#Gillette Shows Us The Timeless Activity of Wrestling Is Apparently Toxic Masculinity

Lost in the twitter chaos and YouTube backlash to that Gillette commercial – now the 5th most down voted video in YouTube history is something that really leaps out and grabs you by our apparent toxic natures:

Take a second look. No, it’s not that this commercial doesn’t actually bother discussing anything about shaving.

Catch that? The rolling around in the dirt, trying to get the best position and hold? It’s quite an ancient and historied activity throughout many cultures across the world since the beginning of time. Wrestling. In all of it’s forms. Olympians of old and new, rituals, state competitions, any old tussle in the backyard; it’s apparently a demonstration of the ever widening examples of toxic masculinity.

Let that sink in.

Gillette isn’t dumb, they are guaranteed viral exposure from this stunning and brave “advertising” and marketing tactic. What will be tested is whether all publicity for them is good publicity and how angry their key user base is considering Gillette’s age as a company in the razor market.

Concerning this toxic masculinity is it really coming from the cat-calling ruffians, hordes of wife beating drunks, Bernie Bros, reddit, trash-talking teenagers binging on Fortnite, and those dangerous fitness and “PUA” forums in the dark underbelly of the internet?

Some fault for this must surely lie with the sexist scoundrels raising these future campus rapists.

FYI: 43% boys raised by single women. 78% of teachers female. So half of the boys have 100% female influence at home, and 80% influence at school. Toxic masculinity is not the problem. Lack of masculinity is.”

From the words of Tyler Durden in that horrid misogynist tale of Fight Club, “We are a generation of men raised by women.” This statement has only become more accurate in the last two decades.

It’s not necessarily the fault of women considering the various other factors involved; jobs lost to globalization, opioid epidemics, destruction of the family and marital stability, decreasing wages and respect for blue collar jobs, education system that doesn’t take into account how boys learn, et cetera.

An odd idea that seems to permeate in the background of these sorts of themes on “toxic masculinity” is that there is some kind of systematic unseen and implicit “brotherhood” in which boys and men are members and it perpetuates what is essentially bad behavior across the board.

It’s of course nonsense, just as the notion of a sisterhood is when one begins a family. For any man your wife, daughter, and sister come before any random “brother” and for any woman your husband, son, and brother certainly come before any “sister” roaming out on the street. My wife is going to stomp on anyone who hurts our sons, regardless of their gender.

That’s why the stability of family is so important and why marriage has always been a key cornerstone for societies across time through every culture and people group. It’s decline and deterioration seem beneficial to those who want one’s loyalty to be to a corporation, cause, or government instead of traditional familial roots. (There’s a reason why women vote differently when they have families.)

Bizarrely, feminist still get upset that women clash with other women, choose men or their families over other the concerns /needs of other women, or simply step on them in the workplace to get that promotion. They will have their own rude wake-up call. It always happens.

I just wonder when the lady at Gillette behind this advert will have one – likely at the hands of another women. (Toxic femininity?)

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