Jaxon “Jax” James Burnette and The Parents That Snapped

Jax was only six weeks old when his bones were broken. His brain started to bleed internally from being thrown very hard onto a bed.  His throat was permanently damaged when his father tried to stop him from crying by shoving his fingers down his throat attempting to find his voice box.  Jaxon would never be the same.

UPDATE  1: Jax has passed away.  Murder charges will now be in the making. This is now a dire and lethal lesson to learn. May he rest with the angels.

UPDATE 2: More information has come out that hints that Jaxon may have been abused since birth.  Drugs may have been part of it, but this was just the culmination that ended up taking Jax’s life.

UPDATE  3: (ALSO: A commentor has hinted that Jax’s father Robert had a history of this kind of violence and had tried to kill his brother. ) Further reading via the DailyMail:  “His parents told police that he’d tried to kill his own brother in various ways over the years – including beating and stabbing him as well as trying to drown and smother him.”

In this case, Robert did one snap too far. “According to court records, he has also spent time in mental health institutions for severe anger issues. ”   The signs weren’t taken seriously.


Child abuse is a term lightly thrown around in our time which is rife with potshots at spanking, mothers threatened for letting their kids play at the park, and parents who take away their teens Iphones and ground them from Tumblr, but the story you are about to hear is a case of real abuse.  Deathly abuse.


I don’t “identify” with Jax’s parents. We should simply recognize that everyone has a snapping point and to make sure we know ours. 99% of us even in our worst moment when we do snap will NEVER do anything as terrible to our kids as Jax’s did to him. We should still know our breaking points. That’s the point of this entire post.

When something this awful happens, we should see what can learn from it rather then post some momentary outraged posts on Faceberg and then move on to the next story 24 hours later.

Abuse like this is always horrible and vile, but we are fooling ourselves if we believe we are all above and beyond it. Obviously, Jax’s father in particular bordered on vile – considering he did attempt to kill his parents and his brother, from what I’ve read – so I wonder if Jax actually ever stood much of a chance at life.

IMPORTANT:  A lesson here is to be LEARNED.   This post is NOT interested in any kind of justification for the abuse of Jaxon by his parents, rather it’s devoted to ensuring it doesn’t happen to another innocent child. When horrific tragedies occur, we must learn from them – even if we aren’t any of the monsters that caused or participated in them.

Of course none of us are like his father or his mother.

However we are fooling ourselves if we think we might never just have that one brief moment.  Everyone has a breaking point – again nothing on the level that happened to Jax.  Find it, know it, and make sure you never reach it.

Know yourself,  know the signs, and know when to take a break.  Never convince yourself that the stress won’t get to you: that you’re special.   You might think you’d never be capable of this, but how many people do you know who you thought would never be capable of abuse ended up being abusive?

Many of the pictures below have been making their rounds on Facebook.  My wife showed me the below. Blood is on his bib. His parents look almost clueless as to what’s happened.

Jax probably won’t make it.  If he does, he will have severe mental and physical disabilities. EDIT: We can now confirm he has passed from the brutality of this world and into one that is far better.

Jaxon “Jax” James Burnette

His mother didn’t do anything to stop it. She would later claim that she was scared of Jax’s father as well of her father killing Jax’s dad as to why she remained silent and didn’t alert anyone to what was happening.  Whether this is completely true, we don’t know.

What happened here is a tragedy, but a human story that needs to be told.    Truth be told, we could become like Jax’s parents in a moment that is just too much to bear.  Honestly, I don’t think they ever thought they were capable of this, and now the heartbreak is to set in.   They can’t take it back.

Now, everyone is a critic these day’s when it comes to parenting.  I recall a recent story where people recoiled in disdain as one man explained how he knew a father who used to put his screaming son in a carseat and leave him in the bathroom with the fan on until he stopped crying.  IF only Jaxon’s parent’s could have done this instead. Know your limits.

So terrible huh?

As parents, we do feel bad when our children cry, especially when they are infants. But sometimes, there isn’t much you can do.  If you have had a child who is just starting to go through teething, you know what I mean.

You give your kid some infant tylenol, comfort them as much as possible, and the put them in their crib. Often, they cry themselves to sleep because of how tired they get.  Yep, that sounds kind of bad, “Crying themselves to sleep”, but its how babies fall asleep.    If that doesn’t work, perhaps the whirring white noise of a fan in the bathroom might do the trick. At some point, you need to sleep.

If we are dead honest, all parents have wanted to do this at some point.  It makes them normal, human, and capable of getting stressed out instead of the superparents we read about on blogs that seem like a sitcom fairytale.

When your child has been screaming all night, you are dead tired, stressed, and exhausted, this seems more and more like a better option.   In fact, sometimes you just need to walk away from the room for a few minutes, regain your composure, and let your headache ease just a bit.

Some deem it cruel, but let’s look at what happens when parents who don’t do the above finally snap.  Below is a picture of Jaxon “Jax” James Burnette, a 6 week old baby who will probably won’t live much longer.

Take a look at this picture and ask, “What happened?”

A mother lost her maternal instinct to protect her young and never bothered to stop the father, who lost his paternal instinct in a fit of rage at some point. For instance, from another source:

“She admitted she lied at the hospital, telling doctors she didn’t know how the baby was injured. Police say she never showed emotion during their interrogation. She referred to her son not by his name but by “the kid” or “the baby.”

Jaxon “Jax” James Burnette

Look at the picture above one more time.  It’s as if she doesn’t realize his suffering or what’s happened. I’m kind of shocked everytime, I look at it.

Perhaps these are terrible people who were not meant to be parents.   It’s one thing to look like junkies, but its another to let those drugs destroy the bond a parent has for their child.

It’s easy to hate them. But, again what if we became them?  Are they really this cold? Could we ever become this cold if we just snapped?  It’s a scary thought.

These parents; I don’t believe they are as evil as we want them to be. I’m not justifying their actions; I just see how easily it could be for parents to snap at some point and to this.

I’ll let STLToday give you the morbid details:

WENTZVILLE • A man from Wentzville shoved his fingers down the throat of his 6-week-old son. He wanted to find the baby’s voice box and stop him from crying.

More abuse followed. The baby was thrown onto a bed. Shaken violently. Picked up by the back of his neck.

All the while the baby’s mother watched and made no effort to get help.

That’s the harrowing account spelled out in St. Charles County court records documenting the abuse against the infant boy, identified only as J.B.

The boy was still alive on Friday morning but “extremely critical,” the prosecutor’s office said. He was in protective custody and being treated at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital for, among other things, bleeding on the brain and broken bones. Doctors have told police it’s “a likely possibility” the boy will die.

J.B.  is Jaxon James Burnette It’s likely that he may never see his father again.   Another dysfunctional nightmare story if the kid survives.    I’ve only been a parent for 7 months, but I can safely say – don’t try to be a superhero mom or dad.

Jax Burnette with blood on his bib. 6 week old baby.
Lessons must be learned.

Be a parent who realizes that sometimes you need a break, that the carseat and bathroom might not be a bad idea, and that sometimes, you just have to let them cry.  

This doesn’t make you bad parents. It makes you smart, compassionate, and aware ones. Composure and patience will become welcome friends. You aren’t a bad parent. Just one that needs to walk out of the room for a bit, so you don’t snap.  Raising a kid is hard enough for two parents.  Most of us don’t have that village we need, family close by, etc.

This isn’t to say you are like Jax’s parents, it’s just that the edge is a bit closer you might realize when the crying has gotten your head pounding, your wife crabby, and your sleep has been shortened.

What happened to Jax scared me. I think we all have just enough of an inner demon in us to do something like this. Most parents will insist that they could never do anything like this…   I think they are just scared to consider they could be capable of something this heartbreaking – especially when you see Jax’s face.   I thought about my son being in his place and it almost brought me to tears.

Julius Michael Temple, my firstborn.
Julius Temple in the bath

We just need the courage to admit that we need a break to prevent us from ever getting close to this possibility. Don’t let yourself go down the path. Don’t let yourself believe you are a superparent above this kind of stress.  It’s not an admission of guilt – its a recognition of the daily demands that we as parents have.

Now Robert may have been a creature of severe anger, hate, and now murder.  If you know you have anger problems, don’t let yourself get to the place where they can manifest!!! Take a break! Walk away for a moment.  The come right back.

Deus Vult brothers.

28 Replies to “Jaxon “Jax” James Burnette and The Parents That Snapped”

  1. No, this could not happen to any of us!! If you feel yourself get to that point, you walk away. Abusing your baby is not an option. My heart breaks for him, sweet angel

    1. Yes, you should always walk away if you get to that point. Some parents however seem to think this will make them bad parents, rather than smart ones

      Abusing your baby is definitely not an option. It’s just that its often a series of steps that lead to an abuse and a final snapping, rather then it just coming out of the clear blue.

      I think we should recognize the signs in ourselves when we see them and make sure we take a break to ensure we don’t go along that path whatsoever.

      For instance, I was trying to change my son’s diaper and he wouldn’t stop struggling and trying to flip over and crawl. I started to get so frustrated. So before that frustration could escalate, I walked away for a minute, focused on how much I love him, and went back at it.

  2. I see where you were going with this, and you mean well, and this is great advice… however these sickos were not someone who just “snapped”. This creature was trying to kill his beother for years and was a violent and dangerous man. The mother was pretending to cry during police interigation and would stop as soon as they left the room. This was not a story of the baby wouldnt stop crying and they snapped, they hurt this child on purpose and deserve to be drug out back and shot.

    1. So you are saying this guy had a history of this kind of violence? That’s news to me. Could explain a lot.

      Do you have any sources to his previous behavior?

  3. Absolutely disagree with you. 100%. This is a far cry from someone who had enough of the crying. He is demonic. No matter how stressed I’ve ever been, there is NO way I could have done 5% of what he did.

    1. Totally agree! The person that wrote this article is a complete idiot! Get real! How can you justify this one bit! My son had colic and screamed for 7 months solid! I never once laid a finger on him! He’s pure evil and your a moron for even suggesting anything else who ever wrote this article!!

      1. It’s not a justification.

        It’s simply admitting that this could happen to any of us. Sure you might not think yourself capable, but there are stories of a lot of GOOD parents out there who thought they would never snap – neither did their family or friends – and in one quick moment, they did. Will folks admit this often? Of course not. But let’s not kid ourselves.

        It’s not simply evil people and parents ready to lash out and abuse their children.

        Perhaps you are the complete idiot if you refuse to think it could happen to you. Recognize possible situations that escalate – especially when exhausted, tired, and frustrated and take yourself out of the room for a moment if need be.

      2. he’s not an idiot.
        Fa soltanto una riflessione ed un’analisi sul comportamento dei genitori. Chi vuole diventare cosi come loro ?
        Sono d’accordo completamente con chi ha scritto questo articolo.
        Io vivo in italia e questa storia del 2016 l’ho scoperta due giorni fa e mi ha ferito.
        Mi ha ferito anche vedere le facce vuote dei genitori….
        Jaxon lo porterò sempre nel mio cuore e sono sicura che adesso é un angelo di Dio e che sta benissimo.

    2. I know right! There’s no way in hell that I could or would be capable of this… I took care of both my kids by myself and they both had colic bad and I still never got to that point ever so don’t try to say that all parents are capable of it and please don’t try to justify what those parents did was due to being overstressed cause its not what so ever not even close actually these parents are straight up child abusers and its not because of stress

  4. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, if you truly feel this way and have any young kids in your home, you need to be evaluated.

    1. You may be Mother Teresa, but the rest of us parents aren’t.

      Now most of us won’t ever go as far as Jax’s parent’s did, it’s essential to realize we could go down that path unless we take preventative steps.

      So instead of pretending we are saints, we realize that we are normal humans who when stressed out should take a breather for a moment and then come back to help our kids.

      IF you can’t realize this, you might need to be evaluated. Whether you are a psychiatric nurse practitioner or not is irrelevant.

    2. I was thinking the same thing…
      I have four biological and 14 throw aways I took in without financial help and I never snapped or needed a break..
      Probably because I’m not a pill popping, crack smoking, heroin shooting, alcohol drinking loser. ..

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  6. I know that this is an old post, but just came across the story and ended up on your blog. I worked as a social worker dealing with abused and neglected children for almost 15 years until I could just no longer handle it anymore. I truly believe that if parents were more honest about the frustrations and exhaustion that comes with parenting instead of continuing to maintain the superhuman supermom/dad fantasy that there would be fewer child abuse cases. Yes, there are definitely cases in which the parents are just evil, despicable trolls, in which case, nothing would have changed the outcome. But for many to acknowledge the realities that parenthood is difficult and that although you can absolutely love your child, you can also absolutely snap. We need to be loudly stating that it’s absolutely ok to lay your baby in his/her crib, walk away and calm down for 5 minutes. This does not make you a bad parent, in fact it makes you a good parent who acknowledges their limits.

    1. Hi Kris. Having been a social worker, I’m sure you’ve seen just about everything under the sun regarding children and child abuse.

      Just as you have pointed out, I’ve started to notice so many stories of child abuse I come across involve parents who weren’t bad people who just snapped.

      People fear we may judge them if they admit they need a break or think they are bad parents not realizing it’s probably the best thing they can do at that exact moment where they are teetering on the line.

  7. I’m sorry I dont agree. This isnt just a one time thing. They said this baby was abused since birth. The dude tried to kill his brother on more than one occasion says his parents. This is just plain horrible human beings.

    1. Valid point.

      As you dig more up on him, there’s a VERY troubled past. Consider what causes someone to try to kill their own family members, let alone kill their own child in a fit of rage. It’s shocking and points to something very deep in the well – so to speak. I’m starting to wonder if he went through alot of abuse as a kid. If so, it’s yet another generational cycle unfortunately. That said, we can all still learn from this as parents as we can all snap. For Jax’s parents, it didn’t take much.

    1. You’re the delusional idiot who shouldn’t have kids.

      See how that works?

      One of the most important pieces of advice you can give a new mother (1) who hasn’t slept in months, (2) has done everything she can for her baby – burped, changed, fed, (3) is now at the verge of snapping from exhaustion is to tell her to take a break for a moment and get out of that room. Same thing with the father that is helping out.

      If Jax’s parents – as terrible as they are/were – would have done that, he might STILL be ALIVE!

      Every parent should know that regardless if they are Mother Teresa with the actual patience and fortitude of a saint, that they can come to a breaking point they wouldn’t have thought possible. Insisting it can’t happen doesn’t make it so. Neither does believing that it only happens to “bad” parents and people. You do people a great disservice by only talking about it when it’s already HAPPENED instead of means to prevent it.

  8. This could not happen to any of us. Maybe you can identify with this sick son of a bitch but I can’t. I love that that psych NP spoke up and told you that if you truly believe what you wrote here that you need to seriously consider getting looked at yourself. Bc let me let u in on a little secret bruh. Theres nothing on this earth. No amount of stress or anger that could make me smash my kids. And my kids are bad as hell. But when they’re babies they’re not bad. They’re not crying to piss you off. they’re crying bc they’re scared. You sir are a complete fucking idiot and I pray to God your wife has some sense. If not yall need to get some professional help. Bc you’re protecting your own shit right now trying to make yourself feel better for something you did or thought about doing is my guess. Either way dude you’re fucked up for writing this and I hope you delete it before the wrong family member sees it and comes knocking on your door.

    1. I don’t “identify” with Jax’s parents. We should simply recognize that everyone has a snapping point and to make sure we know ours. 99% of us even in our worst moment when we do snap will NEVER do anything as terrible to our kids as Jax’s did to him. We should still know our breaking points. That’s the point of this entire post.

      (1) Babies cry because they are babies and (2) because they need something; milk, a diaper change, to be burped, attention, etc.

      Here’s a little secret. We are all capable of “bad” and “evil”. Locks on doors keep honest people honest. For some reason, you dont get this. Does this make you fucked up? I’ve seen good parents do things in the heat of the moment. Everyone has got a story about how they’ve disciplined their kids a little too hard out of anger. (Obviously not anything as terrible as what happened to Jax.)

      Furthermore I don’t need to delete anything and fear anyone knocking at my door. I’m a strong supporter and participant in the 2nd amendment and anyone knocking at my door should realize this before they act rashly.

    2. I agree with you 100%. I’d never hurt my kids and like yours, my kids are spoiled rotten and mean as sin. This dude has some shit he needs to work out.

  9. I have 3 kids. I have two that are only 22 months apart and that was hard enough but only one month after my 2nd child was born my husband was paralyzed in a car accident. I had a 22 month old, a newborn, and a husband that would never walk again. . I didnt sleep for days at a time and I was doing everything by myself. I was stressed to the max, but never once did I even think about doing anything what so ever to harm my children in any way. My thoughts like any good parent are to protect them, take care of them, and love them as much as I possibly can. I never had a ” breaking point” when it came to my kids. Im now 40 years old and my children are now 17 and 16 and their father passed away 8 years after his accident. I have a 3 year old now from my 2nd marriage and he is harder than my other 2 were together. Hes hyper and of course hes spoiled rotten but when hes being bad or bouncing off the walls, my thoughts aren’t to hurt him. Hell, I grab a camera and start snapping pics and making videos. It takes a special kind of evil to get mad enough to hurt a child and im a strong believer that those kind of people should get death penalty. Anyway, my point being everyone may have a snapping point but even after the hell I went through, I’ve never had the urge to snap or even walk away for a breather when it came to my kids.

    1. So you’ve never spanked your kids in a moment of anger a little harder than you should have? Ever? Never been too harsh? No slaps on the hand out of a reaction from pain in a moments notice? You’re the one exception out of tens of millions of parents in the country? Really?

      Obviously there’s degrees and levels of how bad a parent can react, over-react, and cross into a dangerous threshold a.ka breaking point. We need to recognize that point when it crosses over that dangerous threshold. You are basically telling people they don’t have to worry about a breaking point. From what every child psychologist will tell you – parents DO have a breaking point.

      Having people ignore their breaking point can and DOES harm children. Look at what happened to Jax. Look how many child abuse cases exist across the US. Are you just going to give all those people the death penalty? Sure, you’ve executed the parents, but the child has already been abused. Isn’t it better to try and stop it in the first place? We need to try and help them to avert getting to that breaking point in the first place.

      Just close to us we had a “missing” child which ended up being where his parents killed him and tried to hide his body in a dog park. He was 5 years old. Crystal Lake police report describes Day 1 of AJ Freund investigation

      “Police now believe the parents forced AJ into a cold shower and beat him until he died about three days earlier on April 15. Freund then stored the boy’s body in a tote in the basement for about two days before burying him in a shallow grave April 17 near Woodstock, according to police affidavits.

      That’s evil and brings tears to my eyes.

      Most parents who abuse their kids will never get close to this- but you never know how far a parent can snap. You don’t know how far they will go in a moment before they regain control. By the time they are back in control – it could be too late. Should we ignore the point of escalation?

      The boy killed – A.J. Freund was beaten to death because he lied to them about soiling his underwear. That was catalyst that caused his fucked up parents to snap.

      “According to new court records, AJ’s parents admitted to police that they forced him to take a cold shower for 20 minutes after he lied about soiling his underwear the night he died… The parents then put their son to sleep but later found him unresponsive, Freund told investigators, according to the records. An autopsy, however, found that the boy died from blunt force trauma to his head…

      According to the affidavit, Freund confessed to police after they showed him a video, dated from March, of AJ laying naked on a mattress with bruises. Police recovered the deleted video from Cunningham’s phone and in it, a woman’s voice “consistent with Joann’s is holding the phone and videotaping. She is berating AJ for urinating his bed,” court records say.”

      What if they had walked away at that moment instead and got over their rage? He might still be alive and perhaps CPS might have intervened later at some point in the near future to get him out of there. Now its too late. That’s my point. You’re too perfect and saintly to understand that apparently.

        1. You said you’re kids are spoiled rotten. Damn good parents don’t do that, especially considering what seeds that sows for a child’s future.

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