after their final show May 28th in Kenosha at the Unity Lodge

What will happen to the Hardcore/Beatdown scene now? Well it appears that Kingmaker and Demolisher will probably end up taking their place in the local scene, though it will be tough to replace Monsters.  I’m somewhat bummed as I actually liked both bands.  If I wanted to receive a bloody nose, a bruised hip, or a shattered ego, I knew exactly what shows I needed to go to.

Now we can look forward to some of the local following of Monsters and KIDS migrating to Demolisher. Lucky us.  Demolisher, the “heaviest band on earth” according to the prolific, brilliant, and wise Sergeant D of MetalSucks, will be conducting ultra low down-tempo beat down riffs to keep up the heaviness and the nose bleeds in the local scene.  No, I’m not being a hater,  I just get bored of extremely slow breakdowns which make up the majority of each of their songs.  Don’t get me wrong though, If I really want something really heavy, I definitely don’t mind putting these badasses on.

There is a ton of other bands playing this show including Kingmaker and Weekend FM, two new bands playing their first show, and facebook attendance of 400 people so far. Looks pretty good to me. Be there, cause I sure will be!

Sworn In: A Welcome Suprise to the Lake County scene.

 Originally I kind of passed these guys because someone, you know who you are, described them as Kingmaker 2.0.  That was a poor and inaccurate description as Sworn In sounds nothing like Kingmaker.

Anyway skip the first song, Catharsis and listen to it last. I frankly don’t know why they chose it to be their first track off the EP uploaded on to Facebook, but the other four songs easily make up for it.  In terms of listening carefully to their stuff, I’ve been to their shows both as Sworn In and Buried By The Ocean.  They didn’t shock me live, but then who does at The Oasis?

Some of the jazzy feeling ambient riffs are actually quite well done and well placed, which I can appreciate. You eventually tire of the “Hey, let’s throw some cool sounding ambient riffs in here so people will think we are melodic and talented, as well as extremely hardcore.”   Throw in some promotional spinkicks, middle fingers, and thumping of the chest woven attire with catchy slangs such as “Snappin’ necks and cashin’ checks”, crossed out Juggalo long-sleeves, and Lebron James jersies. Bad-ass right?

That said, the sheer well composed nature of some of the ambient melodic riffs could have these guys hire themselves out to Restaurants to play groovy jazz music and excel at it. I’m convinced of that.  That said, this is probably some of the best ambient riffage I’ve heard in the scene. Misery Signals and FFTD might have nothing on these guys provided Sworn In keeps up this kind of writing.  Yea, I’m still quite surprised by that.

Don’t worry or be thrown off though, the heaviness is definitely there. Plenty of two-stepping bro-core riffs abound pleasing even the most picky scenester or bad-ass hardcore kid, your choice.  Breakdowns? Yea, they got those. Some fast ABR/TGIish feeling ones, some of the Oceano/TAS slow-paced breakdowns.  There is a chaotic feel to this as well, which isn’t actually thrown off by the synth, which really fits in well and give the EP a great catchy feel to it.  I’ll point out again, I’m really shocked by this.  The original stuff I heard by Buried By The Ocean never really stood out to me, but this EP is as if they somehow improved 100-fold.

 My personal favorite is “Welcome To The NHK” which bathes the listener with over six minutes of beat-down riffs, a catchy heavy screaming chorus consisting of the very legible, “Take, take It all from me, I’ve given so much, when you will you see?”   Now I’m not looking for anything remotely resembling lyrical substance in our scene considering 95% of the songs are all about someone’s relationship, how it’s broken, and how they hate them/love them, ect. This EP isn’t really an exception, but the music makes up for it. Besides who really thinks about the lyrics when they are throwing down and sending the 12 year olds nearby flying?

My second closest favorite was ex, a song completely devoted to you guessed it; how much said ex sucked, horrible, ect. All that good stuff. Overlooking that, this song has some of the best ambient melodic riffs I’ve heard from any local band around here, or for most bands around for that matter.  Specifically I was enraptured by some of the piano/snyth work in the song and was even further surprised by a well developed solo that resisted the urge to wreck itself with plenty of shredding so that the metal kids could headbang to it and twaddle their fingers in idolized awe. Remember, I hate solos.

If you haven’t download their five song EP. They’ve provided it free via mediafire, which makes me quite happy so I don’t have to hide my illegal piracy ninja skills from Josh Woods who will troll me to the end of eternity if he catches a breath of my devious and decrepit activities.

Anyway, check this out. I’ve been recently looking for a local band to stand out from the crowded and rather disappointing metal/hardcore Lake County scene and these guys just might be it.

The World Ends With You – Suprisingly Catchy

Well, I have a new guilty pleasure; The World Ends With You.  I first heard these guys at a show with The Color Morale and Thyateira.  I actually mistook them for Thyateira and was shocked that Thyateira had changed their sound so much.

Anyway, my first impression was that this was a band completely geared toward high-school girls who would be jumping, screaming, shrieking, all of that good stuff for a band like this.  I am however proud to admit it. The next time I get a chance to see these guys, I will be up there with those high-school girls defying their shrieks, singing along, and absorbing every moment of their set.

Now why would I do this? After listening to their complete Commonality EP which they wisely put up in its entirety on Facebook, unlike some other bands “Hint, Hint; nudge, nudge.” I’m really starting to enjoy what I’ve heard. Simply put, I can’t get their stuff out of my head. What do they sound like? That’s a bit tough, but I still get vibes that remind me of Hawthorne Heights, Before Their Eyes, Vanna, and For All Those Sleeping.   Simply put, I’m really really digging it.

It has everything I want –  Catchy vocal melodies, well placed riffage,  decent breakdowns, and screaming that perfectly fits. Did I mention those essentially catchy choruses? Yea those.

The vocals are a tad bit higher then my preference, but live they were spot on. Let this be further proof that I make exceptions for clean vocals that actually sound good in this area. Congratulations to “The World Ends With You.”  I’m getting local show fever. In fact, I wasn’t planning on it, but I’m going to go to that show Saturday, April 30th at the Elk Grove Community Center. Be there.

The Music Industry Brought Pirating On Itself


Ideas have consequences.

No one cares until those consequences effect you.  Usually, people notice an effect of an idea when it effects the all mighty-dollar – which it has for the music industry.

We are seeing those consequences right now as music labels, Hollywood media giants, and software producers of all kind rant and rave about lost profits which they will never make back. They among others have been victims of the “free” and “I want it now” mentality. While free online news has sharply degraded the quality of said news, they didn’t plant the seeds of their own demise in the same way the music and most of the media industry has.

At the core, they are victims of a philosophy that has permeated every part of society; post-modernism.  Everything is relative, my opinion vs yours! Your right isn’t my right!

In the constant battle to fight against the possibility of anything absolute,  unintended consequences have been created which are having implications most people never even considered.

One of the first things you hear when someone is lashing out at illegal downloading is, “It’s stealing!

When we hear this we have to ask ourselves, “Is It?”

We are reminded time and time again through commercials on TV, the internet, radio, and even the movie theater just how bad stealing music is. We wouldn’t steal a car? So don’t steal music. Uh huh.

This makes one big assumption: Stealing is wrong. Is it? Well that I guess that depends nowadays.  If there is no actual concrete right and wrong, and if it is just my opinion vs yours, can you really tell someone that stealing is wrong? Just because the actual political participants in society decide to make something illegal, doesn’t make the act itself morally wrong. Instead it just communicates that said individuals have the power to enforce their will/law upon the rest of society. This of course doesn’t justify law in the slightest, or determine its moral quality and substance.

Yes, the government might catch you stealing, and punish you for it, but if you can get away with it, which you usually can when it comes to piracy, why bother obeying the law? After all its just society enforcing its relative opinion and perception of morality of upon the populace. In fact, some people don’t even care if they are stealing. They either don’t believe what they are doing is wrong, or they don’t care if society says its stealing; they insist that it isn’t stealing. Can society really tell them they are wrong?

Society has essentially deviated into what Nietzsche predicted last century: Might makes right.

Teenagers, and our generation, no matter how stupid we are or are deemed to be realize this.   This of course has much farther reaching consequences then just piracy. Take any “crime” for instance. If it’s just my interpretation and opinion of what is and isn’t murder, theft, rape, ect vs yours and its just a matter of who has more power and/or influence to make their interpretation law, where does that leave us?

Well who is to blame for this? Blame yourself. Blame the last few centuries of people desperate to eradicate any idea of any absolute truth on which to base our laws. Why is absolute truth so important in this discussion?

Well, if you simply believe that law and morality are man-made constructions, and that there is no absolute concerning them, then you have no reason to follow any law. Instead you are given even more reason to do whatever you want, when you want. The only thing you have to worry about is being caught.  Remember we tried appeal to “Reason” above all else. What we found out is that we can only reason so far. We found out too many things cant be put in a test-tube or tested according to the scientific method. Welcome to reality. It sucks.

If you do however ascribe to the idea of an absolute truth regarding all aspects of life, including morality, well then you can’t just dismiss law(s). You are forced to assume that law comes from a higher power then just ourselves. This however has a lot of implications which some people aren’t willing to accept. You have to wonder to yourself, “What about the existence of the concept of absolute truth scares people so much?” Sure, we can argue over what may be the truth, and what isn’t as some in society still do, but remember; The truth is out there. It can be found.

We as society can’t have it both-ways. Choices will have to be made.

When bands, or more specifically labels and the music industry – complain about “piracy”, they may want to address the problem at the roots.  They’ve done so much to promote this post-modern philosophy in popular culture, and now  they are suffering for it.  Ideas have consequences. We’ve constantly been told through songs about how we should determine our own our own truth and morality, and that’s exactly what we are doing.  This of course has consequences of all kinds, intended and unintended.

If bands and/or the industry want to persuade their audiences about just how bad online piracy and stealing are, they might want to promote a different kind of ideology. Remember, if there is no right and no wrong of any sort that isn’t determined by human constructs and methods then can you really tell anyone they shouldn’t steal anything? No, you would be merely just be forcing your humany constructed morality upon the general populace, except with ability to back said morality up with physical force, fines, jail time, ect, nothing more. This is what post-modernism has done to us, and what it will continue to do.  Bands, labels, politicians, ect should never again tell us not to illegally download music, unless they want to tell us that there is an objective truth that exists which holds that stealing is wrong.  Until that point, steal, kill, ect, and as long as you can get away with it, all the power to you!

Elysion Fields: Video – Of Titans

 I don’t think I’ve done enough to really promote these guys, considering just how good they are. Plenty of talent, hardworking, and makers of some actually original music metal-core maestros Elysion Fields have released a music video for their newest single, Of Titans. 

Who is Elysion Fields? If you don’t know that, I would ask where you have been? Anyway, EF is a “metal-core” band depending on whatever you think of when that comes to your ear. To be more appropriate, EF is a metal band that will get you nodding your head in approval.

For those of you looking for more then just BREAKDOWN, in our local scene this is a must listen-to-band. Overlooking the fact that Josh Woods is a sometimes deliberate troll and dick, he knows not only how to promote his band, but how to get them on some sick shows. The most recent evidence of that is a trip to Full Metal Texas SXSW where they tore it up. 

Credit should be always be given where credit is due, especially with these guys. Good song structure is probably these guys biggest strengths, and they do have some breakdowns that I can always throwdown to satisfy those urges. Can they still write amazing technical riffage? Damn right. Since I’m not a musician of any sorts, you’ll have to check out for yourself just how intricate some of their stuff is. 

Because I’m so awesome and nice, I’ve posted the video below! You’ll notice how much better the track quality of this song is compared to their latest self-titled EP

If you’re interested in some more of EF’s music, you can sign up for a free four track EP, as well as their newest single “Of Titans”  here. (On a sidenote, I have no idea how EF sounds like ADTR. Maybe the website is associating every band with screaming together?)

So just remember… If you are interested in just more then the typical metal scene around here, EF is a band that won’t disappoint you.  Keep an eye out for shows with these guys, because you can count on a great live show. (Those can be quite hard to find.)

Born Of Osiris release their best album yet.

The Discovery may be some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard regarding any type of metal anywhere. Technicality, which I usually hate, perfectly and masterfully fused and interwoven into brutality, brilliant synth, flash grooves and fast-paced chugs, masterful riffage, and catchy quick  bass notes that you can actually hear. Prepare to hear some great vocal alternation, because this album has it all. In short prepare for an amazing listening experience.

Born Of Osiris makes me actually somewhat proud to be from this despicable, oppressive union thug controlled state. So in case you don’t know, stay away from Illinois. If you come, your minimum wage salary will be taken to pay for the 100k a year wages of your neighborhood government employee. Did I mention gas prices? No wonder the scene sucks sometimes. Besides Dirty Nellies, Palatine, as well as the whole Chicago area really does suck. Anyway, rant off.

Now before I go on, let me just say this; I am writing from the perspective of a fan. I don’t really play any instruments, so I can’t begin to describe or necessarily understand the techniques employed in their music. I only know what I hear, and if it sounds good. To be blunt: You are going to hear some sick riffing, the best progressive djent out there, and hear a lot of different “things” on The Discovery. 

I’m not sure what constitutes groundbreaking nowadays, but I believe I can truly say this album of theirs is groundbreaking. It’s like nothing I’ve heard before. So the good news is that they will probably play some other songs besides the ones off The New Reign live now. (I loved the New Reign by the way.)

You are going to be confounded by incredible sounding songs like “Follow The Signs” which includes some synth and  guitar effects, I don’t even know how to describe. “Recreate” will capture you with a crushing breakdown which will suddenly and unexpectedly lead into a kind of solo, I’ve never really heard before. I don’t even know if it is a solo!  “Two Worlds Of Design” will shock you with it’s incredible fused synth ending. Craving plenty of breakdowns? Need to throw down in your basement or in your car and scare the seniors in the car next to you?  This album has more breakdowns then the both The New Reign and A Higher Place combined. Don’t worry though. Every breakdown in this album is completely effective, necessary, and intricate to the song.

There are a mix of three instrumental and clean vocals softish sounding synth tracks,  which some people have suggested were filler to make the album longer, but I would argue that they actually fit in well. I’m particularly fond of  The Omniscient which has a woman’s harmonizing tone in its background and a composition that reminds me of something you would hear on a Zelda soundtrack.  In fact it is now reminding me of Loreena Mckennitt at this moment.

The album ends well on the track, “Behold”, which actually might blow your mind. It blew mine. Some people have said the album didn’t end well, but listen to it a few times, and you may understand why I’m saying that it does. The breakdowns made me thrown down in the shower, and the ending reminded me a tad bit of Abstract Art so much so that I sat down dumbfounded as soon as I got out. 

Are there some things about the album that may have irked me a bit? Actually yes, but this has to do with the mixing of the album. I just wish that the treble might have been a bit louder, as well as the guitars just a tad bit.  If I were to rate this album, I still would give it a 5/5. It’s that good.  Get it, however you can. In case you are desperate, I’ve provided a link with good VBR quality: Born Of Osiris: The Discovery