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Below are posts that entail my thoughts, analysis, reviews, and life-lessons.

On #GamerGate

Why supposed “Harrasment” Doesn’t Negate #Gamergates overall Purpose, Necessity, and Call: “Harassment” Doesn’t Affect Nor Negate the Validity of #GamerGate’s Call For Ethics in Gaming Journalism”

On Masculinity, the Manosphere, and TRP

Being honest with ourselves as men:  “Admitting problems in the mansophere”

Taking time to rest from the internet savagery, constant battle, and culture war, “The Necessity Of Compassion – Vacationing From The Internet Battlefield”

Sometimes, you need a rest.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, “Take A Break, Relax, Recover, and Come Back To The Fight”

On Family Life

One step at a time when you are going about trying to build your legacy and enjoy your wife’s company, “The Steps Of Life – The Early Patriarch”
On Marriage

When you are trying to figure out how to cope with you’re wife’s emotions during fights, “Two Ways To Deal With The Raging Emotions Of Your Pregnant Wife”

On Parenting

Raising a child, especially when they are infancy can be demanding and stressful. Realize your limits, “Jaxon ‘Jax’ Burnette and The Parents That Snapped.”


On Culture and Worldview:

Today’s troubled journalism, “A Devastating History Of Unscrupulous And Scandalous Journalism”

The common SJW tactic of “Guilt By Association and why it needs to be called out, “Rejecting Guilt By Assocation”

The Abuse and Consequences of Trigger Warnings: “Warning! Trigger Warning! About That Trigger…”

The creeping influence of social justive into the metal music scene, “Salon “Journalist” Amy Mccarthy Insists Metal and Hardcore Shows Are Unsafe For Women”

My Occupy Wallstreet Experience and Analysis in Chicago: “Occupy Wallstreet Chicago: My experience and analysis.”