Laziness Is Derailing The Spanish Learning Process

I like to say things in Spanish with an Antonio Banderas  accent. In fact, my goal is to sound like Antonio Banderas with every word.  The only problem is that my laziness and refusal to practice my Spanish, go through the flashcards, ect is preventing my Antonio Banderas future.   This should be me:

However, it is not.  Google translate isn’t all it is cracked up to be, and quite often, it’s dead wrong – no wonder some native speakers look at me weird when I try to compose some crumbled phrases together. Talking like him is impossible if I can’t conjugate my verbs right.  I did manage to say this to my girlfriend though, “Ella es hermosa.”    It felt good.  I felt good.

What worries me is that I won’t feel good about the grade when I finish my second semester of Spanish for my foreign language requirement.   Getting graded should inspire me to “really” learn the language, something I already planned to do, but it still hasn’t resulted in me doing much of the homework.

It is the response to sentences in Spanish that I struggle to respond to in kind.  You see the subtitles on the screen when watching something  in Spanish, so you can pick up the word easily.  There is however no subtitles in life when trying to pick out words between two people conversing in Spanish.

If I watch La Liga enough, just perhaps I’ll pick up a few more words.  In fact,I challenge myself now; Watch the El Classico between Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Spanish.

Lesson that I will apply when I become a parent: Make my kid learn Spanish as a second language starting at age 5. 

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