Blog: My Oldest Turned 3.

The time flies. Julius is now 3 years old. Happy Birthday son.

In this corner photo my wife gave him a manbun for some reason. It didn’t look good.

Watching a toddler grow up is both incredible and fascinating. I’m still blown away by watching him develop and learn how to talk. He hasn’t quite learned the art of bargaining and “manipulation” – basically trying to smooth talk to get what he wants- and still says, “Give me that”. Currently, he has an advantage over his 2 year old brother in that he can somewhat communicate to us – for now. What I’ve realized is just how precious your kids are. It’s easy to take them for granted in the daily grind of life and you forget to treasure these moments.

Julius was born with lung problems and I still forget sometimes how scary it was. We weren’t sure what was going to happen. My wife couldn’t even hold or feed him for 3 weeks. It wreaked havoc on her.

It’s easy for me to loathe the state of Illinois for all of the problems it causes us, but Medicaid covered us for a time like this when Julius needed it the most and would end up in the NICU for 3 weeks. Also, it makes me grateful we are alive now, rather then even 100 years ago when the medical care he needed wouldn’t have existed. Sometimes I look at this picture to remind myself.

I’m gonna upload plenty of pictures to this post from the upcoming weeks as time goes on . Chuckecheese this last Saturday brought some huge smiles to his face. The smiles on your kid’s faces are what makes everything worth it – especially in a modern world where kids are seen as a timely inconvenience. When you see them experience something for the first time, it’s almost as if you are experiencing anew it for the first time. That’s something that only kids can bring you.

Speaking of Chuckecheese, I got a kick out of how both my sons wouldn’t actually stay on any of the “rides” or arcade games the full time. They would jump on for like 10-20 seconds and get off. Some of the games they even re-purposed. Nehemiah – Julius’ younger brother kept grabbing the basketballs out of the machine and running off with them. He also kept trying to get into rides other kids were on. It was a blast.

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