Finally Finding The Dark Jazz I’ve Been Searching For

For a long time, I’ve been clicking Youtube after Youtube video and song after song to find the perfect atmosphere for sipping whiskey, smoking a cigar, and enjoying the crackle and warmth of a fireplace.  I could never quite find it though.

The closest I came was when I heard “Goodnight Julia” from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack which has that neo-noir feel that you would see in a hard-boiled detective film where Humphrey Bogart takes a long drag of his cigarette while sitting in a booth in a dimly bar watching out the window for someone on a rainy night.

The second closest I came is another anime soundtrack from the early 2000s anime called “The Big O” which actually has a kind of noir “batman” feel to it. That smooth sax gives you that same calm rainy night feel.

Honestly, I was expecting this kind of atmosphere blues/jazz to come from an earlier 30-60s artists like Coltrane, but the closest I came was Miles Davis.

In unexpected places I hit the jackpot.  Apparently german death metal musicians make great atmospheric jazz players and are part of a sub sub genre of jazz called “Dark Jazz”.   It’s quite diverse, but it would be “Bohren & Der Club of Gore” who were the real treasure.  The name rings death metal, but the music is exactly what you need for those winter nights by the fire while you sip your whiskey or coffee.

They have several albums each with that “dark” feel, but the sax in this is perfect for the atmosphere I mentioned above. If anyone else can find anything like this, please comment and let me know.

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