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Lucas Temple armenia4ever

Yes, that’s me.

A Bit About Me

I’m a husband and a father looking to forge a path for myself and my family in this world.  I enjoy interesting conversations, strong coffee, history, and talking to other men around me.  The plight of other men who have been forgotten in this world is something that’s always in mind.   I will always stand by my friends and my family, regardless of the mob that demands their livelihood.

I do enjoy conversing with people in person – even my ideological opponents “cough radical feminists” – because life is not meant to be lived in an echo chamber.

What is Banter Loud & Proud?

It’s a place for story time lads, lasses and cis gender folks.  I detail both a personal and public journey in which I travail each day.  Now, I’m no one special. Currently I work in a call center, converse with a lot of different people each day, and come home to my family.   I share my experiences with you as I look to  help fellow men around me find purpose.

When I discovered the manosphere, I had little in the way of any success with women.  Utilizing the tools it provided me with and the wisdom of the men I’ve met through it, I found a great wife, I have a son – and another one on the way.   Hopefully, I can share what helped me with the rest of you.

I’m not a dating coach and I don’t sell anything on here.  I just tell it how it is.  The world is broken and in great distress.  Much of what I see angers and disturbs me – often the plight of the men around me.  No one cares about them.   Instead of putting my head in the sand, I put what skills I have to work in pursuit of building a legacy and sharing the work of others that are doing everything they can to help us rebuild.


“Cheers to all my sexless, misogynistic, racist, basement dwelling loser friends. May the effervescent orange glow of Cheetos dust highlight our neck beards forever.”

Disclosure and a word to “trolls”

I dont remove or censor comments with the exception of  obvious spam. That said ,don’t expect any trigger warnings.  Lets  at least feign respect and save those for people with actual PTSD.  If you do have a non-military related case of PTSD that you feel is legitimate, please share it.   Getting your story out there may help you address it.

(This is the internet. I’m immune to trolling, angry statists, and death threats.   I will simply respond to ideas by SJWs like “male privilege” by identifying as transgender for the conversation, accusing you of transphobia, and employ the usual SJW tactic of identity politics. In fact, regarding that I’m half middle eastern and I’ll pull out the genocide and slavery card. Simply put – you can’t top me in the Oppression Olympics so don’t try and lecture me about privilege.)


Music That I Enjoy:

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