What Next After “Unbearable Whiteness” is Eliminated?

Editors Note:  I use quotes and italics for “white” and various suffixes of it because it’s hard to know who is “white” and how that’s determined anymore. (Mixed? Italians? White Hispanics who have too much conquistador in them? Arabs? North Africa? What?)

Unbearable “Whiteness” overtook these divers as they rescued Thai children who had been stuck in a cave. Pay no attention to the fact that these kids are safe, but rather to their rescuers who were clearly not burdened enough by their… “whiteness”.     What deplorables!  In fact we should encourage this behavior, but more on that later.


It must be quite the burden.  “Whiteness” here. “Whiteness” there. “Whiteness” everywhere!  What can be done to deal with horrid state of institutional systematic “whiteness” dear advocates of love, harmony, justice? Sometimes I fear that the burden may be too much to overcome.

The term itself isn’t just speaking truth to power.  Lucrative it has become.  Over the last few years more and more woke people – often “white” themselves – drop it as an odd badge of honor. It’s now permeated out of the backwater holes and into the mainstream.

Everyday people in certain departments on college campuses, very successful bookstores, authoritative and thought provoking Tumblr blogs,  government programs, codes of conducts on websites, “diversity” departments, and even politicians of repute use it just as if they were referring to the local weather.

We’ve seen a bunch of these types of articles provoking important thought and dialogue obsessing with not just “whiteness”, but “white” people in general.

No, the question is not what the fuck is wrong with the people writing these headlines and obsessing over this as their main purpose and meaning to life. They’ve found a niche market – though a depressing and sad one. For how much longer though?

Those headlines all at least have a target for their seething vitriol. For now.  Well one thing that seems to evade them is that one obvious question: “What happens when they “win” and “whiteness” is no longer a problem?”

Now of course there’s too many people making money off “fighting whiteness“, wielding power and influence in their new departments, narcissists enjoying being an “expert”, and plenty of others getting that dopamine hit from feeling like some kind of moral caped crusader to cope with the bloody skeletons in their dark closets.

Fine.  Let them exploit it as far and as much as possible.  Encourage it.  We want people to see the devious chicanery and Machiavellian nature that these people wield so effectively as a weapon.   Demographics, ethnicity, and race however are quite the witches brew in the modern era.

Realistically there are two possibilities for what will happen to “whiteness” on a demographic level – specifically in the U.S.

1.   If current demographic trends and projections continue as expected, you’ll apparently have a lot more “Hispanics” as well as people of mixed race in the U.S.   Of course these same people will still insist “whiteness” is systematic and pervades all the important sectors and fabric of society.  They do need to keep up the exploitation to ensure the flow of shekels.

2. These same race trolls will have to expand the demographics of who is “white.”  We’ve already seen that with “White Hispanics.  Likely this would include various people of mixed race, probably all Jews,  white Africans, Arabs who look too “white”, and possibly even Sino Asians as an overall group if they keep doing as well as they are doing.

Either way these exploitative race trolls will live the same sad lives.  Fewer and fewer people, “white”, “minorities”, or “marginalized groups” will want to be around or associate with them.   Furthermore, the level of toxicity you see from these people is dangerous from a historical perspective.

What happens when you can blame a group of people for EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world and constructive a narrative pushed everywhere from academia to popular media that these same people will always hold the “power” without drastic means of intervention? What happens when you can attach various other groups with that scarlet label?

Ingrain in the popular public consciousness that a people group are oppressors and eventually you can justify just about anything to deal with that supposed oppression to “rectify” the scales.   (Of course the people determining the scales have the real power.)  Revise history so that “racism” only began after the Enlightenment and make sure to blame the current “oppressors” for all of it.

Look at South Africa where the old “white” Boer farmers have a huge amount of land still – around 70%.   Villainize them enough, blame them for everything wrong, and revise history in people’s minds to make them believe the Boers stole that land.  What happens?  Exactly what is happening in South Africa now.  Who would have thought even 30 years ago this would have been a possibility?

But I digress.

Consider all these race trolls, baiters, and aggregators.  What will they do once demographics change?  Even in the present their lives are entirely devoted to exploiting racial disharmony and divisions for money and power by believing their own deceit about the supposed moral high-ground of reconciliation that they desire for society.

These people don’t want reconciliation, harmony, or any of those fuzzy feelings. They want to ensure division and prosper from it which is why the most outspoken activists and leaders have made a career out of it.  Meanwhile the “minorities” and “groups” they speak for are deliberately left-behind. Why do you think some are participating in #WalkAway?

It’s why social justice essentially has become an evil.   However it’s important to learn from what they have become and avoid becoming the monster we continually gaze at.  Don’t be taken in by the WN and actual White Supremacist hucksters in the Alt-Right.  They have nothing to offer but similar pain and a shallow identity that will soon become less and less able to define.

Look toward creating a new identity for those in the  Dissident Right as well as for peoples across and all over the globe.  Encourage them to forge an identity that’s not dependent on the existence of a group or ideology to be opposed and fought, but one that stands completely and independently on it’s own.

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