Thoughts on Race Commentary In The Dissident Right

Many progressive have obsessed over race to the point its turned them into bitter people who can’t take time off to enjoy life. For others they’ve become self-loathing “allies” too busy worrying about their privilege to realize there’s more lessons to be learned from history than just “oppression.”

So take a hint from the self-inflicted pain these people put them through and DONT DO THE SAME.

One things many of us on the Dissident Right should be aware of is history and how demographics across the world have adapted and changed through conquest, migration, colonization, and various other methods.  They all overlap in various circles and variables.

Humans are tribal.  We always have been and likely always will. Race, ethnicity, cities, families, regions, tribes, etc all represent various “circles” that overlap.

Think of the Google+ circle overlap of friends, acquaintances, etc.  The internet, ease of travel, and technology have changed our “identities.  Because you can travel 100 miles with a car in mere hours, you and a host of other people can show up at a metal concert, all look somewhat similar, mosh and partake in an event that builds an identity for all those there.

Yes, “Us vs them” is a natural human instinct and its effect up until the last 300 years can’t be understated when used to distract the populace from their real overseers. It doesn’t however mean everything should be “us”, whoever that might be, vs some other group. Not every aspect of life is not a zero sum game.

Now I’ll admit, I may have a bias. I don’t even know if I’m bi-racial. The Turks burned all of our damned records in the genocide, but considering how many different times Armenia was conquered and how many different Empires and other groups have gone through it, I probably have a whole host of Middle Eastern, Russian, and maybe even Asian blood in me. (I’m going to take an ancestry test).  My European half is various mix of ethnicity.

I don’t live in Chicago, but even in the part of Illinois I live, I know ALOT of mixed, bi-racial people, not just including both sides of my family and my wives.  It’s not deliberate persay, it just happened – probably because the Lake County area generates ALOT of jobs, just as nearby Kenosha County in Wisconsin is starting too. People move to where the jobs are. (Cook County is dead to me.)


 Stop seeing the extremes and loud voices from external groups as the complete representation.  Most black people don’t care about Black Lives Matter, social justice, or intersectional nonsense. Sure, they might have some agreement with the overall thrust behind BLM, but they’d much rather just go about living life than obsessing over the white man.

Again you will have the malcontent trust fund types who have too much time on their hands and a luxury of funds to major in African studies, but most black people dont. They aren’t wasting their time studying about “oppression”.  They are working, trying to survive like everyone else, and enjoy the time they have.

Most Hispanics don’t care about La Raza.  The most disagreeable position they might have with you is immigration, and even then, it’s not uniform. They don’t hate “whites” anymore than any other group. Sure, they have they radicals, but if you aren’t at a college campus in a VERY urban city, they won’t care.


Interracial sex and in some cases marriage is inevitable. Hell, in 50 years, it will be harder to tell who is mixing with who. Just because it’s been weaponized by progressive race obsessed miserable fanatics doesn’t mean it’s somehow wrong, bad, or negative.

What’s inevitable about it?  Simply history shows that groups will intermingle given migration, conquest, or in today’s day the ability to simply pack up and move.   Sure, there are some rather nasty statistics that have been mentioned ad nauseum already that we shouldn’t overlook. (Particularly that most black men regardless of the race of the women they have children with often don’t just refrain from marrying the mother, but often leave her as well. Granted I have a strong sympathy for black men – not because of racism/opression, but that’s for another time.)

Those of us in the “manosphere” should be very familiar with the numerous reasons why black and white men in particular might choose to date and marry outside of their race and I can’t fault them for it either.


While the DailyStormCucks are obsessing about white purity and how it looks via ghetto trash representatives and the occasional armchair philosphers, they keep overlooking that what it means to be “white” has changed drastically in the last 100 years alone.

Zimmerman was a “White Hispanic”.  Italians, Greek, and various Balkanites weren’t white 100 years ago.  Just two hundred years ago the Irish were looked at as mongrels.  We can’t even tell if people from North Africa are White, Arab, or “African” or some mixture of all or how different they are from each other in the two thousand years of constant warfare between each other, invasions, conquests, and migrations.

Even Hispanics originating from Hispania – that’s Spain and Northwest Africa – are part white and whatever else after mixing with the local natives – another example of “interracial” inevitability.  Look at other parts of the world.

How many people from Asia and the Middle East have Mongolian, Seljuk Turk, or Mughal in them?  How many people alone are descended from Genghis Khan today? How many people in Western Europe, Russia, etc have Scandinavian Viking in them? Yes, the Japanese and Han Chinese might be their own exceptions.

Racial purity isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it’s unlikely somewhere like the US where you’ve had various waves of immigration.  Yes, people do stick to their own groups, but plenty will look for love elsewhere and where it’s most easily available. (Not to exclude opportunity, work, education, etc.)


Acknowledging racial, ethnic, gender, etc differences is important. Ignoring them doesn’t make any of it go away. James Damore was fired for daring to talk about it.

If we don’t, we will never be able to improve our lot, or those around us.  Dave Rubin did an interview with Stefan Molyneux on the subject, and while I’m not sure I place the same stake in “IQ” tests that he does, it’s worth watching to see how it affects how we live.  (Criticism from a left-leaning source here.)

Acknowledging racial and ethnic differences doesn’t mean we need to sterilize “low IQ” people or thrust some crazy eugenic influence into law like the early social progressives tried to do with their social Darwinism.

It simply means that we need to address what we know.  Now there’s plenty of insanity in this category with lots of supposed “pseudo-science” being clung around, but regardless the more we talk about it, the better it can be vetted.

There’s this idea that high IQ people have no flaws and are always ideal to a countries prosperity and success.  Sure, they are important, but their penchant to do evil with their brilliance is also a possibility.  Low IQ types may resort to crime, but many don’t and won’t.

Africa might have some of the lower IQ averages, but it’s more of an indication of constant and complete population displacement and a lack of exposure and well traveled trade routes that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and eventual academic undertaking.

Give some place like Uganda relative peace, 500 years of generations being exposed to a consistent 8th grade level education, majority of the populace being literate and watch what happens. Europe, the Middle East, or Asia didn’t magically build universities, hospitals, ect in 100 years.

It’s going to take time for the 3rd world to get to a 2nd world level. Unfortunately for Africa, the corruption that is so innate to MANY of the cultures of African countries – and the governments there -will test to see if it’s possible.  Perhaps the worldview shift taking place in parts of Africa – the rise of Christianity – will start to have an effect on the corrupt culture.

Don’t forget the kind of effect Christianity had on the culture and peoples of the Germanic tribes, Gauls, Franks, Danes, and even the Vikings.  Look at what Sweden became – or virtually all of Europe for that matter. It didn’t happen overnight.

Ideas have consequences, regardless of the culture they are from. If there’s anything history tells us, it’s that certain ideas – often many of those in the Anglosphere, some in Asia, and others in Europe and the Americas can uplift a society.

The Middleast is stuck where it is for a reason, despite dominance up to the mid 17th century.  An industrial revolution and the ideas necessary for it never took old.  The same can be said for most of Africa.

With the introduction of the internet and incredible easy accessible means to learn, share, and obtain information, that may change.  However, it will take at least several generations for those changes to start to take root and have results.


You can’t have a cohesive stable functional identity based on race. You can have one based on commonalities, but race doesn’t quite fit the bill here. Brazilians don’t have much in common with the Venezuelans, the Poles with the English, the Japanese with the Vietnamese, the Nigerians with the  Somali, etc.

Even similar ethnicities like the Belgian Walloons and Flemmings don’t have much in common, despite sharing the same country. Old ties die hard.

A “white” ethnostate is not just a stupid idea – considering what alt right whites like Spencer and ultra liberal whites like Michael Moore have in common, but an impractical one. It’s just as dumb as any other racial ethnostate. The modern world and means of travel make it an impossible one.

Also the constant melding of people over time means one wont know who is necessarily white, black, brown, asian ect over time if the Hispanics – who are partially white just from their spanish roots – are already demonstrating.  The “mutt” of various European blood which intermixed will soon happen here on an even bi-racial scale  here.

Sure, you might be able to form an identity based on who you are comfortable living next to, but spend some time in urban, rural, and everywhere in between and you’ll find out how different the world is.

Yes, we are tribal.  I feel loyalty to men in the manosphere, as well as some of those in the dissident right, but my familial obligations and loyalty come first – even more so than I thought.

Right there is where you form your identity. Family isn’t necessarily biological and blood related – it’s the close friends, often in similar circles, you make over your lifetime that become like blood.  This is where we must start.

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  1. Good article. But, I have to disagree. You’re view that “we won’t be able to tell what race somebody is” is a false one. I guarantee you China will never be white, black, hispanic, arab, ext.

    You also said “You can’t have a cohesive stable functional identity based on race.”

    Nobody is arguing that cohesive stable functional identities are based on race in Europe. It’s based on ethnicity. The Belgian example that you used, it’s based on ethnicity.

    Race applies more so for the New World, while ethnicity applies for the Old World.

    Look man, I’m not sure that it’s possible to have pure ethno states this day and age. But if demographics truly are destiny, at what point does Germany stop being…..Well……German?

    We can use Armenia. You’re mother land is very fragile. Is diversity Armenia’s strength if they take in 1 million of the highest skilled Chinese workers that are available? Now no, I realize that’s not going to happen, but my point is there are parts of the world where there tribes are rapidly expanding and growing while the descedants of Europeans are rapidly declining. Tribalism will never go away.

    This vision that you have of the world becoming mixed and not being able to tell who is who is false. I would think that somebody whose Armenian and clearly knows their history (which you do) would have sympathies for an ethnicity or a race becoming minorities in their own homelands. Because when shit hits the fan, which believe shit will hit the fan (we are due for a big one by the end of the century) tribalism WILL rear it’s ugly head. But by then, it will be to late.

    PS – Really great blog man! Are you planning on having more kids and extending your tribe? I myself want a big family as well (5 kids), but I haven’t met a girl yet who wants more then 2 kids (and even finding a girl who wants 2 kids seems to be finding a needle in a haystack!).

    1. Hey, glad you stopped by John. I’m trying to get my thoughts on “paper” so to speak so that I and others can better analyze them. Critique is welcome.

      Think about “race” and demographics as how they are rather then should be. Indeed in China, if you aren’t Han Chinese, you won’t be chinese – which means every other race including other asians won’t be Chinese.

      China has the luxury of never having their population displaced or conquered to the point of serious demographic overhaul with minor exception being the Mongols.

      To some extent, you might be able to have a cohesive identity based on ethnicity as the Poles, Hungarians, ect do, but as you mentioned I suppose it’s different in the new world.

      Now consider the new world and “Hispanics.” The Gauls/Visigoths who became Spaniards intermixed with natives in South America and Central America. The Spanish are considered white. Hispania refers to Spain.

      Who are these new mixed people then? That’s an identity they have to determine.

      You bring up the example of Germany. When does Germany stop becoming German?

      When it’s cultural traditions are under threat and pressure from people who refuse to not only adopt them, but revile them. When they have to renounce their history and rich history because of Hitler and a 20 year span. When they have to constantly apologize for “aggression” even though the german states before its unification and their neighbors constantly warred with each other. (It’s not like France has apologized for Napoleon.)

      In order to mantain their demographic, which they instead import via immigrants who have no generational ties or stake in historic German lands, they shirk having kids. These types of Germans don’t care about becoming a minority in their own land.

      It’s unfortunate, because as you know, history has some hard lessons for those who undergo dramatic demographic shifts. Look at Latin America now. They dont have sympathy for left over tribes and Incan descendants.

      But if a group doesn’t want to reproduce, what do you do?

      Now as for Armenia, it’s very fragile. Years of being conquered means that what was an Armenian 2000 years ago and what is one now are probably quite different. Armenia has a population of under 4 million. 50k immigrants who aren’t Armenian would mean a vast change as well as cultural implications.

      The same in the US is happening to an extent. Look at the culture now vs 200 years ago. The “natives” here thought the Irish were going to change the culture of the country. (To some extent they did.)

      “White” people might become a minority in the US, but more people will be thrown into that category either mixed children or “White hispanics” like Zimmerman.

      In the next 50-100 years, I just don’t think an identity based off race or even ethnicity in the US will be possible for whites, let alone some of the other groups here with how easy it is to travel and the internet age.

      We need a tribe. That is for sure. We need a new diaspora that survives and thrives. I don’t see it being some kind of common white identity based specifically on race with hollywood celebs, coastal progressives, or self loathing college student protesters.

      Take into account the idea of a new transnational diaspora from TheFifthPolitical:

      We need to be like the Jews and the Gypsies. No matter where we are, we build an identity that can not just survive, but thrive.

      When shit does hit the fan, which I believe it will, I hope we have some sort of tribal identity and networking going.

      As for starting the family, good for you! Once you know what you are looking for, it helps narrow down what kind of girl you will invest time looking for.

      Me and my wife want more kids, but we want our two sons to be out of their toddler years before we get back to it.

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