The “Current Year” Is The Best Year To Be Alive

We Are Living In The Best Time To Be Alive

Another day, another crisis.  People cheating on each other, drama, social media lynch mobs, vitriolic dialogue dialogue , families imploding over elections, and widespread social anxiety and depression because life isn’t exactly what we want it to be at the given moment.

Well, it could be a hell of alot worse.

I’d rather be living in the favelas of Brazil, then living in 1400s Persia waiting for the Mongolian onslaught.  However, there is much more to life than just “safety” and all those fun statistics in which you have more of a chance of getting killed by lightning rather then invasion by a foreign horde and army.

With the rather insane speed travel of news these days, it’s easy to hear about everything bad that may have happened that day.  This magnifies our perception and interpretation of occurrence of the bad and often downplays the “good”.   Bluntly put, people don’t care about saving puppies as much as they care about burning them alive.  Negative events and news makes us likelier to react, engage, and get angry– a fact that’s been explored quite a bit.

This probably says something very disturbing about human nature that’s been amplified and brought to the surface with social media and the internet in general.

However, what we often overlook is not just the fact that we have a much greater chance to live, but specifically the ability to live well and in much comfort.   If you were homeless and destitute even 300 years ago, you’d probably die off pretty quick.  Our homeless can live for decades – even with piss poor living conditions.

This says quite a bit of the culture and age we live in – for all of it’s many problems.  Suffice to say, it could be much much worse.  Thing is,  people forget to  look at it with this attitude.

Consider the things we have to make life not just easier, but more enjoyable.  Spices, salt, cinnamon, seasoning and every kind of sauce at your fingertips at the local Walmart to give you the ability to make your food far tastier than ever.   Hundreds of years ago, only the very rich, connected, and lucky had access to spices, let alone salt.

Now even those on minimum wage can easily afford products that satisfy your taste buds.  You don’t even have to wait for the right season to get Watermelon, Oranges, Apples, or tons of other seasonal food. It’s all available at what is often an affordable price.    Want something sweet?  There’s thousands of choices all in one store.

What about about a very specific item? An Amazon order is just a click away as is just about any other website where you can order anything from shoes to parts for your vehicle.

Speaking of vehicles, we take for granted having jobs that are “close” in being 10-20 miles away from where we live and being able to cover a distance that would take at least 4 hours in often 20 minutes or less.   Now you can go anywhere to find entertainment whereas before you were relegated to a local village or city with very limited options.  If you don’t want to travel, there’s always Netflix, YouTube, or something to watch from home – an idea that was not plausible or feasible in it’s very base conception to someone even 200 years ago.

Planes, trains, and automobiles are a key component to why modern life is far easier than any generation in the 1500s would have had it.  Glass is no longer a luxury or produced in one place for extravagant prices.  Plastics have revolutionized everything from storage and computer parts to dinner ware and toys.

Medicine is no longer just accessible to the Kings and nobility. Now even a crack addict can walk off the street and into an ER and get treatment and they can’t turn him away.  This is a far bigger deal than you may think.  In fact the prevalence of something as simple as Ibuprofen and Tylenol makes the aches, pains, and headaches we may incur so much more manageable than they ever would have been.

Seriously, imagine life without them.   That deep breath and sigh of relief when you step into an airconditioned room and out of the brutal high humidity and heat? Yea, that’s a hell of a luxury that people haven’t had for thousands of years. Luckily even our poorest have access to it and that’s a big deal.

Crime is far down from what it used to be when you compare it to the last 500 years of history – in which it continues to decline.  You are far safer than you ever have been.

This really is the best time in history to be alive.

History Teaches Us Gratitude.

Even if you live far from your family, you can communicate with them by means of just a simple click or a video chat from your phone.  What used to take weeks to relay a simple message now only takes moments.   Samuel Morse would invent the telegraph and begin the foundations for early communication because of the death of his wife.

Almost 200 years later, we now profit tremendously from it and forget just how far we’ve come.  Of course, we easily forget that this used to be the imagination of science-fiction writers, but now it is the reality.

History is so damn important because it gives us the necessary perspective to stop us from being narcissists who don’t know how good we  actually have it – regardless of supposed perceived “ist”, “isms”, and “phobias” of today that seem to only be found in Western cultures which won’t shut the hell up about them.   (Surprisingly people in the 3rd world dont care about racism. They actually engage actively in it and all those other “isms”.)

In fact, it shows you just how grateful and humble one should be.  Perhaps it’s no accident that we barely touch it and instead focus on the supposed contributions of obscure characters based on who they screwed in dirty alleys, bathhouses, and festivals.

Sometimes, it really feels like a sick twisted modern conspiracy to ensure people don’t know how good they got it.  This way they can instead have a population of ignorant obese consumers who blame others for their problems and ensure easy exploitation for political purposes that still guarantee the same damn elite plutocrats reign from their ivory towers.

Alright, I digress.

Let’s face it you ingrates;  Living in the 1st world and even 2nd world today is relatively safe and luxurious. – even if you are dirt poor and homeless.  There is no Crimean, Asian, African, or other slave trade that you might end up being captured and sold from anymore. (Well, a bit of an African one still going on.)  Chances of you being wiped out by an invading army are virtually non-existent.

Even if you are “discriminated” against in a 1st world country, you still have a hell of a chance of thriving when 500 years ago, you may have been left to die hungry in the streets – if you weren’t driven off into barren countryside.  Rome may have fallen, but life would continue and slowly get better.

Yet people act like a disturbance at Starbucks with its burnt ass coffee is the end of the world.  You wonder to yourselves, do these people really have nothing else to do or enjoy?   Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into their misery.

Envy, Jealousy, and Augmented Reality

Another significant factor on life in the modern digital age is the ability to suggest, pretend, fake and sometimes truthfully portray just how “awesome” your life may be. We can all scroll through our Faceberg stream and see people who apparently have it all – the girl, the money, house, car, perfect kids and nights out on the town.

Despite the fact, there’s a likely chance it’s all making up for the fact something is deeply wrong in their life and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, people still judge themselves by these “standards”.  In essence, it gives birth to much of the depression and anxiety that plagues the modern prole.

Thing is you know some of these people. If you really creepy, pervy, a full out gossip hound, or someone who can’t keep their nose out of other’s live, you know these people are full of crap.

Posting constantly about how happy they are about their relationship? Likely bullshit, trying to make someone else jealous, or a combination of both.  10th happy marriage anniversary?  You know their marriage is actually on the rocks and about to implode with the fiery embers impact all of their family and friends circles.  In fact, you know the split is going to be hell and far from something you want to emulate.

So why do people go out of their way to present a front and a reality that is bullshit? Why can’t they just be themselves? Why do they say what they don’t really think?

Well here are some ideas:

  • People are afraid of judgment.
  • We want to be perceived as successful as possible.  We want people to like us and furthermore, we want them to desire to be like us.  Pride is a strong temptation.
  • A degrading and selfish society pressures people to evade, ignore, and deny who they really are and insist they are someone they are not – or blame someone else for the lack of it.
  • We are ruled by our emotions and how we feel at the given moment – and life is all about that dopamine high felt after partying every weekend.
  • Being recognized as important in the eye’s of others make us feel like we are taking part in their success.

We don’t have to play this game and engage in endless virtue signaling. People today are driven by a modern insanity to pretend to be heroes.  However, in today’s age one can’t be a hero if there are no villains.  Someone has to play the role of the despised and derided – just as you see on social media today.

Stop playing that game.  It may be important to cultivate a reputation, but not one that’s obtained by pretending to be someone who you aren’t and suffering the stress, guilt, and inner self-loathing that comes with that.

Life is short.  Don’t worry about what other people think.  You don’t need to feel shame, guilt, or any of the other bullshit that people demand you show after the umpteenth shooting, terrorist attack, contested election, controversial events and stories, etc.

Even if the mob attacks you for what you think, say, or “are”, it will fade fast. Life will go on as it always has in history.  The mob might be able to cause temporary misery, but you will never go hungry, you will enjoy tasty food, you will be able to drive to a forest preserve to get away from it all.

History may be cyclical and like an endless waltz, but it is getting better.  There is much to make one an optimist even in the face of today’s trials and tribulations. It is a great time to be alive.  Act like it.

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