Who Took Down Davis M.J. Aurini?

For those of you who don’t know, Davis Aurini does a regular Sunday livestream which used to have Luke Ford at the background for video and the occasional Bechtloff jumping on to chat – I think John Steele was on this chat too.  A month or two back they had a fallout over a stream dealing with protestant vs catholic issues and criticism of the Catholic church.    

If you glance back in time Aurini from 5 years ago, you’ll notice a libertarian Atheist with some early Neo-Reactionary Monarchist ideas.  Fast forward to the current year and he’s changed quite a bit both in the types of videos he’s put out as well as his life’s direction.  (Hell, he’s a Catholic now.) Instead of triggering the libs, he’s become far more interested in remaining under the radar.  

Personally, I think Aurini may have been too hasty in washing the dust from his feet in terms letting those friendships go so easily, but that’s up to him.  I was of the impression he should try to overlook and smooth out what happened – which he did with the Bechtloff. 

Since then Aurini has been consistently joined by Heidhurn who is  the founder of the “Freefolk” which is basically a Pagan organization trying to build communal roots. Some of has accused Aurini of associating with “cultists” and others have their issues with them, but the Freefolk seems to be an effort to simply build community. 

However what’s happened to him over this last weekend is not something to smooth out or overlook – more on this later in the post.  Someone dug up some videos from half a decade ago and false flagged them. They flagged 3 and got him 1 strike and prevented his normal live stream planned for 10/21.  Now the flagged videos weren’t considered offensive or a violation of YouTubes TOS years ago.   In fact, they were some of Davis’ tamer stuff in terms of content that might piss off passerbys.

They waited briefly and flagged another video giving him another strike.  It was followed up with a 3rd flagging and his appeal was turned down.

  • Triggered progressive agitator who stumbled upon Aurini’s hate-think and felt compelled by a vigorous sense of morality to put a stop to it while being very aware of how YouTube’s flagging system works.
  • Progressive with a long-standing grudge who has waited till now to plan and enact vengeance… instead of years ago when they likely the angriest over the content.  Essentially a villain like Megamind. 
  • Jordan Owen? Odd as to why he would have struck now since they haven’t had any beef in a while unless he’s had some masterplan all along in the works. Unlikely.
  • John Steele after beefing with the heathen guests on the stream and Aurini getting irked by it? 
  • Former comrades and compatriots.  There was a falling out that wasnt healed with Luke Ford and Pastor Tom, though they seem unlikely candidates.
  • Former disgruntled supporters looking to backstab. 

At this point it’s hard to tell who is behind this YouTube false flagging, though Aurini suspects an unnamed individual in particular of which an educated guess would suggest it’s not some angered SJW, but someone on the “right” or Dissident Right that Aurini has crossed paths with at some point.  

One thing to consider is just how many types of “out-there” people you come across in any kind of alternative sphere whether on the Dissident Right, skeptic community types, “Red-Pillers”, conspiracy theorists and contrarians, and plain & simple drama muckrakers who like to shoot the shit and take offense easily.   It could be anyone, though there have been a few people on Davis’ Sunday stream who when talking give me a, “Woah

He did a full live stream on another person’s channel about it:

If we ever do find out who it was, it may be time to employ that false flagging tactic against them – specifically just them. As I said earlier, this isn’t something that should be overlooked or forgotten.  It was FAR too easy for anonymous person(s) to simply flag a few videos and ensure a ban.

In order to emphasize and encourage de-esclation the threat of mutual destruction has to be there – assuming this person has a YouTube channel to even lose – which is another issue in and of itself in terms of dishing out just retribution to people with nothing to lose.

Still we can’t continue bring a knife to a gun fight anymore – especially people intent on shooting us.  However that said, we still don’t actually know WHO it is and if it was thus a stab in the back.  It sure as hell seems and feels like one though. Most of the prog SJW types who were triggered by Davis barely pay attention to him now – which is exactly what he prefers as he flies under their radar.

This leads me to believe it was fire from a former friend.  If this is the case, it means we are slowly becoming like the monsters in the abyss that we keep gazing at.  You can’t build a foundation with monsters inside your keep.   Foundations have to be built on trust.  If you can’t trust those you work with, you can’t begin to lay the cornerstone.

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  1. I discovered Aurini in 2014 and I enjoyed his YouTube videos over a number of years. His channel, among others, helped me gain a clearer perspective on the world around us.

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