My Transgender Roam on “We Hunted The Mammoth.”

A Mammoth Task

In the dark well cultured corners of feminist influenced academia is a deep murky cavern inhabited by a swell male feminist lad named David Futrelle who runs the “Misogynist” tracking site aptly labeled, “We Hunted The Mammoth”.   On a side note, he lives in Chicago so only about 45 minutes from me.  Hopefully, he isn’t a violent fellow who is easily triggered.

Now he is actually a rather fascinating and  cheeky fellow in which Return Of Kings sums him up,

 “And, at risk of driving more traffic to the site, I must mention David Futrelle’s site “manboobz.” Futrelle is the typical male feminist; an overweight, thinking-impaired omega male.”

Futrelle’s specialty is actual misandry on a daily basis, something that he takes quite a bit of pride in.   Rest assured though, his self-loathing of his gender makes him a decent sum of money during his funrasing drives where we witness some of the worst misogyny ever seen – women being tricked into giving their money to men.

Now I’m not sure if its a ploy to make himself more likely to get laid by his fellow feminists, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I did some roaming on the site and some light trolling.  for his gem on Davis M.J. Aurini.  I’ll give Futrelle one thing though, Aurini does look a hell of alot like Anton La Vey in that picture lending the case to Aurini needing a full beard.

My badge of honor.

My roam exposed a fact that we often forget ; when it comes to many feminists,  you can’t criticize anything about any women anywhere for any reason. It doesn’t matter if she killed her kidsbecame a serial killer, or threatened to blow up a Federal Building – I’m a bit more sympathetic with that last one – you are an automatic brutal womyn hating misogynist whose chances of committing rape immediately exceed 9000.

Do you approve of mothers who abuse their kids?


You’re a vicious misogynist!

Hell, I’ve one male feminist left dumbfounded about how any women want to be around me.  Apparently, quite a few, considering the two self-professed feminists that slept with me knowing about my anti-feminist views.  (Good looks, game, and a sexy demeanor can work wonders.)

Recently I stumbled upon an angry gulf in the LGBTQ community between TERFS and Radfems vs the Trans community.   Apparently trans women – who were men – are actually part of a patriarchal ploy and should not be accepted as lesbian “gatherings” who refuse to acknowledge that the penis should be considered part of the female appendage if they identify as… women.  I agree with the TERFS here.  If you are interested in a dive down that way, visit “Mancheeze” at your own peril for a taste of a rather delightful lesbian TERF named, “HouseMouse” or something like that who actually really hates men as well as Paul Elam and MRA types.   (She doesn’t deny this.)

Now considering social justice identity politics, it really shouldn’t surprise us that the radical corners of feminism literally despise trans people – even though their biological argument is a sound considering what science tells us about actual biology.  (Sex vs Gender.)

Honestly, one thing that stood out to me is that modern feminism is all about social interactions, norms, and customs specifically concerning binary gender.  I’m not shocked and neither should anyone else be.

Fighting Fire With Fire

When engaging with social justice advocates who refuse to engage honestly, it’s best to employ their own ideology against them.  Chief among this is the the idea of non-binary and “fluid” gender concepts.    Basically, this means that you can identify as whatever the hell you want at any moment in time. Use this to your advantage.

So anytime some short-haired virulent feminist on tumblr,  Salon, or Jezebel informs you of your male privilege bullshit, make sure you immediately identify as trans.  Yes, you can identify as trans at any time for any reason – specifically in conversations about gender and supposed oppression of women by the patriarchy.  In the world of identity politics where having a lack of privileged is something to be gloriously attained and retained in an iron grip, you will have a headstart in the vicious fight to see who has more privilege and is therefore a terrible who is automatically wrong and not needed in the world.

When it comes to identifying as “transgender” or some other weird gender fluid nonsense, are they going to tell you that you can’t do that?  That’s transphobia of course, and by Futrelle’s logic, its a bannable offense to add to the hundreds of other “offensive” subject matter on the list.

What if they question if you are actually trans?

1. How would they know? 2. Questioning if someone is trans is obviously transphobia.  3. Obviously, they can’t actually tell someone what gender they can and can’t identify as by the universal SJW code.

Most feminists and LGBTQYSJGJAA+++++++  will tell you that you can be whatever gender you feel at any time. Well, use that to your advantage in every encounter.  If they tell you you aren’t trans, drop the “transphobic” card.   There are no winners in the oppression olympics these days, but you can piss them off pretty easily with this simple idea.  Just remember to tell them to check their cis privilege.

Note, this can also be explored when it comes to government benefits.  I urge you to check out Benefits.Gov and when it asks for race and gender just pick “other” for race and “woman” for gender.  (Transracial coming soon)   You’ll be getting some of your tax dollars back, and draining the beast the only way it understands – monetarily. 

The highlights of their very angry commentary can be seen below. It doesn’t take much besides disagreeing with these people to set them off. Classic. They did make many vitriolic efforts to respond to my comments, so I’ll give them that.

My personal highlight is where they completely missed the reference about Anita Sarkeesian and I being the ultimate victims because we can claim the “genocide” and “slavery” card being Armenians. Apparently these Radfems don’t know their history well either – nor are these reputable SJWs aware of their “lack-of-genocide” privilege.

Highly appalling, but not surprising.