Years Of the USA Lacking Political Violence Was Abnormal, Now Its Being Normalized Again

Governor Pat Brown of California said, “Goldwater’s acceptance speech had the stench of fascism. All we needed to hear was Heil Hitler.” Mayor Jack Shelley of San Francisco claimed that Goldwater strategists got all their ideas from Mein Kampf

Imagine going out with your family for walk to the park in urban New York or Chicago. Getting ready to leave and wanting to keep the sun out of your eyes, you quickly grab a #MAGA off the shelf thinking nothing of it.  Maybe you put on a dirty NRA shirt or something resembling a pro-Trump slogan.

You are on a brisk stroll there enjoying the fresh air.  WHAM!  Sudden pain and dizziness fills your head from someone ambushing you from behind with a punch. Maybe they attack your wife and girlfriend as well because guilt by association.   Perhaps they continue beating you after you’ve fallen on the ground and make threats about what will happen to you and your kids if you dare set foot on their street again.

No, this has happened quite yet, but we are on a path toward normalizing the random beatdowns of people wearing the wrong clothes, hats, slogans, logos, and saying the wrong opinions in supposedly safe public places.   First and foremost, this seems to be now normal routine at “protest” and “rally” locations in the last few years across the country and specifically in Blue strongholds.

Recently in  Oakland during a vigil for Nia Wilson who was killed by a crazed homeless lunatic just out of jail – and of course exploited with all the right racial noises – a rumor got out that the Proud Boys and apparent Trump supporters were holding a meeting at some bar called the MakeWesting in that area via reddit.  (Turns out was just a Trump supporters meetup.)

Once that rumor got out, the mob’s appetite was stoked and fuel was poured on the fire.   Below is a handy video of what is apparently a Proud Boy white supremacist crashing the vigil!

This would of course result in a beat down of the dude in question with plenty of “Nazi!” insults slung his way and pursuing “Trump supporters” to the point police had to step in to surround and protect them.  Shockingly they beat the crap out of the wrong dude in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Posted by The Ochs Report on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

As usual there is a fun twist to the story: “The Bay Area Proud Boys said the beating victim is not a member of their group. Gavin McInnes, who founded the Proud Boys, said the group never planned to meet at their event and the mob appear to have attacked “random strangers.”’

Shaun King would heighten the false alarm about “white supremacist” Proud Boys – who have various non-white yet are still apparently “white supremacists”.   Note that Mr. King sees, lives, and breathes race every moment of his existence and has made a lucrative career out of it.

Nature shows us how wildfires just need a small spark to spread rapidly and burn everything through their past. It should also show us how mob behavior is just a few mistaken social media posts away from dishing out beatings on anyone who was in yet again the wrong place at the wrong time.

All this resulting from a case of mistaken identity.  Now think about what this implies for the future when it comes to assuming somewhat civil behavior in public places.   What happens if this becomes a normal thing?  Consider the collateral damage which could be you, family, friends, etc.

Duking It Out In The Streets

We’ve seen AntiFa, the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and all sorts of political themed groups fight in the streets Gangs Of New York style, though probably less lethal – at least for now.  It’s important to point this out because while we may expect violence to occur there,  we don’t or shouldn’t expect people to be beaten in broad daylight in everyday locations for a Bernie 2016 sticker, I’m With Her,  or a #MAGA hat or bumper sticker.

Unfortunately the later is becoming a target for violence because Trump Supporters = Nazis. Then again, so were Bush and Mccain apparently and their political presence was obviously emboldening said Nazis back in 2000 that we heard very much about.

Instead of hammering about the dangers of this behavior, mainstream media establishments have had an odd tendency to overlook and downplay violence, vandalism, and property destruction – not to mention people refused service, demonized,  and threatened.

In some cases they even contribute commentary to encourage it.  There’s multiple active lists, including one now over 500 keeping track of these incidents.  Focus is on Trump supporters in particular because there aren’t enough incidents of attacks on Clinton, Bernie, or #Resist supporters to compare with which should already tell you something.

Recall back in 2016 till even now that Trump had rallies in large urban cities violence and fights would break out – more often than not caused by various anti-Trumpers at those rallies.  Back in 2016, I remember Trump having to cancel his rally in Chicago and those who attended ended up in brawls against his opponents.  Supporters going back to their cars with Trump stickers on them had their tires slashed, windows smashed, etc.

However earlier that year in March 2016, Clinton had a rally in Vernon Hills – a nice suburb about 40 minutes drive from Chicago.  Me and my wife were living there at the time and saw people walking toward the Sullivan center that evening.  There were no fights, no anti-Trump supporters trying to brawl with people on the sidewalks, no vehicles with Clinton stickers damaged, and nobody had their pro-Clinton signs stolen from them and trashed.

Now Drudge had a link the other day to a brawl out  that broke out on 7/27/2018 right near the Trump star on Hollywood Blvd that was vandalized righteously destroyed to fight white supremacy and racism.   Notice how quickly it escalated and other people joined in.   Can you say Worldstar!!?!?!

Quick Summary:

“They attacked my guard Tony Hoffman and started hitting my camera crew and myself,” Schaffer explained. It didn’t end there. The violent group also stole the YouTuber’s $3,000 camera.”

Following the assault, the crowd once again began chanting “f-ck Donald Trump” as members of Schaffer’s crew were bleeding on the sidewalk.

“We were doing a social experiment to see how one would be treated as an open Trump supporter,” Schaffer told The Gateway Pundit. “It turns out that it’s not very safe to be one.”

The guy who appeared to fight off the attackers was a former Marine, so he seemed to be okay. I don’t know if he was a Trump supporter, just that he was associated somehow with the guy with american flag hat and the Trump jersey on.

Looks like he produced some viral and probably expected results with this social experiment.   Today’s #MAGA and Trump supporters are likely, if not already Nazis that must be punched.  Happens fast.  Think 20 years down the road where this will end up in terms of “justified” violence or the infamous #Resistance.

Many of us – myself included – either forget political violence was real and constant for parts of American history.  You can google some history back to the American Revolution, Pre-Civil War, as well as Reconstruction, the turn of the 20th century, and especially the “Days Of Rage” which was the insane amount of domestic bombings and shootings in the 1970s by the Weathermen and radical leftist groups.   What we have today is just going back to what the norm used to be.

Are we approaching another bout of wide scale political violence?  Well let’s go back quickly to the last time American’s faced real domestic political violence on a broad scale. The left leaning “The Baffler” put out an article in 2015, “Reflections on Violence in the United States” which had segments from a book originally published back in 1970 called “American Violence: A Documentary History”.  

This would be right before the bombings and terrorism of The Weathermen only a few years later.  It points out some relevant history that we should quickly glance back at when consider the political violence we are seeing in the US today.

“But after 1830, with increasing ethnic mixture in the Northern cities and the quick suppression of slave restiveness—or of attacks upon slavery—the tempo and destructiveness of violence increased. The next major period of riots, rising with the growth of cities and the development of large slum areas, Irish immigration, and the abolitionist movement, came in the 1830s, 1840s, and 1850s, which Richard Maxwell Brown has described as “a period of sustained urban rioting particularly in the great cities of the Northeast.”

This, he suggests, “may have been the era of the greatest urban violence that America has ever experienced.” Brown has counted in the four cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston at least thirty-five “major riots,” and there were other riots in the cities of the Midwest and the lower Mississippi Valley, like Cincinnati. But if we had more complete histories of smaller communities, the number of identifiable riots would probably grow considerably.

The rioting and open street clashes and violence wouldn’t just remain between pro and anti slavery forces leading up to the civil war, but would extend itself along every kind of line you could think.  For a while a fervent loathing of Catholicism would ensure the Irish many beatings and some deaths.

“Lincoln was aware not only of the anti-abolitionist riots but also of nativist riots directed mainly against the Irish. Touched off by the burning of the Ursuline Convent at Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1834, they continued well into the 1850s. The Anti-Catholic Know-Nothing Party encouraged the use of violence, not least in attempting to keep foreign-born voters from the polls. Clashes between Know-Nothing Clubs and Democratic organizations over the voting rights of immigrants were frequent in the 1850s.

One fracas in Baltimore, in which organized platoons were set against each other, cost the lives of eight and a toll of fifty wounded. As Ray Allen Billington has written: “In every American city the story was the same. In New Orleans four men were killed when native and foreign factions clashed. In Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1,500 Americans stormed the Irish section and destroyed homes and churches.

In St. Louis the 1854 elections led to a riot in which ten men were killed and several wounded. More serious was a battle which developed in Louisville on August 5, 1855. There the native factions had been aroused by a no-popery campaign being carried out by the Louisville Journal. When a group of them marched through the German sector, fighting began which only ended after more than twenty men had been killed and several hundred wounded.”

Nativist riots were followed by riots between the Irish and the Negroes. In the New York City draft riots, which raged for five days in mid-July 1863, and which owed more to interracial tensions than to anti-war feeling, there was wholesale murder and lynching of blacks. Estimates of those killed, which vary widely because of the clandestine burial of victims, range up to twelve hundred.”

That’s mostly just leading up to the American civil war and during parts of it.  Fast forward a bit to Reconstruction and the turn of the 20th century and what were essentially large scale street battles were a common sight for our very civil populace.

Think about this for a second. Can you imagine 1500 people storming the polish neighborhood in Chicago and destroying shops and churches for a continued and lengthy amount of weeks?

“Although there was never any long hiatus in rioting, the next major episode after the 1870s occurred during the violent period of 1915 to 1919, when there were twenty-two major interracial disturbances, many of them arising out of Northern wartime migration of Southern Negroes. These were, in the main, large-scale interracial conflicts in which the initiative was taken by whites. In most instances, Negroes fought back.

The worst of the post-war riots took place in Chicago. It began late in July 1919, when a young Negro “encroached” upon a swimming area the whites had (without legal authority) marked off for themselves, and was stoned until he drowned. By the time the riot was over, a week later, thousands of both races had been involved in a series of frays, fifteen whites and twenty-three Negroes had been killed, and hundreds injured.

The riots of the 1919 period established a certain pattern: whites were resisting the rapid growth of Northern Negro communities; on occasion they seemed to welcome an incident that would give vent to their feelings; Negroes, it was made clear (though there were earlier precedents for this), would fight back; and the police exacerbated the situation by their obvious unneutrality.”

Keep digging through the last two centuries and you’ll see  political violence flare up at various times throughout our history that would continually shock you.  Apparently the “melting pot” and virtues of multiculturalism were all lost on the various ethnicities and races in play who didn’t play kindly together.

One thing that stands out if you look back is that demonization and dehumanization made it easier to justify the violence. We are going back toward that with social media playing a primary role.  How far along are we?

Granted we aren’t nearly close to the situations currently in places like Nicaragua, Venezuela, parts of Africa and Europe, etc and hopefully we never will be. However, we all need to ask ourselves, “What kind of Pandora’s box are we opening?”

Do you really want to have to constantly watch your back when out in public? At dinner?  Do most of us have 1000$ in savings for car repairs if someone slashes our tires for a Trump sticker on them?

Sure some of us may want to fight fire with fire and slashed tires with slashed tires, but where does it end? Apparently it just exacerbates a kind of gang like retaliation where each side has to get even for previous beatings.   Sure, let’s stand up to those on the left such as AntiFa, but be careful.

When we justify and normalize street violence for various reasons when protests and rallies occur, it’s just one cut closer in the death by a thousand.  Times are getting scary, but they could get much MUCH scarier.


2 Replies to “Years Of the USA Lacking Political Violence Was Abnormal, Now Its Being Normalized Again”

  1. The danger in my mind comes when I fairly mainstream Republicans like the American Spectator starting to think in terms of an upcoming civil war of immense proportions

    Its not to the fatalistic inevitability level yet but its pretty bad as you said.

    However there is only one way this can stop, the Left has to acknowledge defeat, have a truce with boundaries lines and they have to accept those boundary lines and live within them.

    This will mean some grievances they have cannot be redressed as they have to acknowledge the lines of legitimacy

    Given the Left is basically driven by the religious impulse , a kind of hideously mutated protestant strain , I doubt they will which means escalation

    The end result might well resemble the Thirty Years War as much as anything else and that will end with one or more sides being exhausted or new nations formed on the corpse piles.

    As an aside, there are people who might well be looking for a Lincoln to sort all this out

    I am not sanguine about that prospect. The US can’t even pass a Highway budget and while our military is formidable , it far from ideal in a guerrilla war and really should not be used on either side as the consequences would be grave

    1. However there is only one way this can stop, the Left has to acknowledge defeat, have a truce with boundaries lines and they have to accept those boundary lines and live within them.

      This will mean some grievances they have cannot be redressed as they have to acknowledge the lines of legitimacy

      Given the Left is basically driven by the religious impulse , a kind of hideously mutated protestant strain , I doubt they will which means escalation

      As you mention, at some point there will need to be boundary lines established. Some areas of people’s lives and well being have to be off limits. Yea, I understand fighting fire with fire against those who actively wield it, but anyone can be burned by that fire. You need your job, I need my job, and they need their jobs too.

      The talk of civil war and some who even encourage it often are lost or simply don’t know the history of how violent and horrible civil wars are. Often it now seems some who call for it live in places that are the most isolated from crime and dangerous areas. That would all change. Also people forget that the South still hasn’t quite recovered from the civil war and its been over 150 years. What do they think would happen to the places they live now? (Consider what the 30 years war did to Europe.)

      People are so damned used to what is now – frankly a life of luxury – even in the poorest areas of the US. All that goes out the window in any kind of civil war. No electricity, no AC, no refrigerated food -if any food, no gas, no Amazon, etc. The normalization of mob behavior is just one of those factors that eventually leads to that. Apparently the #Resistance can’t get this through their thick skulls. Life will go on after Trump, but that acceptance of beating people in the streets will likely stay.

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