Did Anita Sarkeesian Publicly Accuse All Men and Boys Of Being Potential Murderers?

Youtube Atheist spokesperson, The Amazing Atheist – love him or hate him – released a video which was guest hosted by Mr. Repzion. Let’s go back a week and half.  It appears Anita Sarkeesian is again in the center of the spotlight of controversy courtesy of twitter.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that Sarkeesian – a fellow Armenian – is  using a time tested political tactic: appropriating a very tragic school shooting for her own purposes.  Her narrative seems straight to the point that based on her twitter. She assumes that the concept of masculinity – the idea of being a man – is indeed ALWAYS toxic to the point of mass shootings.  Perhaps I’m mistaken, but that seems to take exploitation of a tragedy to a new degree.

Somehow I get the feeling that Sarkeesian doesn’t see anything good about the concept of masculinity and that it is never separate from its “toxic” nature.  Luckily for myself, I’m used to being dehumanized by feminists.  Unfortunately, many males however are not. Look at the next generation of young boys who are being bombarded by the idea that everything they do is toxic both culturally, in social media, and in the schools.

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  • Playing war by using their hands as guns
  • Sword fighting with sticks
  • Dodgeball
  • Being curious about girls
  • Not wanting to sit in a chair for hour straight
  • Wanting to play more physical during recess – assuming they get one.

So what does “Toxic Masculinity” mean? Essentially toxic masculinity is anything that feminists don’t like about men and believe they should change.

Disagree with a feminist? Toxic masculinity. 
Don’t find a woman attractive and therefore don’t want to date them? Toxic masculinity.
Practice true equality by not offering to open the door, pull out the chair, and refusing to offer to pay for dinner? Toxic Masculinity.
Enjoy MMA, the UFC, and anything of a physical nature? Toxic Masculinity.

You get the idea. I hope the next generation of boys can survive considering that having a pair of testicles is now an immediate indictment of toxic masculinity.

6 Replies to “Did Anita Sarkeesian Publicly Accuse All Men and Boys Of Being Potential Murderers?”

  1. I don’t think feminism is a bad concept – women have been subjugated for millennia and still, in most developed nations, struggle to have the same opportunities as men.

    But (and it’s quite a hefty but), nonsensical bullshit about toxic masculinity is not feminism. It’s bullshit. Calling it feminism serves to undermine people, regardless of gender, who are trying to create equality.

    Clearly a self-serving moron who, as you rightly say, uses the tragic killings in a school to massage her ego.


    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      ” Calling it feminism serves to undermine people, regardless of gender, who are trying to create equality.”

      I would agree. The radicals are hijacking the movement to the point where feminism is a dirty word to me. Any thoughts on the “egalitarian” label?

  2. Internet porn could be the problem that dooms modern men/boys, and it’s only a very recent (and very unhealthy phenomenon) that became widespread with the advent of high-speed Internet. Porn makes you hate women. Porn makes you weak and frustrated and irritable. Porn makes you hate people in general. Porn is evil.

    Porn is not real masculinity. Real men ask real women out on dates.

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