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Finally Finding The Dark Jazz I’ve Been Searching For 0

Finally Finding The Dark Jazz I’ve Been Searching For

For a long time, I’ve been clicking Youtube after Youtube video and song after song to find the perfect atmosphere for sipping whiskey, smoking a cigar, and enjoying the crackle and warmth of a fireplace.  I could never quite find it though. The closest I came was when I heard “Goodnight Julia” from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack which has that neo-noir feel that you would see in a hard-boiled detective film where Humphrey Bogart takes a long drag of his cigarette while sitting in a booth in a dimly bar watching out the window for someone on a rainy night....

The Black Dahlia Murder at the Warped Tour 2013. Moshpit 0

Salon “Journalist” Amy Mccarthy Insists Metal and Hardcore Shows Are Unsafe For Women

Apparently country, metal, and hardcore shows can all be lumped into one large group of live shows that perpetuates a “War On Women.  We now all know that the people who go to see Stick To Your Guns also go to see Carrie Underwood.    Who would have thought?!?! I strongly doubt our friend Amy Mccarthy has actually been to a hardcore or metal show, but it didn’t stop her from slandering the scene and equating the “dangers” there to something resembling the Congo.   She mentioned posers in her article, and if there is one in the room, its...

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