Lost Cogs In A Global Machine: Thinking About Identity In The Dissident Right

Part 1

The Rotting Stink Clawing Away At Us

Author’s Note: This article will be updated, edited consistently, and possibly republished as I focus my thoughts and ideas as time goes on.  I’m not an intellectual nor an amazing writer. I’m just some guy trying to flush out what plagues our modern existence. Thoughtful genuine critique is welcome.   This long post is divided into two parts with the second focusing on ideas to forge a new mythos and identity.

Something is wrong with modern society. We can feel it in our bones. It chills us like a sinister X- Files conspiracy in which our souls and spirit have been stolen away. We can smell the rot abounding and growing in their absence and we know its more than just the curse of a bizarre post-modernism that’s permeated our modern lives.

The post-Cold War framework we evaluated, measured, and determined our identities no longer holds weight. Useless is the “left vs right” and “liberal vs conservative” paradigms that culture, politics, and even daily life were seen through.  It’s been rendered obsolete by our new digital age and a “new” set of problems festering for decades behind the scenes that have finally surfaced.

Almost everyone regardless of their political affiliations can see that the world around is falling apart.  We are reaping the seeds we’ve sown in the past all the way from the French Enlightenment to the Post-Christian West as our substituted gods have started to crumble. 

A once global utopian cherished Western perception of multiculturalism has been imploded by balkanization and self-segregation ranging on a scale from your neighborhood to entire nations.  Our spiritual, cultural, and economic inheritance seems to have evaporated.   

Communities are disintegrating under pharmaceutical induced opioid epidemics.   That implicit cultural script that guided everyday interactions has been shredded and even acknowledging this becomes a new form of heresy  Even worse our un-elected nobility and ruling class elites and plutocrats don’t care.  

We search for where to turn, but without answers. Even the science and rationality meant to provide a substitute for moral foundations we’ve chosen to abandon have been corrupted by flawed biased men  a.k.a “the replication crisis” for their nefarious goals.

What we are facing is the insurgency of our day which has been called a “Plutocratic Insurgency” in which our ruling elites govern while being completely cut off from the working class, poor, and the rest of society’s deviants, criminals, and heretics.

Our politicians and elites are indeed in a ruling class of their own shaping laws and society in their image for their benefit with no God to hold them accountable except the mob like masses who’ve they managed to curtail, placate, and manipulate with modernity’s version of Rome’s bread and circuses – mass entertainment and endless distractions.  

They plan to build their own God in silicon gadget form sustained, worshiped, and supported by the mindless and soulless entertained smart phone, privacy deprived interchangeable zombies who have been birthed into a lonely digital world outside of the normal familial boundaries.  We are to become cogs in their newly created earth where we always rent, but never own anything.

Our elite rulers and ruling classes engage in sly backroom deals that help them and their associates, while reaffirming and enforcing the status quo as they thumb their noses at us. They drink the finest scotch while we cogs and proles slurp on Busch Lite.     

No matter what happens, they always seem to be safely out of reach of consequences – economic, political, or social.  They get bailed out and we don’t. Behind the scenes, they always seem to be out of reach of accountability while managing to set laws and rules for us for which they won’t abide by in an illusory democracy.  

Their image always remains one of refinement while ours remains that of peasants who cling to our backwards views while being in constant need of guidance from our elite better.  Instead of viewing us cogs as fellow citizens, they view us as Kulaks that need to be “re-educated” and cleansed of “racism” and other ists and phobias – under their diverse, woke, and privilege checking vice grip of course. 

Angelo M Codevilla makes this point astutely regarding the growing divide between the attitude of our ruling class plutocrats and the rest of us which goes far beyond the normal left/right divide:

“Its [the ruling class] attitude is key to understanding our bipartisan ruling class. Its first tenet is that “we” are the best and brightest while the rest of Americans are retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly constrained. How did this replace the Founding generation’s paradigm that “all men are created equal”?”

We know they look down on us, because we aren’t equal.  They live completely different lives, live in separate walled-off and guarded neighborhoods, shop at special stores, stroll on private walks, go to expensive and well-off cafes and restaurants, and in summary live different lives from the rest of us rabble who they never have to look in the eye.  

While we fight tooth and nail for scraps,  the ruling class plutocrats and their well paid servants and connected media groupies dine on fine wine in DC suburbs and coastal penthouses isolated and safe from the upheaval that’s starting to show.  They get to reign safely and comfortably from their castles after having pissed off the neighboring barbarians who are now ransacking our villages. 

Sure, some identity groups that shriek loud enough are thrown the scraps from the ruling class, but there are only so many from the table to go around and they always seem to benefit the rulers in the long run.   Even the scraps don’t seem to go far in our brave new world dominated by emancipatory politics. (More on this later.)

The stimulus bills of the last decade weren’t shared with the common man, but rather they were given to banks and financial institutions to big to fail.   “Tax cuts” , supposed trickle down economics, and the apparent benefits of globalism didn’t stop people from losing their homes. No scraps for the rest of us in our favelas.

College degrees and higher education were fervently propagated like dogmatic cult with the sermon that every  American needed to take on massive college loan debt in worthless fields to snag white collar jobs. Work with your head and not your hands, as we all belong in a cubicle working long hours – differences among us be damned. Instead we were banished to Target and Starbucks and told we needed more useless degrees.

Obamacare was supposed to fix our health insurance problems. It helped some, but screwed many people over in the process and didn’t eliminate in-state monopolies and in the end poured money into the coffers of health insurance companies who once again get the best handful from the cookie jar while we are left with crumbs. 

Even our media – the Fourth Estate – which was supposed to hold our leaders, government, ruling classes, and elites across all sectors of influence accountable turns out to be just another tool in their arsenal. Turns out our media – which is essential to our Democracy not dying in darkness – is dedicated to shaping public opinion instead of expressing it.  

BRZEZINSKI: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”

Trumps election and Bernie Sanders run was a challenge to the ruling class and participating establishment media, but the movement that propelled them is much bigger than either man.  It is a backlash to the elites in every aspect of society from media to Wallstreet to academia which treat us with contempt because we aren’t sheltered and we see the negative effects first hand of things like unlimited immigration – either legal or illegal.

Waking Up To Reality

People know something is deeply wrong and can sense that a new era of polarization is starting to upend the normal routine of life, both publicly and privately.  Depression, anxiety, and the apparent upsurge of mental health breakdowns permeate every industry as people feel unfulfilled and disposable. 

We’ve started to realize that we are now disposable and that we have been sacrificed on the altar of globalization for the profit of the ruling class and elites and those aspiring to become part of them.   Globalization was supposed to elevate us to a new level of prosperity, but has instead dragged us down.  Victor Davis Hanson makes this point in his piece “The Dream And The Nightmare Of Globalization“:

“Unfortunately, globalization otherwise did not deliver as promised. Half of the United States and Europe did not enjoy the advantages of the universal project. They found the disappearance of a good job not worth the upside of using Facebook or downloading videos.

It was hard to see how someone in rural Pennsylvania or in West Virginia benefitted by knowing the most of the world’s Internet technologies were now American. It was nice having Amazon deliver goods to the front door, but one still had to have the money to pay for them… “

Our ruling class and elites have shifted our governments and economic systems toward a kind of cold capitalist globalism that prizes profits, influence, and power above all else.   In the process they’ve shredded and undermined people, cultures, customs and traditions not just here, but across the globe and their governing hand of Big Tech have slowly ensured that all the information we run across has the right point of view.

Their methods and influence greatly increased their wealth and quality of life – and have helped boost some of those in the 3rd world, but the rest of us have essentially been discarded or will be once economic and political power is concentrated completely into the hands of our elites

Globalization has ended up reducing people to easily replaceable parts in a global machine-  particularly in the West.  Tasks are made as simple as possible so any new grunt can be swapped in just like an Amazon warehouse worker or Uber driver.

The worst part in realizing you are just an interchangeable part is that no one besides family and close friends – who likely now live far away – really cares about you, just what you can do for the bottom line as a drone.  You slowly lose any sense of identity. Basically, you are seeing Fight Club in your actual life.

Hopelessness for the future becomes a permanent mindset and way of life. This ends up being highly unstable for one’s mental, spiritual, physical, and psychological health – resulting in mass numbers of the population afflicted by depression and anxiety teetering on the edge of opioid addiction to escape it.

It’s not just those from the flyover states.  Various parts of the population end up stripped of their identities as they try to cope and shoved toward shopping malls, Amazon orders, victimhood, identity politics, and smartphone addiction to find meaning.   Simply put, we have become cogs in a cold impersonal machine.  This wasn’t supposed to happen. Or was it?

Our cultural, ethnic, and long held traditional identities have been attacked and shattered, both by the ruling elites and by the other “minority” groups who have been turned into useful cannon fodder making assimilation less and less possible.   Instead each group is fighting for it’s own, “intersectionality” be damned as there’s only so much to go around.

People are left wandering in the wilderness clinging to lingo like diversity, equality, and multiculturalism and wondering why it’s not working Everyone was supposed to be signing kumbaya and paving over their differences while living in perfect harmony.  It of course was never meant to. Their welfare was deliberate sacrificed in the pursuit of the global “good”.

Of course this is easy for them in their walled-off neighborhoods who aren’t walking on sidewalks through hypodermic needles, buying cigarettes from bullet proof glass enclosed bodegas, and aren’t quickly shuffling to safety in neighborhoods rife with daily shootings. They have complete control of where and how they live, but you don’t and every effort seems to made to prevent you from doing so.

For noting that and for daring to notice that the effect of a foreign group of people in large numbers – now and all throughout history – on that of their host and how they don’t “assimilate” but rather irreversibly for better or worse change a culture, people, and region now makes you a Xenophobe.  Even the tolerant socialist welfare state Danes are slandered with this label for desiring that new immigrants assimilate to Danish culture by Western elites and progressives. 

Noticing that not every group has the ability to react the same way or has the capability for various tech, education, governance, and even linguistics gets you branded as a racist, regardless of observable history.  Point out that this odd embrace and microphone of “alternative” lifestyles by corporations seems to be quite the capitalistic money grab and you’re a bigot.

Barely even 20 years ago, both political parties in the US opposed this, supported border walls and enforcement, and saw waves of unrestricted legal and illegal immigration as a grave threat to working class blue collar Americans.  The labor unions themselves were the most fervent opponents with labor leader giants like Cesar Chavez literally going down to the border with union workers to stop illegals from entering at any cost.

Now speaking truthfully and daring to point out the destruction upon the working class is a form of heresy which can get you fired from your job. Essentially, you’ve been abandoned for a plethora of newly arrived voters who will work for dirt cheap wages.  Not only do the elites not care, they are behind it. 

So what do we do?

Divide, Conquer, and Control via Distraction By Our Elite Ruling Class

I’ll make a bold claim:  Diversity, multiculturalism, equality, and all those buzzwords are all attempts to promote certain cultures and people groups while excluding others with the malicious attempt to eventually subvert and replace them. So goes all of history with varying manifestations. People who notice this are disdainfully called xenophobes, rather than Xenophiles.

A subversion on the level of a “Fringe” TV show like conspiracy slowly boils all of us frogs in it’s diverse pot.  It’s ultimate goal is one  is to ultimately reduce all strong and proud cultures and groups to a hive mind that think alike and most importantly consume alike.  Your identity will be reduced to a shallow one that’s based on what you consume, order from Amazon, and the video games you buy.

Capitalism was supposed to be the virtuous prescription for all of our problems.  While it’s the best of what we have available, many have been left behind and the alternatives they have don’t fill them with a sense of hope for the future.

In a twist of fate for most of us with libertarian and conservative leanings, we are plagued by a cold harsh unflinching capitalism run amok controlled by globalists obsessed with power and profit.  That’s a sentence I never thought I would contemplate.  It became our endgoal, but the endstate was one of manipulation of our inner hedonism we never considered by a narcissist population that has almost nothing in common with the that of the people who the Constitution was written for.

We will be promised “liberty” and freedom” which will involve concepts like open borders, legalized drugs, changing our gender at will, and ramming a dildo into anyone we wish.  Lacking is anything substantial that can actually develop an identity that is rooted intrinsically at the family and community level building social cohesion that can survive and thrive.

Open borders and unlimited immigration – like DACA – are pursued relentlessly by the ruling class and elites – some who are supposedly on our side – who control the corporations, bureaucracies, and governments to ensure permanent access to cheap and low-skilled workforce who can always be interchanged like batteries.

Just noticing that unlimited immigration, loose work visa policies,  and essentially open borders doesn’t benefit the “good” of your society and locality earns you yet another scarlet label from the elites. Even “progressive” companies like Disney have no problem forcing their IT workers to train their overseas replacements and labeling objectors as “racists”.  (Ironically they don’t care about the subsequent brain drain inflicted on the countries these replacements come from and the loss of potential doctors, engineers, etc..)

These affluent members of the top 20% and of the ruling class now cheap nannies, landscapers, and essentially servants and can pat themselves on the back for apparently lifting these recent immigrants out of poverty at just around minimum wage or less and not feel too bad about it.  What about the jobs it essentially eliminated for working class America?

Of course those who are now permanently banished to hovering just above the poverty line need to suck it up, either in the name of progress or globalized vulture capitalism.  If they oppose massive waves of immigrants – both legal and illegal – who WILL  lower their wages, they must be silent and accept it because, “Think of the children!”     In the name of the Almighty dollar, we serfs can live in a dystopian Darwinist environment where global capitalism is the ultimate moral creed.

In exchange for talking about diversity and transgender bathrooms they get a pass and don’t need to raise wages, treat their entry level workers like human beings, and classing drivers as “contractors”, they get away with transgressions that would normally sound the alarm of many a conscious minded progressive protester. 

The more “diverse” your workforce, the easier the access to interchangeable labor pool who can be distracted from getting better wages by being pitted against each other over the slightest of differences or disagreements.  Current popular notions of diversity deliberately prevent and ostracize diverse viewpoints and worldviews – unless they align with those of our ruling class.

Well they obviously can’t have anyone opting out.   Supposed “inclusion” is achieved by deliberate exclusion of dissenters to assure successful exploitation. Ensure a “diversity” where everyone think the same and allow no dissent.  Simply drop one person and exchange for another – regardless of any differentials. Ensure that everyone is “interchangeable”, just as cogs are meant to be.

Even Marx for his many failings understood this, just not the scourge of cultural Marxism he would lay bitter foundations for. Social cohesion that enables any particular group to be resilient and defiant about being shortchanged by elite globalists must be silenced, demonized, and tarred with society’s newest scarlet label.

Opponents to this deliberate disruption to social cohesion are dubbed racist and xenophobes so that the immigrants and “refugees” who can’t support themselves become dependent on a bureaucracy whose feeding hand they will never be able to bite, stuck in a way of life and lifestyle.  That’s by design.

Their families, identity, and culture will of course be targeted for subjugation and ultimate diffusion into the global consumer hive-mind.  National identities and even the grand welfare states of Europe who resist will be chided with “ist” and “ism” labels as their societies devolve into balkanized factions who fight against each other using the newest smartphones, tech, and clothing apparel.

Education  has already influenced  and twisted by the Prussian Model and that of John Dewey and Horace Mann, but that was nothing.  Even now you can see how certain people in academia discourage active discussion and debate in the classrooms for formats like the “Progressive Stack” to make it more “inclusive, while shedding the remnants of the past.

The goal of these “public servants”  is a simple one of molding:  Prevent “transgressions” of thought, discussion, and ideas to eliminate as much push-back and critical thought as possible.  The ultimate goal appears to be that of eliminating critical thought and logic in exchange for a mindset to shape children into drones for the workforce that will never question authority – or perhaps their authority.

Efforts have already been made in places like California to negate the meddling of parents to interfere with it to make sure children have the “right” influences.  If you want the shape to last, you have to begin your influence of the cogs at a young age and make sure that their future identities are ones that can never clash with the control of the elites.

In the mean time the rest of us current cogs will exist in our just safe enough, yet crumbling ghettos while one set of laws is applied to us and another for the ruling class in their ivory towers, walled off neighborhoods, and mogul lairs.

It’s already happening in California, New York, and Chicago where the rich in their squalid safety view us disdainfully from afar, their influence and power reaping rewards for them, but division and struggle for us.  In their plutocracy, they have become the new aristocrats having such little in common with us peasants because they no longer live among us.

This occurs through distracting talk about “white supremacy” and “racism” while the elite and ruling classes develop a new supremacy for themselves and their friends while the rest of us squabble with each other for scraps at their table.  If our woke overlord oligarchs really cared about social justice and “minorities”, they’d live in the crime ridden streets of Baltimore, but they don’t as some progressives are finally being shocked by the putrid smell of their hypocrisy.

The poor SJWs who end up eating their own have had their useful fanaticism turned toward targets who have no access to the levers of power.   Look back through history, and you will notice this pattern; poor saps are eventually turned on and given as plunder to the new saps on the block.

Sins Of The Past

If you want to reshape or just simply eliminate the identity and history of a people, you must do what all conquers and empires have done over time to those who resist subjugation – marginalize, penalize, discriminate, and eventually suppress those “natives” and local who dissent.

Ban the use of their language, musical instruments, specific last names, clothes, poetry, art, religion, customs, traditions, and specifically anything that memorializes their history and accomplishments of their ancestors. The connection with their past must be severed and destroyed so it can be rebuilt in the correct image.

In the “current year”, pun intended, there is a deliberate dogmatic desire by the ruling elites – both intellectual and political to remove anything that honors or respects the sacrifices of men and heroes past. Many a memorial and statue has been deemed unacceptable.

While a definite distraction, it’s a particularly devastating one that separates a people or group from their history and forges a new identity with no past roots, traditions, structures, or institutions to create a stable foundation.

The founding mythos seeped in centuries of various traditions is deliberately shirked in favor of a new identity that has no ties to the past.  It’s an identity with an end goal of you being an interchangeable consumer cog who works till the day you die.  Alternatives are not allowed because racism. Or another ist, ism, or phobe. Don’t even dare to think outside the box.

Anything that reminds us cogs of our previous roots and the identities of our ancestors must be removed as well as demonized.  Our heroes aren’t allowed to be flawed Saints. They must rather be demonized as tyrannical devilish villains. It’s a deliberately simple solution that is designed to ignore the complexity that is human nature.

That is why statues of men are crumbling all around us because of their past sins, just as it did for Stalin by the Hungarians, Lenin by Ethiopians, Catholic Icons and saints by rabid French Revolutionaries, Assyrian statues by ISIS, and King George III by angry American colonials.  That’s just a few to name.

It’s an exhaustive list that you can trace back all throughout history as each generation of rulers would attempt to purge the records of their enemies existence – the historical revisionism of their time –  or at least settle for relegating them to the prime evil of that epoch.   Stalin did it to Trotsky and what the victors of the American Civil War are doing the statues that in any way note the efforts of the losers.  

Historical revisionism
– is a time-held tradition that is very old going back to the ancient Kings who would threaten to wipe one’s names from the records. Either one is a saint or the devil himself. Hannibal lost, so he became the villain.  Che Guevara and Mao were seen as villains by the American West, but now have students on college campuses rocking their picture due to recent shifts in attitudes from Academia.

Whether its how the Mongols weren’t that bad, downplaying Columbus’ treatment of the natives, ignoring the Crimean, Arabic, and Asian slave trades, the vicious wartime propaganda of the last two world wars, or condemning various historical figures to obscurity for their “ists” and “isms” forget that humanity is flawed as are the ways we’ve built our civilizations.

Yet these particular flaws of humanity have come into prime focus with an intention for exploitation.   The old bones of grievance past are to be dug up to further the distraction and lend effort to pitting “victims” against each other.  In history, just about everyone is a victim.  Why now though?

Neither us nor the ruling classes are dealing with an incoming Mongol Horde, nor about to be sacrificed on an Aztec altar, nor chained as a slave to a Turkish galley on the high sea, nor seeing everyone around you die of the Black plague, or wondering if your village is going to survive the incoming Viking longboats about to land.

Still we pass judgement on the victors and losers of the past for what we deem as “evils” of that time, sometimes rightfully so. Yes, objective morality exists. However much of the moral rants about past transgressions we see in our current political and cultural dialogue is best described as a diabolical form of distraction and manipulation that presents our history as well as that of the West as Us vs Them.

It’s done with the simplest dichotomy in mind so it can be utilized by anyone with a grudge, a victim complex, and a flawed character looking to exploit guilt and shame.  The important and significant lessons and persons of history are instead weaponized and twisted  by institutions that are supposed to be above it.   This is a big deal because it has consequences in it’s impact on academic journals, media publications, and eventual government policies.

The distraction for us common folk is heightened by constant fighting on various platforms to ensure nothing really changes besides endless disingenuous  virtue signaling . We remain cogs with a focus permanently distracted by twitter wars while they continue to mold us in their image.  We become the blue tribe vs the red tribe all while being plundered by a foreign tribe that forces tribute from us.

Ironically those who spin the various threads of privilege, shame, guilt, and exploitation  seem to come from privileged places of academia and influence and are among the more prosperous recipients in fortune from the events of past generations, yet tell the rest of us to writhe in shame and guilt of history that’s benefited them in the long run.    We become their scapegoats while they retain their “privilege”.

They do this from armchairs of relative comfort and generous hindsight as they deliberately force their narrative through our lens of modern fake morality ignoring that people hundreds of years ago then were dealing with a far different world than we do now.     All of the heroes and villains throughout history were seen very differently in their times then they are now.

We have hindsight. They didn’t.  Genghis, Caesar, Boadicea, Xerxes ,  and Hirohito were all seen very differently by people at their time.  Xerxes was a villain to the Greeks and Genghis a hero to the Mongols.  Put simply, they were men (and women) of their time which is why we see both the good and the bad. Why can’t our esteemed scholars do the same for post-renaissance Western history?

To add to the dishonesty on historical discourse, they focus completely on the negative effects, while ignoring the positive effects that the  colonization, the West, and Christianity had on the world.   Suffice to say, the US wouldn’t be the superpower it is now if Europeans hadn’t come over and seized it.  The Middle East and Asia would be far more advanced if not for the destruction brought by the Mongols.

Even the most educated among us would be hard pressed to find one nation, city, empire, country, or even village that hasn’t been built on bloodshed, slavery, ethnic strife and hatred, self-serving ambition, and just the base human desire to want what others have.   In their zeal to reshape Western Civilization and destroy the influence of Christianity they deliberately ignore this.

When we begin to wake up momentarily, they throw some additional scraps for us to focus on.  We are directed back to focus on past transgressions.  Ironically they often currently start fights over who , a shocking unheard of phenomenon that has not been occurring since the beginning of human history.

Emancipatory Politics And The Victim Identity 

Some of our heroes may be worse than others, but how far do we go in our quest to establish our identities, who we are, the history we look to for guidance and education, and the lessons that we should learn from their deeds? Who is so evil that they must be seen as an absolute villain vs who accomplished so much good that we must see them as a saint?  Who should pass these judgments? 

These questions are key to a people’s culture, traditions, and customs in shaping their mythos. Who is doing this shaping? A new set of rulers, influencers, and academics seeped and indoctrinated into spreading a new mythos to replace the oppressive sexist, racist, etc. one of old from the very bare stone foundations.

This is no accident.  It’s part of a new myth that seems to govern not just our cultural and political conversations, but how our media covers them.  Dr. Steve Turley calls it “Emancipatory Politics.”  So what are Emancipatory Politics and its new mythos?  Turley elaborates.

“The emancipatory myth is a secular-inspired political idea that re-envisions the state as a grand liberator of individuals from traditions and customs deemed oppressive and discriminatory.” 

In the 1960s, a new racial logic emerged from this emancipatory politics, one that reimagined culture as a binary of antithetical power distributions between a dominant colonialist power (often labeled “white”) that disenfranchises politically and socially minority cultures through sexist, racist, and classist exclusions.

Racism itself was reimagined as something that applies only to those who have the power to dominate. Thus affirmative action officer Carolyn Pitts writes: “only whites can be racists, since whites dominate and control the institutions that create and enforce American cultural norms and values… blacks and other Third World peoples do not have access to the power to enforce any prejudices they may have, so they cannot, by definition, be racists.”

What was the founding culture filed with “discriminatory and oppressive traditions and customs” is marked for elimination and replaced by one focused almost ENTIRELY on power and the distribution of power.  That power is one that is completely amoral. Turley then elaborates much further in another article a few years back concerning this:

“The problem with emancipatory politics is that it is characterized by inherently amoral processes. The demographic, economic, and institutional dynamics that are dislodging social life away from traditional structures and beliefs are not propelled by moral concerns and considerations. There is simply nothing inherently moral about the technological, industrial, and telecommunicative revolutions that ushered in the modern age.

The project of political emancipation is therefore no more than an attempt to imposearbitrarily moral significance on amoral processes. But this is precisely what discrimination rhetoric accuses traditional society of doing. It thus turns out that the justification Obama and others appeal to for emancipating people from the arbitrary impositions of traditional society is itself just another arbitrary tradition; but now with the power of the secular state behind it. This is an arbitrary tradition that will not tolerate nonconformity.

And so the extent to which the rhetoric of discrimination dictates such moral significance, it is, well, inherently discriminatory. If modern discrimination concerns revolve chiefly around impediments to the individual achieving social control over his or her own life circumstances, then subsuming the human person to an arbitrary political meaning system that no person has the right to opt out of is the epitome of discrimination.

Modern discrimination claims do not so much describe social injustices as create them. Justice in the modern sense is a mere fabrication, the coercive projection of meaning and purpose upon otherwise meaningless and purposeless processes by those who have the power to do so.

What this means then is that the rhetoric and actions surrounding the executive order are not ultimately about rectifying discrimination and establishing justice, but rather are about dislodging human life away from the traditional structures of church, family, and community and recalibrating social life around the modern structures of industry, technology, and the state.

For all of its rhetoric, political emancipation “liberates” us from traditional society only to subsume us into an economy of mass social engineering which, given its mechanistic structures, all too easily slips into new forms of social oppression, coercion, and disadvantage.”

The only nuance allowed in its’ rhetoric is that of the various squabbles over who can be the biggest victim who is then entitled to more power.  Being the Victim is the new foundational mythos that preaches liberation, but operates based off appeals to oppressing the oppressors while ensuring one remains at the top of the oppressed pyramid.

Thus today’s Victim is the perfect identity for pliable exploitation by the state and ruling elites. It ensures adherents are always fighting each other and other groups with supposed privilege to ensure that they are seen as having the worst plight in society. 

Of course others join the fray to prove their plight is even worse.  Instead of meaningful significant improvement and the necessary cohesion to build trust in a society, they destroy that trust in and around anyone who is less of a victim.

Other victims will use their leverage to prevent improvement for those who seen as lesser victims because there are only so many scraps to go around and so much “attention”  for the various victims trying to be heard.  Now throw in a limited amount of political and cultural power to be attained in pursuit of vengeance upon all the perceived aggressors and oppressors.   Jim Goad makes this point in his usual pointed and cutting prose:

Late-stage identity-based leftism is Revenge of the Nerds writ large, which seems amusing until you realize how much revenge the nerds really have in them. Every racial and sexual misfit and under-performer who was bullied in school—and possibly for reasons that had far more to do with their personality than their skin color or sexuality—is now given the whip hand and is more than willing to take out their pain on those they will never entirely forgive for mocking them during their formative years.

Who gets to that whip, how frequently, and who receives the lashings starts to cause divisions among those fighting to grab it with their newly strengthened grips.   This of course creates new oppressors in the hierarchy.  Further diversity is needed as new targets are created.

It becomes as it is today – a game of shouting, screaming, and demanding that if you are already a “victim” by means of institutional and structural oppression others must join you.   They must be either knocked down to your level to “even” the playing field – hence the privilege nonsense –  or even lower,  even if they  themselves are a “victim”.

Who can be a victim today?

The obvious are Native Americans, Mexicans – who conquered the native americans, Blacks who were both kidnapped and sold into slavery by Africans, Chinese treated like scum while building the railroads, LGBTIZUFJASF whatever who people didn’t want around their kids, and probably a bunch of other groups I’m forgetting about.

They’ve garnered justified sympathy, donations, activist groups, and even “insert ethnicity/race here” studies departments at major universities. However, everyone wants a piece of the victim pie- even loser “incels”.  People you didn’t even know were victims of well… everything and anything bad are coming out of the woodwork. Nothing is their fault, but someone else is surely to blame.

Now throw in a group of various poor “white” people who are addicted to opiods in towns that have had their jobs outsourced overseas who realize their Irish ancestors were slaves or their German grandparents weren’t well liked by the neighboring British expats.  Or just poor white’s who’ve been left behind like every other group fighting over the scraps.

Here’s what they all have in common – being a victim.  It’s the perfect identity which fights over scraps while each group digs deeper to fight to the top of the oppression pyramid while the real oppressors continue to ensure multicultural, diversity, and unlimited immigration that slowly chips away at their ability to not just live and one’s wages, but to build the most important resource off a community and society; trust.  Without trust, society breaks down. That breakdown of course isn’t experience by the ruling elite in their ivory towers.  It’s experienced by us cogs in the streets.

Everyone wants to be a victim, but someone has to be the oppressor to hand out the reparation spoils.   Anger and hatred are fantastic motivators and you need some group to target, label, and motivate your particular tribe to fight against – a common enemy.

In this case that designated group has been “white” people – whoever that actually is nowadays – and their sin is that of “privilege”; an illogical concept in its presupposition.  But as we can now see, there is big money and influence in being a victim. Why is that?

Dwelling on past grievances, however horrific or tragic, won’t necessarily make the present or future any better.  Neither does it make amends for the past – something that’s almost impossible for transgressions from generations hundreds of years ago.  It will however ensure the ruling elites reign luxuriously in their Ivory towers while we yet again continue to fight for the scraps.

We must learn from the past and apply it to our future – something we continually fail to do.   A primary lesson that we keep seeing in history – one that we must firmly grasp in our noggins is this; the ruling elites of a society always ensure those who might overthrow them are kept squabbling against each other.  They exploit it. We keep hearing about the horrors of wealth inequality, but keep missing the mechanisms globalists and the ruling elite use to maintain their fat wallets.


This squabbling today is best seen in the artform that is Victimhood. Every one wants a piece of it.  Perhaps you finally get a seat at the table and a small scrap, but in the mean time you sacrifice your soul.  You emulate weakness instead of virtue, strength, and success.  It’s one of the main problems that makes White Nationalism just as hollow as the social justice cult.

The constant dwelling in “victimhood” must end, or at the very least it is something those of us on the Dissident Right should avoid like the Black plague.   We don’t want those scraps or to have to lower ourselves to fighting with other groups for them.

While every group has its claim to being a victim in some part, time, or area of the world it’s not what forms their identity.  Obsession to become a victim ensures a race toward the bottom.  You aren’t building capital of any kind. Instead you have to destroy that of those around you to build a fake and false elevation of your own.

Yes, I understand how deep and far the course of history can inflict upon tribes, regions, and peoples. My Armenian ancestors have not forgotten their occupation under Sassanids, various Persian and Iranian conquerors, Umayyad, Abbasid, and Rashidun Arab caliphates, the Ottoman Turks, and now the Azeri Azerbajianis whose land has been Armenia’s for over a thousand years.  We even suffered genocide which Armenia has never recovered from.

But what will dwelling on the past do for our families now and our children in the future? What would it accomplish? Solidarity with fellow Armenians that would do exactly what for the GDP of the Armenia?  (Let alone I barely speak Armenian, haven’t been to the country, am not practicing Armenian Orthodox, and don’t partake in the culture and customs.)

My mother married a non-Armenian and my dad’s side of the family becomes my history, cause, and culture as well which has shaped my identity.  I’m no longer just an Armenian.  My European ancestors, just as my Armenian ancestors did everything they could to make my families life better than theirs.

We all must move on toward building a better future and refusing to participate in the venomous blame game that shapes so much of not just American politics, but the world.  That said,  I am certainly willing to listen to the plight and suffering of my brothers both in the dissident right, my faith, and those of my family friends and other spheres.  It just can’t be relegated to wallowing in blaming for the past, while grabbing for scraps at the victimhood table with other “marginalized” groups.

Yes, one can’t outright dismiss real and actual lived experience if they hope to reach an accord and build community – just as our other brothers in the Faith will tell us.  You can however help them progress toward a life that isn’t focused on blame while sitting down, but on actually moving forward.

Wisdom is needed and in our damaged pasts, history can teach us many lessons. All we have to do is pay attention.  Nothing is new under the sun and what’s happening now certainly isn’t.  Human nature however has not changed. It’s why we need to come back to lessons from heroes past to ever succeed in creating one’s for the present and future. We must build a new mythos with foundations that aren’t build on sand.

The Need For Group Identity

Everyone wants to belong. It’s human nature. We are tribal. Left, right, blue tribe, red tribe, in-group, out-group.  Just like wolves, we form packs.  On the playground as kids we form self-selected teams.  In highschool we form cliques.Yes, we are proud of ourselves for often dumb reasons, but we need more than just ourself.  Companionship.

We need each other, but not to the point where nothing makes us or those close to us unique.  Whether its clubs, lodges, tribes, sports teams, women’s only salons, or nerds who shell out for Friday night Magic some people are in and others are out.  That said each individual belongs to some sort of group.

Everyone wants to be included in something. We need to belong by either being included or excluded into some other groups.  If you aren’t the outgoing sociable type, you become an outcast with the other outcasts.    Whether willingly or not, everyone  has their own kind of group that they are lumped into: Jocks. Nerds.  Creeps. Trekkies. Gamers. Larpers. Hipsters. Thugs. Fashionistas. Bikers. Activists. Reformers. Blacks. Whites. Asians. Mongoids. Deplorables.

It ranges from ethnic groups, class, and racial categories to who you have loud sex with late at night. Of course members of one group often overlap with those of another group.  You see some creepy activist nerds intermix fluids, flags and vegan frapes in expensive urban areas.

Yet everyone wants to be different, unique, and their very own individual hipster as they drink deeply from the reservoir of modernism. You might be dressed business casual for you job, but you are gonna have tons of unique Captain Howdy piercings and bizarre tattoos to stand out from the already crowded field of full tatted people?

It’s as if many of us are stuck in a cognitive dissonance that doesn’t shatter our worldviews quite yet, because we have learned to balance it all just right without suffering that inevitable implosion which will come.  Any contradictions that are too damning can always be ignored – for now until the rude awakenings begin.

Our group needs to stand out, so we humans over the last thousands of years have naturally come up with hard distinctions that mirror our nearby surroundings and geography.  In today’s age of mass instant communication, those geographic boundaries have been punctured. The old family, ethnic, and culture ties have slowly been eradicated by modernity. James Kalb of Crisis Magazine makes the point in regards to the concept of the “white ethno state”:

“To add to the problem, modern life dissolves history, heritage, and inherited ways. People get processed through an increasingly centralized and bureaucratized school system. They work for large bureaucratic organizations, or for smaller concerns that are increasingly integrated with global markets. They amuse themselves with commercial pop culture and connect through electronic communications networks that ignore geography. And they’ve been subjected for years to propaganda and social policies that weaken informal connections like family, religion, and common culture.”

So what are people left with after they wake up and realize they have no identity? All around us people are floundering in the wilderness, wondering, “Who Am I?” and “Where Do I Belong?”  If one can’t find an answer to those questions, their lives will likely be one of frustration, loneliness, and a desire to make those happy people around miserable.

Misery truly loves its company and miserable people will form groups where their identity is based on shared misery and a vengeance toward those who are not. Losers will attract other losers who are desperate to ensure everyone else is losing just as bad, if not more. The biggest source of misery today is an anger toward toward those who were more historically successful than others – fair or not.  For the group that’s been left in the dust, there’s always a source of blame in the past to distract them from improving the future.

Of course, this has been the case for all of history, especially when geography was the primary means of how your identity was formed. Currently, many of us in America and the west are separated from those real daily manifestations of racial, ethnic, and religious attachments that had been apart of our communities for hundreds if not thousands of years.

We now have app messaging groups, social media, forum boards, and all sorts of other instant means of communication with people of like minds and interest.  Assimilation and necessity to learn the language around you decreases when you can skype home to your family 1000 miles away. You can travel anywhere in the world in 12-16 hours. Yet still, the remnants of our geographical past leave their marks on us – just like they have our ancestors before us.  But can you base an identity from it?

We look to ethnic and racial ancestry for meaning but we often no longer live in the same ethnic and racial communities our ancestors did.  Therefore we are left not knowing who we really are, but having to settle for knowing what food our ancestors liked to eat.  This is the curse of the digital age and it’s not going away anytime soon.

My journey in life has led me to building a family and becoming a husband and a father.  I already notice that I have much in common with fathers and families – especially ones with young children as both my sons are infants. It’s something that’s transcends any of the normal identity categories.  However, there are plenty of people not in my situation.  Where do they look to find out who they are?

Part 2

The Myth of Solidarity and “POC” in the West.

The Victim identity currently has culminated into this mad blob like behemoth barely held together by patchwork, duct tape, and thread.  The victim pyramid often fights with in itself to see who is the most oppressed and should get the most airtime, support, and of course financial resources – those frequently mentioned scraps.

While we exist in a global market place where communication is a click away, people still want what is theirs or what they think should be theirs and will believe anything that “strengthens” their arguments to get it.  It’s why they’ve built this fragile identity, while giving little thought to the future of what happens when the current boogeyman is gone.

Consider the fragile coalition that many of the social justice crowd have built their ideal identities upon and easily their ire shifts once there isn’t any “white supremacy or privilege” in the area to rant and blame for problems.  If there isn’t a “colonizer” or “white imperialist” or any of the other usual buzzwords around to blame as scapegoats for everything wrong with their society, who is next down the line to become the villain?

Well, usually the people near you.  Could be your neighbors, people already considered deviants in a society, or those just across the border. Most of these “identities” are held together quite loosely as are the apparent alliances they are all supposed to have.

It might not even matter if they speak the same language, look the same, or are apparently part of your political coalition as “People of Color”.  Recall the vicious fight over the 2014 attempt in California to repeal Affirmative Action to ensure more “diversity” or in this case more Latino/Hispanic college student admittance.

The Asian community in California raised hell and stated quite bluntly that the universities there would eventually and most surely have an “Asian quota”. That whole “People of Color” idea was thrown to the way side and was put this way, “As lifelong advocates for the Asian American and other communities, we would never support a policy that we believed would negatively impact our children.”

Shocking.   Well, how about people who speak the same language and have somewhat similar melanin content? Well, let’s take “Latinos” and “Hispanics” and take a peak back in history.  During the War Of The Triple Alliance in 1865-1870 between Paraguay vs Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay the Paraguayans lost almost 60% of their entire population and has never recovered. (Something like only  29,000 Paraguayan males over the age of 15 were alive when the war ended.)

While they may be in a trade bloc together, do you really think Paraguayans consider themselves to have a mutual “POC” identity with Brazilians, Argentinians, and Uruguayans because they are Latino and speak Spanish as well as share Guarani culture?  (No, accusations of English Imperialism won’t work.)  Old grudges die hard and instilled in their memory.

Okay, well how about the current year?  Common pervading cultural norms for Columbians, Guatemillalans, Salvadorans, and Mexicans seem to directly include speaking Spanish,  some  similar foods,  generational class disparities  from the Conquistador days that result in a vicious “equity gap”, and a love for Futbol.  (Okay I love Futbol too.)

Do they view themselves as some sort of ethnic bloc for political purposes based on solidarity when it comes to economic and social issues?  What happens when  local interests, classes, economic depression, corruption and factions collide and intersect?  Let’s talk brass tax.

In Mexico as native or Guatemalan, you might actually be detained and tortured, especially if you are taking local jobs.  You might even be kidnapped by Mexican cartel members and used as a sex slave, your Colombian nationality not mattering to them.  Hunkering down in Tijuana and making a nuisance of yourself to the Mexican locals might result in them protesting your presence there and even physical violence – even if you as a migrant speak spanish and are a “POC”.

Apparently as “People Of Color”, they even drank deeply from the well of systematic oppression while owning African and native slaves. Even today the resulting Afro-Mexicans are treated in Mexico like they don’t belong there according to a BBC article entitled, “The black people ‘erased from history'”.

“One was deported to Honduras and the other to Haiti because the police insisted that in Mexico there are no black people. Despite having Mexican ID, they were deported.”

No solidarity indeed.

Zimmerman became a “White Hispanic” after he shot Trayon Martin. Yet Latinos are “People of Color” (All of them having some Hispanic a.k.a. Spanish and therefore – “white” blood in them.) despite an active race war going on in LA resulting in blacks being deliberately murdered. The category is so vast, no one even knows.

 The systematic oppression we hear so much about existed in many forms all over.  Consider this; of 11 million African slaves, 10.5 million went to central and South America. The lauded liberator Simon Bolivar himself owned slaves.  Socialist Revolutionary Che Guevarra wrote that the “Negro is indolent and lazy and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”

Okay what if you are black?  Well if you are black and you go to Africa, everyone will give you a blank look while you try to talk “black” solidarity.  Even if you look Black, you still won’t be African to them – or on other continents necessarily.  Depending on the region and your gender, you may also be mugged, raped, or killed.  If its the Congo, you may be enslaved and they won’t care where you are from or the melanin in your skin.

If they didn’t care about selling other tribes into slavery places like Nigeria, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Angola to Western and Arab slave traders as well as other African Kingdoms of the era,  what makes you think they would care about it now or about robbing you if given the chance?

Even when the Nigerians freed slaves, the animonisity and divide toward them still lingers till this day – regardless of them being “POC” as told in a New Yorker article, “My Great-Grandfather, the Nigerian Slave-Trader“:

“The descendants of freed slaves in southern Nigeria, called ohu, still face significant stigma. Igbo culture forbids them from marrying freeborn people, and denies them traditional leadership titles such as Eze and Ozo. (The osu, an untouchable caste descended from slaves who served at shrines, face even more severe persecution.) My father considers the ohu in our family a thorn in our side, constantly in opposition to our decisions.

In the nineteen-eighties, during a land dispute with another family, two ohu families testified against us in court. “They hate us,” my father said. “No matter how much money they have, they still have a slave mentality.” My friend Ugo, whose family had a similar disagreement with its ohu members, told me, “The dissension is coming from all these people with borrowed blood.”

So even speaking the same tongue and actual being Nigerian apparently doesn’t create solitary.  Class, ancestrial, and historical differences run deep.  What about blacks from America that go to Africa and expect some sort of kinship from the people there?

In Ghana they will actually call you white, regardless of if you are actually black or how tan you are.  Their government had to resort to an advertising campaign to get people there to view American blacks as long-lost relatives instead of as rich tourists to be swindled.

“Many African-Americans who visit Africa are unsettled to find that Africans treat them — even refer to them — the same way as white tourists. The term “obruni,” or “white foreigner,” is applied regardless of skin color.

In fact, when former black American slaves came back to Liberia following the American Civil war, they clashed with the “natives” there and constructed a national government and infrastructure similar to that of America.  It finally exploded into a coup and civil war which Liberia hasn’t recovered from.

“But what is here to say is that though those freed slaves were Africans in blood and in their memory, they were not African culturally. Culture, which is the most important element of a people’s identity, was a Western one for the descendants of slaves. To put it directly, those people who returned to Africa were Black Skins, White Masks.”   

Well no shit. Culture matters and it surpasses not just skin color, but ethnicity.

If you are Asian, the Han Chinese won’t care – even if you are Chinese, let alone Africans or black who they seem to really dislike. Neither will the mongols or Japanese when you inform them that you are very angry with them for their oppression of your ancestors.   And so it goes all over the world.

So what’s the point of all of that?

If you want to build a people and an identity to excel and become something to remembered in history, it cant be based on vague concepts of ethnic opposition, racial animus and blaming, obsession with past grievances, or borderline hatred of the descendants of those who were successful – no matter how that success was obtained.

Yes, there are some commonalities that bind us together.  The enemy of enemy can be my friend, but what happens after that enemy is gone? If the ties that bind your alliance are deeper than hatred, loathing, and blaming others for your problems, an intrinsic part of you will be able to build toward a better  future.  Or if you can’t it will remain one stranded in the past wondering why the future is still bleak while being left behind by those who forged ahead despite the burdens of the past.

Yet much confusion remains for many Americans. No one knows who they are. Those in the Alt-Right want “white” to mean something, but it often doesn’t go any further than being proud of your melanin composition and opposition to some other group and a hand in the cookie jar fighting for scraps with everyone else.  That’s not a stable building block for an identity.

But the lighter skinned Europeans in general?  Yes, I get it, but in the end, how much do the Polish and French really have in common with the Italians or Spaniards besides centuries of distrust and loathing? (Italian Americans were distrusted by other “whites” in the US at the turn of the 20th century because of a higher crime rate.)

I recently saw Richard Spencer argue that they are “white”, but as I’ve pointed out earlier, what the hell does that even mean anymore?  The closest concept I can think of would be a cultural one that specifically applies to Americans, but even that’s flawed at the roots.

The early European settlers who came over to America had vast differences in how they saw themselves ranging from the “Borderers” of the Scottish/English border – modern day Applachian residents to the Catholic Cavaliers now of Virginia.

“…Anglican preacher Charles Woodmason, an important source for information about the early Borderers, said that during his missionary activity the Borderers “disrupted his service, rioted while he preached, started a pack of dogs fighting outside the church, loosed his horse, stole his church key, refused him food and shelter, and gave two barrels of whiskey to his congregation before a service of communion”

Colonial opinion on the Borderers differed within a very narrow range: one Pennsylvanian writer called them “the scum of two nations”, another Anglican clergyman called them “the scum of the universe”.

The effects of this difference in worldview, character, and how the old country shaped their outlook of life can be seen today in the Borderers being the origin of the label “Redneck” and they are still looked at with disdain by their apparent betters in the New England area.   There was no “white” identity in a pure racial sense then and the only sense it exists now seems to be in a pejorative sense from progressives.

While your “skin identity” might be the identity crises and struggle of today, its time to move on.  That can happen now or in the next hundred years when demographic changes hit so hard that no one knows who or what constitutes white and you have nothing in common with any of the generations from the old country.

It’s happening even now through “mixing”.   To the people taking pride in being Irish, Chinese, Chilean, brown, white, mixed, etc.  I say, “So what?”    Is that all that you have to give you purpose in your life?

Positive and Negative Identity

The nefarious and infamous Z Man pondered a while back upon the idea of negative and positive identity. Negative identity was a kind of worldview shaped on what you held opposition to.  A positive identity was based on foundation viewpoints that you held sacred, opposition to alternatives not being what forms your sacred principles in the first place.

He also made the case that much of black identity in America is based off opposition – usually to “white” people. The concept of mutual survival and overcoming struggle can be part of one’s identity, but can it be the primary component?

For instance, if there were no Asians, Hispanics, whites, Arabs, and other mixed groups of people around, what would black identity in America look like? You can flip this question on the head and wonder the same about white identity from a white nationalist and ACTUAL white supremacist perspective in America.  What happens when all the “problematic” people aren’t around to blame?

Consider the PhillyAntifa site and their mission statement

“Philly Antifa is a Antifascist division operating in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding area.  We are in direct conflict with Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Transphobia, and all the various other flavors of Fascism.”     

Besides this statement basically declaring everything as “Fascism,” you’ll notice a cause and identity shaped only by what they stand against, and most of the “groups” and causes they stand for are guilty of all these same sins for very obvious reasons.   When the “primary” white privileged colonial identity they loathe so much is gone they will have to find a new cause to revile.

It’s the same reason insane 4th wave feminists have driven people to revulsion by their constant attacks on “white” men alleging sexism and misogyny all the way down to air conditioning and.  Let’s not forget that even the first wave feminist suffragettes were so nasty that they opposed condoms because they didn’t want men to have access to their own birth control.

The attacks can never be allowed to stop as that is who they are – all that their identity is.  They wage a new cultural cold war after their recent cultural conquests in a desire to eviscerate the past and tradition with branding them perpetrators of the “sins” of today.   It really is a new cultural cold war.

Consider the following quote from the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and how it brands and associates Christianity with the villains of the day:

The phrases ‘religious liberty’ and ‘religious freedom’ will stand for nothing except hypocrisy so long as they remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy, or any form of intolerance.”

What will they replace it with? Groups of formerly allied factions will fight in the same heinous ways with each other to occupy the foundation vacuum that’s left. You can be sure that after these “code words” are done away with additional phrases will be added to the lexicon of terms that should never be spoken.

Will the traditional “latinos” or “muslims” be the next to be labeled Nazis by the secular LBGTqists?  Will dialogue even be possible with dissenting thought being labeled “hate speech?” Will the loudest former dennouncers of hate speech find their own words are now considered “hate speech?”

Their bastard children – and those of the sexual revolution – are now at the point of attacking “privileged” people – often pejoratively labeled cis straight white males to the point where dialogue is impossible. Those with sense on the progressive left have taken notice to this alarming state of affairs:

“Speaking as an X sets up a wall against questions, which by definition come from a non-X perspective. And it turns the encounter into a power relation: the winner of the argument will be whoever has invoked the morally superior identity and expressed the most outrage at being questioned.

So classroom conversations that once might have begun, I think A, and here is my argument, now take the form, Speaking as an X, I am offended that you claim B. This makes perfect sense if you believe that identity determines everything. It means there is no impartial space for dialogue.”

When you can’t have any space for dialogue, you’ve lost the ability to speak to much of America – hence the 2016 election shock. In their glee for the “white” majority to demographically become a minority, they stopped caring all together for them.  This is gap that we on the dissident right should fill – and not just with “whites” who appear to hate each other as much as the next group.

But what about “us” in the most tribal sense?  Do we have a real identity we can offer?  One that is positive?

We must ask ourselves, “What are we providing as an alternative for the lost masses out there without any identity?”  For the most part, all we’ve offered is a reverse ” tribal identity” based off the fact that we “arent'” leftists.   We end up still making sacrifices to the same system that still is slowly crumbling as it foundations are removed.

It is time to build new foundations from the ones burnt to ashes by the left.  By their obsession to destroy all of the past, they’ve cast a wide net of self-destruction with the institutions they control.  Hatred is a great motivator and anger might get more attention, but you can’t build a foundation for a lasting and stable identity off it. 

The Inevitable Backlash

“I find it uncomfortable to have to speak about my identity all of the time, when in reality it’s not something that drives me or wakes me up out of bed everyday. I didn’t grow up in a household where I was categorized by my mother. I was just Zoe and I could have and be anything that I ever wanted to do…and every human being is the same as you.

So to all of a sudden leave your household and have people always ask you, “What are you, what are you” is the most uncomfortable question and it’s literally the most repetitive question. I can’t wait to be in a world where people are sized by their soul and how much they can contribute as individuals and not what they look like.”  – Zoe Saldana on race.

There’s only so much diversity and “multiculturalism” built upon false premises, negative identity, and I daresay – hatred –  that people can stomach. Even those who aren’t particularly political can see what it’s doing to their neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

At some point, the people in these movements will have had enough. They won’t have any privileges left to check and will tire of constantly being told they aren’t doing enough as “allies.” Others slip up and go from being part of the virtuous social justice seeking mob to it’s target of wrath and damnation.

Of course all of their sacrifices and twitter virtue signalling done as “allies” will be ignored and they will be treated like the ever-widening pool of  “Nazis” and “White Supremacist” they denounced. Just one errant thought might end up with them labeled as Nazis regardless if they are black, Jewish, POC, or whatever else under the rainbow.

The leaders have to cannibalize those not fervent enough to ensure obedience and support.  Often the best motivators are fear and those who’ve been made an example so that the rest make sure to fall in and toe that ever shrinking and thinning line.  There will eventually be too many casualties at the behest of the supposed oppressed.  No apology will be good enough, because no matter how “anti-racist” you are, it will  never be enough.

Even your food won’t be safe.  It’s  absolutely exhausting as many of the refugees from the social justice movement have realized.  They will want to be able to simply watch a TV show in peace and laugh at a joke, eat a ham sandwich, and not have to worry about  nervously peering over their shoulder every second of the day.  

People eventually want to have a life and be able to talk about their lives without fear for their jobs or reputations.  Instead they are put through the ringer by “white guilt” activists and hucksters looking to profit, splurge, and exploit.  Of course said hucksters want those donations and resources to go to them instead of their families via the guilt ridden cudgel of being woke allies.   (We have our own hucksters to consider as well.)

They need a break, relief, and something with actual solutions for life.

It’s not just them either.  Many of us in the dissident right have become obsessed with bashing easy targets like SJWs, but what are we offering people? Are they seeing something good, true, and beautiful that breathes purpose and stability into the lives of people they know?

For too long, we’ve been willing participants taking full advantage of the degeneracy we criticized so we could virtue signal our own supposed righteousness. Yes, it was part of the journey, but it’s time for the next stage of it.

We must lead the way by example.  What kind of identity can we build for those of us on the dissident right and for those many people lost in the wilderness? Can we offer their shattered lives hope from addiction, depression, and destruction? The thinkers at Social Matter realize that any identity for the future must be built by the local people and their communities.

“The right should focus on building new networks using traditional methods. Book clubs, religious groups, fraternal organizations, freethinker/illuminati/ “secret societies,” rural/country sports, etc. It must develop and provide a coherent identity for people as stewards of a civilization, and not the arbitrary occupants of undifferentiated heaps of dirt, which globalism promotes.”

We need stability and close community in these times to find out who we are and where we should go. People groups and “cultures” that are adaptable, tight-knit, and believe family and principle come first have always seemed to survive impending doom and calamity . Every time. Some of them would even thrive.

They put their communities first and rebuilt the one’s that were destroyed. Russia would survive the Mongols, the Jews would survive and thrive in Europe, the Tibetans would hold stubborn in face of Chinese suppression, and the widely reviled Gypsies still retain their way of life and culture.  They may have been conquered, but they were never removed of their identities.  Their communities, cities, and eventual ethnic identities came first.   The Tibetans would remain Tibetan.

Humans can’t have hope for the future if they know they are just a cog in a machine without an identity whose immediate daily future is dependent on the next global trend.  We need that stability. We need routine. We need traditions that last a millennia. We need communities that eventually create a new pseudo “ethnicity”.

People want change, but change is happening so fast that no one knows who or what they are.  We know the results and impact of the various traditions over hundreds of years. The change being introduced by technology, arguably digital and social techs something we’ve had barely 30 years to observe.

Even now we are realizing technology is depriving many of us of meaningful work.   Your future is either in an office cubicle or for the less educated it’s an Amazon warehouse waiting with baited breath for their eight hours to be up.  In order for any stable identity to sprout, you need meaning and purpose in what you do and one’s job constitutes a large share of their time in life.

I’m sure many a child with bright eyes and grand dreams imagined themselves doing the same repetitive task every day and consider it a fulfillment of what they thought their lives would look like.   Those that refuse these repetitive menial occupations and get degrees in history, art and language still end up punished for their defiance with student loan debt and degrees that land them jobs at Kohls.

They too end up left behind, yet this time they aren’t some kind of resistance to the Anti-Christ in a post-Revelation battle, but rather lost souls stuck in what seems like an earthly purgatory.

The manosphere is composed of many men who’ve been left behind, divorced and pillaged for everything they had, and the men who were told that nice guys got the girls.   What they all lacked was a community of men to pick them up at their lowest.  That community has slowly been eviscerated by time, tech, and lowering family expectations as our culture implodes. (It’s something we never saw as a potential negative consequence of ease and speed of travel.)

We often live hundreds of miles away from our family and close friends. We no longer meet our spouse – if we meet any at all – in our local town or even neighboring city.  Arguably, the stability that marriage brings is one of the most important dynamics to the success of a family which translates into that of society.

Many couples don’t even have family members in a close vicinity of both spouses to help support their marriage.  Those who aren’t married such as the proud incel community blame everyone except themselves while society at large decimates the institution of marriage and ensures that young men will have even less sex and turn use porn as a complete substitute.

Feminism in its zealousness to sexually empower women threw them into a cold world. In the process it destroyed the traditional rules and guidelines that served to protect women from roving and dashing rogues, players, and Chads. It ensured a hunting ground where the “Alpha” studs and players would have an easier time of pumping and dumping girls who now had no family or surrounding community to ensure accountability.

There are now no brothers or fathers to find the conniving misogynist player – or more likely male feminist – who promised her marriage before banging her and then dumper her shortly after.  It was her choice after all and any thought of their interference, warnings,  or afterthoughts can be safely dismissed as oppressive micro-aggressions from the Patriarchy.

What a lonely sad place to be thrown in.  We as a culture are in a similar plight. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are tearing people down at the core. We need to give them a respite from the rigors and struggles of life, not just another “war” for them to fight in their limited free time which they’d rather spend drinking with friends or spending with their families.

We in the dissident right need joy back in our lives instead of a constant over saturation and exposure to the fact that everything is wrong and there’s little we can do it to fix it.  Without joy, we become much like the rest of the jaded and divided populace; depressed, angry, rendered helpless by anxiety, loneliness, and all these other conditions that seem unique to our modern digital age.

Righteous anger is great, but unless it’s harnessed to help build the foundations for a better culture and identity, it’s useless. We are offering the sarcastic critiques and meme takedowns, but are we providing any solutions or examples besides playing capture the flag with Shia LaBeouf?  

I did enjoy this CTF thoroughly though.

Dealing With Actual Diversity

“Charles Darwin himself would be fired from Google for his views on the sexes.” – John durant

A new rebellion against social Darwinism and the natural course of evolutionary biology is being undertook by the left.  We know there are differences and we must understand them in order to make the best of our lives and situations. Unlike the left however, we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater as if we are emotional hostages.

Yes, there are some differences that may be genetic and hereditary between the races, sexes, and ethnicity.   Men and women are different no matter how much people want to insist otherwise. We can’t just ignore them – especially if you want to address them, unlike the race trolls we see who use them as a battering ram to trash people from 3rd world countries just for the sake of it.

The IQ measurement question/difference is there and it makes good points about the differences in races and ethnicity.  Regardless of political persuasion, people from all across the spectrum can see this – even guys like James Damore.  (Ironically if we are all the same, then who needs diversity?)

The one primary issue that proponents of IQ differences and making policy judgments with them run into is that we aren’t animals.  Yes, we may be predisposed – both genetically and culturally – to all sorts of heinous and good behavior, but its nature and nurture.  (That and the question of why very high IQ people do such stupid things.)

Whether the bell curve will persist in the manner Charles Murray posited in “The Bell Curve” remains to be seen as does the validity of his claims.  Africa and other parts of the 3rd and 2nd world may behind now, but give them several hundred years, a complete shift in culture, and a foundation for a modern society, and the IQ gaps just might close – assuming stability on the continent.

The same can be said on the IQ question regarding recent immigrants to the US – almost regardless of race – and often focused on recent Latino immigrants.  Ron Unz made an important observation on this subject:

“However, it is well known that nearly all previous immigrant groups—southern and eastern Europeans—who came here in poverty similarly scored very low on IQ tests in the decades after their arrival, with results that were sometimes far below those of today’s Mexican immigrants.

Yet after a generation or two their tested intelligence had almost invariably converged close to the American mean. Evidence of the past does not necessarily predict the future, but such a strong historical pattern should leave us cautious about assuming it will not continue.”

Obviously the significance of assimilation and that of an already established and dominant Anglo Saxon population – specifically demographically – played a role in this, but we shouldn’t be so quick to pick and choose what parts of history we are willing to form your observations and conclusions from.

Certain elements you can’t fight, but others you can shape, mold, and form. Just because we “evolve” a certain way doesn’t mean we should give in like we are animals. We don’t have to become as horrific as social Darwinists have. No one has to settle for the disadvantages they were born as or into – a lesson the “manosphere” has hammered into us via self-improvement.

It’s our ability and willpower to shape our environments that has brought mankind incredible technological and societal progress in just 200 years.  The more we understand about our biology, the better we can adapt our surroundings to harness our advantages.

Within the IQ debate we must also be careful with the constant attempts by the aggrieved to dehumanize people, regardless of who they might be. While we aren’t here to necessarily make friends, there’s no reason to frighten or turn off people from the Dissident Right because of bad optics or comment agitators who might make people look stupid, but in the process turn them off from ever opening their minds even slightly.  We need to stop allowing actual racists from the 1488 sphere to be the only one’s who talk about these issues.

In fact on this matter, it must be US on the Dissident Right who discusses the issue, rather then actual White Supremacists who seek to weaponize it or rabid progressive “anti-racists” who want to beat anyone in the streets who discusses it.

I don’t care much for AntiFa, SJWs, or actual Nazis who are literally blinded and consumed by racial hatred and blame, but I urge everyone to always remember that they are people – human beings – who can ultimately be redeemed just like John Newton.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak the truth.  One of the most important things to the foundation of any stable identity is that of speaking and seeking the truth.

Simply put, we need to be able to talk about the problems that face our societies, cultures, peoples and nations.  We must ensure we don’t apologize and cater to the shamecucks and guiltcucks, when we go back over history and talk about the consequences. 

We on the dissident right already know about the insane and sad statistics out there such as the black on black crime rate (14% of the US population committing 52% of homicides as are the murder victims) and the crime rates of illegals in comparison to their percentage of the population. These facts can’t just be ignored; not for the sake of the elites who live far apart from it or those of us who live in the ghetto.

It’s what we do with all these facts that really matter.

A conversation in the public sphere must be had if we are ever going to do anything about it,  the real impact of unlimited/illegal immigration on blue collar communities, destruction of the nuclear family, destroyed addled drug communities, fatherless demographics made worse by a hostile family court system, and the many other factors that we face in our time.

If we are ever to improve not just our own living situations, but that of those around us and throughout the globe we need be able to discuss the modern day heretical and taboo topics like race and sex if we are ever to do anything to thelp those who most negatively by them.

In order to maintain a thriving and improving culture and identity, you do need fresh and new perspectives.  For that beneficial assimilation – for both parties – to occur however, those new perspectives that enter the fold though must be surrounded by the already established culture and tradition of those who have or are building it.

In the back of our minds, we must always be on guard against subversion and convergence of our core principles. Just as when you join a new Church, forum, group, or team you absorb and learn from the already established minds there before you bring any creative alternatives to the forefront.

It’s why purity tests and White Nationalism are flawed from their very roots.  If you can’t grab and utilize the very best creative minds from your ethnic/racial demographic, how are you going to help it?

Tragically the White Nationalists end up stuck with some of the most downtrodden, victim crying,  actual white trash types that are held up by enthusiastic social justice demagogues as the worst examples of “white people”.  

If you are an actual white supremacist, how does any of that look like supremacy? Jack Donovan hammers the point home:

“The various factions of White Nationalists already spend more time gossiping about each other (usually anonymously), stabbing each other in the back and jockeying for power and influence than any group I have ever seen — except maybe Social Justice Warriors, who are also predominantly white. I’m not sure which group is the Jungian shadow of the other, but the majority of people in both groups are some of the most broken, shittiest white people on the planet.”

Is this really what anyone who is white, part white, or sympathetic to white people want to promote as a group to base the foundations for an identity that will last?

In turn they are of course mocked endlessly by the left in memes, pictures, etc. just as what happened enmasse on the internet after Charlottesville.  I may have some compassion for white people considering their constant denigration by the left – and being half white myself – but how can we take them seriously and their envy toward Jews and spewing trash about “minorities” when they largely appear to be trash themselves?

In fact,  can you honestly say that the left in this case doesn’t have a point?  (If only they realized the same irony of the kind of ghetto trash and “activists” that show up for BLM protests and riots.)

Are those really the types of people you want to hold up as rolemodels that can build an identity? You want not just the smartest and most creative, but those who aren’t corrupted by their natural abilities, talents, and influence.
Unlike the left, I have an interest in uplifting the downtrodden around me, white or not.

Build And Create

“To create a meaningful change, what we need is more of the chest; nobility, virtue, and spirited mythology are what our people need, not dry and dusty arguments which, to the average person, are indistinguishable from those of the left-wing ivory tower intellectuals.

Rather than trying to distribute the ideas – and handing them over to the Obsessives and Extremists who turn them into a farce – we need to own them.  We need to implement them. We must go out there and create.”

The above is a great quote from a post Davis Aurini wrote about trying to build something among those of us on the “right” – a dichtomy and division that almost doesn’t work in today’s world of nationalists, populists, and traditionalists vs globalists.  So let’s ask ourselves can we do this?

At this point in the game, we must realize that politically there is little we can do unless we wield influence and have the finances to push our ideas.  We have gotten ahead of ourselves. The elites didn’t just fall into power – they acquired it, social capital, influence, and the keys to power over the last several generations and molded it a framework to assure their retention of it.  That is what it will take us to do anything similar.

Stable, cohesive, and virtuous identities that will influence and shape a culture and nation will take time and a multi-generational plan. Patience will be needed. It’s a battle that many of us still don’t understand.  We are fighting against the deliberate forces of the worst impulses of modernity that bombard us at every turn.

It’s hard to retain the willpower to create when vegetation of your mind via yet another TV show, amazon sale, or sports game are within easy reach offering reprieve and relaxation from the grind of life.   Actual planning, creation, and implementation are taxing and demanding.  It’s easy to criticize, but hard to offer solutions.

Even harder is it to initiate on the individual level the means to become the light and leader for groups to form around you.   Davis makes the point:

“All of us will continue to have these lofty, idealistic discussions, of course; both for their own sake (intellectuals enjoy intellectualism, after all) as well as for comparing notes and refining our theories.  But what ultimately matters isn’t the debate – it’s the action. 

Not the centrally-planned, coordinated action of a mass movement, but the ongoing implementation of new plans, new endeavors, and new accomplishments – all of which are the domain of individuals.  It isn’t the inculcation of ideas which matters; it’s the inculcation of new practices.”

It’s not just easy to be a critic, it’s one that often lands you fame and recognition.  What’s much harder is coming up with solutions and the subsequent practices that will see them successfully started.

We are going to have to dig very deep and consider thoughts and ideas that many of us with conservative and liberal roots would consider unthinkable whether its the Distributionism proposed by men like Chesterton or some kind of downward “distribution” to create networks and loyal men and women of our own.   I know, perish the thought.

Think of where many of us on the Dissident Right have come from.  You have libertarians, Orthodox Christians, some atheists and skeptics, neo-reactionaries, neo-masculinists and Red Pilled/manosphere folks, race-realists, and monarchists. You even have paleo-health types like Hawaiian Libertarian in a category of his own.

What united us what a struggle against the new authorities of our age.  We were in our own righteous rebellion.  Instead of a mere rebellion to authority of the usual, “Get bent Dad” attitude, the meme warriors among us were able to extend their rebellion to violating the new sacred golden cows that the left had instilled over the last few decades.

Of course our defiance felt great.  While we bellowed in agony over the lost protections of the old traditions, we took full advantage of the world that had been created it in it’s absence.  That broken chaotic world however still remains. Who are we going to turn to for guidance?

At the same time, did we really consider what was supposed to replace the authority we were challenging? Are some of us still rebels without a cause?  We need order and stability from the chaos that we are seeing all around us.  How can we work toward this?

Let’s me offer the following points as food for thought:

1. If we aren’t putting what we theorize into practice, no foundation will ever be laid. No foundation means we will never birth a culture, group, people, and identity that can show people that we have answers and a purpose to partake in. Say what you want about Jack Donovan, but he is trying to do just that in his encouragement for men to become Barbarians.

Rod Dreher, love or hate him, reaffirms this point:  “But as I say in The Benedict Option, “we cannot give the world what we do not have.” And the one thing that many, many Catholics (and other self-identified Christians) in Europe and North America do not have is a living orthodox faith.”

2. We can’t inspire people if we are not the city on the hill. We have to be out there showing others that our ideas can be seen and manifested in one’s daily life. Everyone can wax happy thoughts on a forum board, but without action in real life we can’t inspire people or give them hope.

3. The chosen messenger matters just as much as the message.  What do so many leaders and people of influence have in common? Charisma, courage, power of persuasion, ability to deliver difficult and large abstract concepts and messages to the everyday man, and the ability to build social trust among not just “followers but people within their community.  That’s just to name a few.

Take the explosive rise to prominence for Jordan Peterson despite his obvious faults, essential focus on individualism, and avoidance of the impact of group identity on our culture. What is he doing that the rest of us have not?

It’s not that his “followers” view him as infallible as much as that the advice and guidance he gives to people is directly applicable to them in their daily life. Now it might be VERY practical and common sense advice, but it can be acted upon in an immediate fashion.   This stands out because it’s not encouraging them to become victims, but rather to take charge of their lives, even in an unfair world.  He’s just rediscovering the wheel, but it’s been forgotten and overlooked for long that it seems fresh.

Granted he’s already been in a position of influence as a professor, but what he’s been doing with that has been exemplary.   The reception to his suggestions that are focused on immediate action that people can apply to their real life instead of semi-abstract philosophical theory says a lot about what we should be doing.

I don’t want to be some example to be held up and scrutinized as a paragon of virtue that has it all going for him, but people have to see that a REAL purpose in life can be had and that hope, trust, and joy are something we in the dissident right possess naturally.

It’s why those of us who are in the shadows have to step out of them.  That means our daily interactions with others both in and out of the Dissident Right shouldn’t specifically be out proselytizing about our politics, philosophy, and worldview, but rather about how we are living our lives to the fullest with a manifestation of hope for all that know us.

4. We need to become the new bartenders in society.  It should be us in our various circles that people come to just to converse because they know we are genuine and will speak the truth.  Get out and off the internet and to your local bar, church, beach, or event and mingle.

To put it bluntly, we want people to WANT to be like us and to live like we do – which we have to show people that the way we live is worth living.  Essentially, you need to LIVE it.  This is tough.  Let me level with you.  Right now in my life, I barely have time to get out there and talk to people.  Perhaps my only real chances are at work.

My time is spent primarily with my kids and wife in the morning before I go to work – often specifically taking care of and spending time with my sons as to give my wife a break before I go off to work. The next 10 hours she spends are  of intense and care attention for our 2 year old and 1 year old sons.

This young, they are a handful and require constant attention and she’s often exhausted when I get home from work at night. I then get a few hours with her before we go to sleep for the night.

That doesn’t leave much time for Internet musings, exploration, or even going out to some event at night.  Even my preferred vice of gaming is very limited.  This is the path I’ve happily chosen, but my time is going to be very limited in terms of socializing with the masses till my sons get a bit older and can are speaking full sentences.

“The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.” – John W. Gardner, Excellence: Can We Be Equal and Excellent Too? (1961)

Without hope the degeneracy and race to the bottom will continue and our forgotten and sorry state of spiritual, relational, and familial health will join in that race.  No new lasting identities will be forged.

Many of us on the Dissident Right concentrate much of our valuable energy to dismantling the attacks and nonsense of the victim oppression circus – often for good reason.  However, let’s ask ourselves; what do we have to show for it?

We’ve engaged in logical arguments with a culture – the vast amount of it who aren’t logical.  We should have appealing to their emotional heartstrings by showing these people in this culture that there is a much better path; one filled with happiness and joy by families and individuals to light the way in the dark.

Look around at the smartphone zombies, dysfunctional families, depressed tumblrettes, etc.  They are desperate to see an identity which functions, if not shines blindingly bright in the dark night, to show them that there’s another way. We have to prove that identities aren’t found on the internet or in “opposition” to some cause.

Modernity and specifically the digital age has rapidly undermined our identities and it will continue to do so until we can show people something different, real, true, good, and beautiful – which is what tradition used to do.

Even the urbanites who live close together have no idea who they are besides attachments to hedonistic night life, festivals, public transportation, and believing themselves to be “progressive”.  They remain awake late into the night feeling alone, lost, and without purpose stuck in depression and unhappiness.

Society and culture will become more detached – and already are – from reality as people delve into virtual worlds of semi-seclusion, perfectly curated social media personas, and anonymous posters who apparently live the good life in expensive apartments in crowded cities.

Family life is exchanged for social media obsession providing fake battles ensuring dopamine hits that will continue later while binge watching Netflix. A hard work ethic and employment in the trades is discouraged for sitting at a desk all day while drowing in debt.  No one needs to experience the actual satisfaction of doing a job well with one’s hands.

Those of us left in the real world who haven’t amused ourselves to death in a Brave New World landscape will realize that actual human meaningful  interaction in large doses on a daily scale will create a new identity – one that was born with the hobbits of the Shire; a place, a community, and a neighborhood that you can call Home.

Or we will just become insane thrill adrenaline junkies desperate to feel alive throwing thousands of dollars on trips two weeks out of the year to remind us that there is sunshine, breezes, and natural noises outside of our cubicles.

Let’s avoid this Brave New 1984 Dystopia and instead start building the foundations for a future that shines bright in the darkness.  If you have any ideas that are immediately applicable, please let me know.

Lucas Temple

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9 Replies to “Lost Cogs In A Global Machine: Thinking About Identity In The Dissident Right”

  1. Man, what an article it was truly a pleasure to read all of this. I agree with you on so many points. You should be a professor, you were what I imagined college was going to be like before I actually went to college. The liberal arts are pure propaganda, Stalin would be proud.

    It would be impossible to write every thought that I had while reading this, but I would like to touch on a few points if you don’t mind:

    1. I think I’m about the same age as you. I remember growing up in the late 90’s/early – mid 2000’s, America seemed to be a place where people took pride in overcoming the odds with that tough and gritty American determination, or dare I say it, American Exceptionalism.

    But now, it seems that the “can do” attitude has been replaced with a “victim” attitude, resulting in the “everyone gets a trophy” culture. The funny thing is, I noticed a shift in this culture before I even got into politics or cared much about the world at large.

    Question 1: Did you notice the change from “can do” attitude to “victim, everybody gets a trophy” attitude in the USA? If you did, was that us who changed or America that changed? Or perhaps both?

    2. I couldn’t help but thinking when I read your article that humans were not meant to deal with the SCALE that we are dealing with today. Below is really only one question, separated into several questions but you should get the gist of what I’m asking:

    QUESTION 2: Do you think humans were meant to live with the SCALE that we live with today in terms of population numbers, population movements, globalization, ext? Is this our test, as a species to see if we are meant to handle the type of SCALE that we are dealing with today? Does the 21st and perhaps 22nd centuries determine if mankind really moves into space, proving that we can handle scale or if we revert back to small tribes that we originally were?

    3. The left constantly hammers “diversity is our strength”. There end goal seems to be to mix shit up as much as possible.

    Question 3: If the world were to become one big ass giant melting pot, wouldn’t that actually destroy diversity?

    4. You mentioned Hispanics and assimilation in your article.

    Question 4: Can people from Spanish speaking countries south of the American border truly integrate into society if the USA continues to promote the “press 2 for Spanish” culture? Doesn’t that type of culture actually ensures an “us versus them” mentality instead of an “us” mentality?

    5. You mentioned your family throughout this article.

    Question 5: Has starting a family with a wife and two kids given yourself a sense of purpose or belonging to the world?


    QUESTION 6: Do you think America is Rome? The degeneracy, wealth, military power and this over the top shit, can we really survive this? Or will we slowly decay, like (contrary to popular belief) the Roman Empire did?

    7. You mentioned the over the top SJW shit that is going on. One fear that I have is if I have kids that go to school 10+ years down the road, what type of over the top SJW crap is going to be shoved down my kids throats.

    QUESTION 7: Do you think for low – middle income Americans (which I’m 99% sure I will be all of my life, just being honest with myself) do you think public school, private school or homeschooling would be the best solution?

    I sometimes think public school would be fine and that I could just communicate with my kids, but man the left has been going REALLY far to the left with their crap to the point that even “normal people” who don’t follow politics very closely are getting disgusted with their crap. Such as the bathroom issue, which disgusts me.

    1. Hey John! Thanks for your input and questions – and most of all for reading this long post. I’ll try to answer your questions as much as I can.

      “Question 1: Did you notice the change from “can do” attitude to “victim, everybody gets a trophy” attitude in the USA? If you did, was that us who changed or America that changed? Or perhaps both?”

      For context, I’m 29 now. I’m a child of the mid 2000s which is where alot of this change seemed to take place. I dodged the everyone getting a trophy part when I played baseball in middle school and junior high. It was however later in my teens and early 20s when I noticed I’d be at various games with friends where their younger sibblings where playing and where we were told not to mention winning or losing.

      I spent much of my early and mid 20s at Hookah Lounges talking with people about philosophy, worldview, and all sorts of stuff. What I noticed over time what that people – my age and younger – who really didn’t know who they were yet started to form identities based off this stuff. While it wasn’t some significant part of the population, it was affecting the types who actually bothered to think about things. “Normal” people, so to speak, weren’t going to waste time from partying, drinking, gaming, sports, etc to ponder over these things, but the “semi-intellectuals” and those with some interest in causes and activism were having their drinks slowly spiked by a social justice worldview pushed by progressives as it leaked into conversations regarding politics, culture, etc.

      Fast forward to my early 20s again and I noticed the trophy culture start to permeate into the mainstream. That’s also right around the time the idea of “victimhood” really starts to come forward. First it was really pushed from a race and feminism angle, but a whole slew of other “intersectionalities” started to pop up. You had a generation desperate for something to define them, but that had been deliberately stripped away – especially “offensive” things from the past. At the core all of the arrows coming from the progressive types seem to slowly destabilize the nuclear family. (Notice how the black community in the 80s is subjected to the essential removal of fathers from the family and the effect. Also note how the MLK and Malcolm X views are morphed into the victim obsession we see now – which both their ideologies rejected. Deliberate I say.)

      The internet also had a huge effect. Consider that its in the very early 2000s that forum and message boards start to really take off. Groups start popping up that have various hobbies, interests, etc. You see things like the early exchange of pickup info on Body Building sites. That information then starts to be reflected in other places BESIDES the internet. It starts being seen in the different manifestations of millennial culture.

      It was also starting to come out of academia, media, and entertainment. I was a huge metal-head and still am, but it was even starting to show up there being pushed by publications and a few bands. In some aspect, the overton window had been pushed left for a while and alot of millenials had this stuff pounded into them into a concentrated fashion. Note, social justice types had started to get influence in schools as well as curriculum. They essentially were able to feed an already hungry millennial generation that had lost it’s connections with the past – a deliberate severance by social justice types on the left who wanted to start anew. America had changed a bit – at least the millennial generation, but the social justice types and progressives in places of influence pushed it along full speed. Chipping away at the Nuclear family is the endgoal in terms of building anew from a progressive utopian angle.

      QUESTION 2: Do you think humans were meant to live with the SCALE that we live with today in terms of population numbers, population movements, globalization, ext? Is this our test, as a species to see if we are meant to handle the type of SCALE that we are dealing with today? Does the 21st and perhaps 22nd centuries determine if mankind really moves into space, proving that we can handle scale or if we revert back to small tribes that we originally were?

      Honestly, I’m not completely sure. I’m starting to think that our old notions of identity weren’t meant to handle what the world is today – especially in terms of our identities being rooted in race or ethnicity. Because we can travel anywhere so damn fast as well as communicate via click, ideas aren’t just limited to exchange in a small village or city, rather people are constantly presented with all sorts of different worldviews via forums, boards, social media, etc. Unless there is some crazy post-apocalyptic event which destroys all our tech means of communication, we will never go back to small tribes. New “tribes” and groups will form that utilize the scale of living manifested by modern life.

      Question 3: If the world were to become one big ass giant melting pot, wouldn’t that actually destroy diversity?

      It would. I think that’s the overall point. It’s made easier by the ease of travel and the internet which is why places like China, Iran, and Egypt are enacting restrictions. Modern secularism at its core is all about equality of outcome through making people interchangeable cogs. Replace one’s long held cultural identity that’s lasted hundred of years with one’s that are quite shaky and fragile – like the idea of intersectionality, people of color, etc supposedly binding people together in some kind of identity based of solidarity. Strip away all of the cores and you can meld people anew. I think that’s why so many global corporations, media giants, and even financial institutions seem to push all this crap. It makes for a wider consumer base. (Now I feel like a conspiracy theorist.)

      Question 4: Can people from Spanish speaking countries south of the American border truly integrate into society if the USA continues to promote the “press 2 for Spanish” culture? Doesn’t that type of culture actually ensures an “us versus them” mentality instead of an “us” mentality?

      I recall hearing a story about a Hispanic lady who worked at the DMV was completely against having Spanish interpreters there because it let people get away with not learning English and therefore not assimilating. It’s crazy if you think about it, but language is the primary means of assimilation and of cultural identity. The reason Egypt identifies as Arabic instead of African is because Islam was spread via the Arabic language. Once Egyptians became Muslim, they embraced the principle language the Quran was written in: Arabic. They then began to think of themselves as Arabs.

      The subject of Hispanics here is a bit different because they are the largest group here that speaks another language besides English. I’m not sure about them assimilating in the same way that other groups have, rather it appears they will have quite an effect on overall American culture and demographics because of their numbers. That and it’s kind of hard to even tell them apart sometimes besides them speaking Spanish – consider mixed Hispanics. In the end though, public schools ensure that in 100 years or so, most of them here will end up speaking English entirely. They will become “us”, but us will mean something different than it does now – which it already is. That’s my prediction.

      Now obviously one needs more than language to build an identity, but its usually the start to adopting more of a host culture.

      Question 5: Has starting a family with a wife and two kids given yourself a sense of purpose or belonging to the world?

      Yes. I already had ideas of what I wanted to do with my wife, but my wife and kids gives me a sense of purpose and drive that’s different from before. It also has driven me much more along the lines of wanting to create solutions that simply rant about feminists. The idea of building a legacy and the importance of family in order to do that becomes a driving factor for me. I already had the idea before that any kind of culture war is a long term plan – multi-generational to be specific – but in order to have any impact I needed to get out there and makes some kids of my own for the next generation. I also needed a woman to be at my side to do that. Now all the great ideas about teaching the classics, basic skills, etc is something I can implement instead of talk about on the internet to parents hoping they will do something. If I can show the impact on my family, then perhaps I can present something tangible to others around me.

      QUESTION 6: Do you think America is Rome? The degeneracy, wealth, military power and this over the top shit, can we really survive this? Or will we slowly decay, like (contrary to popular belief) the Roman Empire did?

      Yes in that the Roman empire was very Diverse. So are we. Eventually the factions pulled apart. We also are going through the same kind of corruption, degeneracy, and military expansion issues that were unheard of for them at their time. The same thing is going to happen to us I believe. We will of course survive, but I wonder if it will be in new regions from a once “United States”. Our cultures in the US are already regionally polarized. What does even urban areas in the South have in common with New York or San Francisco? Not much besides speaking English. Religion? The new religion of post modernism, secularism, consumerism, hedonism, and social justice greatly impacts that tradition and religion as a uniting factor. Then thrown in the constant attacks on past heritage, culture, and tradition and there’s much less binding us together.

      QUESTION 7: Do you think for low – middle income Americans (which I’m 99% sure I will be all of my life, just being honest with myself) do you think public school, private school or homeschooling would be the best solution?

      Homeschooling if possible. If not then a private school if you can work out a deal. Most importantly, you need to know EXACTLY who your kids friends are and what they are reading, doing, and surfing online – specifically the media they are consuming. You can’t dictate what your kids are gonna do. You can however drill a sense of morality, ethics, and worldview into them at a young age. When they are older, the idea is that you won’t need to supervise them. They will have the good sense and wisdom to do that for them based on how you have raised them.

      The biggest corrupting influence for kids is often their friends. If you do send them to a public school – which some people won’t be able to help – be aware of just how much time and effort you will need to counter the kind of crap they are going to be bombarded by in class as well as by their peers. Surround your kids with families with like minds as yourself – especially in a church circle if possible. How do you think the Amish retain so many of their own? A tight knit community of like minds and culture.

      You don’t need to be rich to get a wife or have kids. You just needs support from both sides of the family as well as friends. It will make the early struggles of parenthood much easier if you have help.

  2. Hey man, I really appreciate the time that you took out of your day to give me such great responses, thank you!

    It’s a shame not many people comment on this blog. You never see well thought out posts like the one that you just did. Nowadays you only see quick 500 word posts because people have short attention spans. I think well thought out posts like this deserve more attention.

    In any case I’ll continue to read up on your writing if you continue to post.

  3. You haven’t written in a couple of months, are there going to be any new posts or is this blog shut down now?

    This particular post that I commented on a couple of months ago was of excellent quality, I’m curious as to what your next topic is going to be.

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