Thinking Aloud: Future Potential and Impact of the Kavanaugh Circus.

What’s happening to Kavanaugh now is essentially the modern day equivalent of high-school gossip ripping through a school where the rumors get more pronounced and wild.  At least the kids though have experienced the events in recent memory rather than 35 years ago. 

Plus having twitter and Facebook to trash the people who didn’t invite you to the party or take their pants off for you helps prepare for revenge if need be.  It all gives me a “Pretty Little Liars’ vibe.  (Yes me and my wife watched the first season of it.)

Now let’s say this sinks Kavanaugh.  (Update: It didn’t. He was confirmed.)

Politics will never be the same.  This wouldn’t just cross the Rubicon, it would firebomb it’s water into evaporation.  In some ways I hope this does sink Kavanaugh. (Amy Barrett was a better choice.)  Now we know it didn’t, but that Rubicon crossing has now happened.

It would be the kick in the teeth of useless conservatives that need to grow some balls and start fighting the same way already progressives do – applying a kind of political Geneva convention to their opponents, but not to themselves. They can put jumper cables to your nipples and crank the voltage to maximum, but expect you to not do the same because morals.  

No.  Time to fight back with their playbook, the one they are perfecting right now at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

This means every “opposition” candidate needs to have every detail dug up, every neighbor questioned, every “uncomfortable” interaction that’s subject to vague interpretations of what could be sexual assault, miscommunication, etc. blasted across the front pages of every media outlet.

We are looking at a terrible Pandora’s box.

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The ideas of what constitutes consent around sex, guilt by association, etc have changed dramatically compared to even the 1990s.  Imagine just how many progressive candidates didn’t necessarily engage in “enthusiastic” consent via sex and get verbal consent during their college heydays. Imagine how many might have made some man, woman, or some new marginalized identity feel uncomfortable.

Maybe they went in for a kiss, got rejected, and well that’s an example of unwanted sexual conduct… or maybe even assault these days if we adhere to the progressive lexicon that governs interactions between the sexes…

Consider what’s happening to Jack Smith IV, an ultra progressive journalist who was a writer for Mic, but ended up crossing the wrong women at some point and was fired recently for it.  The Jezebel article which broke it and got him fired and the conclusions, assumptions, and definitions of everything sexual is ripe for dethroning future and current progressives.

“Their stories are recounted here; all of these women accuse Smith of behavior they variously describe as emotional abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting. Three of these women say independently of one another that these tactics led to coercive sex.”

All extremely vague subjective terms ripe for abuse. Imagine how many politicians, candidates, etc can have this applied to them. Thrown in how crazy parties and drugs from the 1990s and just imagine the dirt out there from anyone who was scorned, crossed, or just simply rejected.

Wow. What that’s not just digging a grave, that’s preparing it for a plunder greater than King Tut’s tomb for the tomb raiders that lie in wait.  We need to become those tomb raiders and be the inspiration for which Laura Croft is just an amateur. 

It’s going to be like Title IX on college campuses. Whoever accuses the other first gets the their target suspended. The pre-emptive strikes are only beginning.  Don’t think they don’t know this.  They are already griping that we are starting to use their own tactics against them.  (Notice how they deem it “Alt-right”)  Oh dear, that wasn’t supposed to happen! We can’t be allowed to hijack their weapons for our use.

On a side-note, even if Kavanaugh bombed villages of children in Libya, he should still be approved. His progressive critics don’t care about morality. At all. It’s all about power for them. It’s why Juanita Broaderick isn’t “believed” and “listened” to and why 911 calls and medical records from Keith Ellison’s ex wife haven’t ousted him from his tower.

It’s all about power and control. Stop adhering to a moral high ground progressives really don’t care about. It’s just a battering ram for them.  Stop being battered like an abused housewife and throw some damn punches back at these abusers. 

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