Get Over Yourself Because We Already Have.

My favorite Asian badass, Opinionated Man from Harsh Reality, strikes again in a recent post today involving one of the biggest problems that plagues mankind; those who dare to disagree on the internet. In the words of a modern day Asian wiseman, “Get Over Yourself.

One of my favorite responses I often see on message boards, forums, my own facebook, ect. are responses and posts to my own such as:

  • “I can’t believe you said that!”
  • “Tell me you don’t think this!”
  • “How dare you be this ignorant!
  • “You can’t say that!”

Newsflash. I said that, I’m not sorry, and I’ll say it again. Fine, we disagree. I honestly thought it would never happen.  Let’s leave it like that right? Wrong.  The hounds start to bark, the crows start to circle, and the night starts to darken.  Demands for your head, your job, your blog, and your imminent seclusion from internet and blogging life.


A growing number of narcissistic individuals on the internet – I’m shocked – seem to think that they not only should own and control their own havens of internet brilliant dialogue, but that yours should be included in their Iron Curtain like grip.

Do you not concur with the popular group-think on your blog and even Facebook? Then bow down, present your ass for punishment,  and plead for mercy and forgiveness for having alternative thoughts.   These kinds of folks won’t even stop eating their own, so they won’t care if they eat you.  This is why you must ignore them like they aren’t there and never back down.

This was just a slight offense and an apology and clarification weren't enough.
This was just a slight offense and an apology and clarification weren’t enough.

It’s not enough to even delete a post, a tweet, ect these days. You actually need to dress in digital sackcloth and ashes as you admit your sins to an obvious disproving public.   This shit needs to stop and it STOPS with me, you, and all of us with balls.  That includes you ladies.

Let’s engage in a reality check. This isn’t your facebook. It isn’t your blog. You don’t control my blog. You don’t control Opinionated Man‘s blog. This isn’t Reddit. I know that particular mobs of people who can’t handle disagreement or alternative POVs want to downvote your thoughts into oblivion, but are stymied and enraged that they can’t!   This particular mob of internet group-think digital ravagers that inhabit fiefdoms with North Korean like intentions on internet discourse and dialogue however will give it all they have to make you recant. However, we won’t, because we dont give a shit.

Important lessons must be learned early for all self-respecting bloggers.  I’ll kindly, but firmly drill them in:

  1. Don’t give a shit.
  2. . You don’t need to care if people get offended over your blog, facebook, or twitter.  Life is short and you don’t want to be 90 on your deathbed having never voiced your true thoughts.
  3. As OM puts it ,“Even if the world comes crashing down upon you, own your views and don’t allow others to intimidate you into changing your opinions.” 
  4. Stand by what you think and NEVER back down.  Don’t apologize for what you think. Let the wave of intolerant naysayers crash against your polished steel sides.  You shall not be moved.
  5. Assert your thoughts, posts, and conclusions with the utmost confidence.

Don’t cave in on your blog for any reason, because it won’t end there. The pattern you set endangers yourself.  Imagine what is and has been next.  Your private life decisions may be next if you indicate you are willing to submit. Remember Brandon Eich from Mozilla? He lost his job because of this consistent subconscious desire by himself and his employer to give in and back down. Don’t be Firefox.  (Note that The Atlantic isn’t some religious conservative bastion of backwards thought.)

Armenia out. 

18 Replies to “Get Over Yourself Because We Already Have.”

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    This line was golden “You actually need to dress in digital sackcloth and ashes as you admit your sins to an obvious disproving public.” Well said and thanks for the pingback! -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.

  2. 1. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all agreed?
    2. Some people are just arrogant arseholes who will disagree with you just because they can!
    3. If you feel you need to recant because of an anonymous person in the ether, how committed to what you write are you really?!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts!

      Disagreement is an inevitable part of life. We can’t try to avoid it by agreeing with people. Eventually we will have to choose a side – hopefully it’s one of our own making.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Ouch, reading this kind of felt like a sting but hey, it further encouraged me to say whatever, write whatever, + state my opinions or thoughts without filter.

    Thank you, random citizen!

    1. Exactly mate. 🙂

      I always encourage even my most diehard opponents to not be afraid to state what they think. You never know how much time you have left in life, and you don’t want to go out without having been true to yourself and having always expressed what you honestly felt.

      Keep on going!

  4. I still try to distract people from my more controversial posts by adding amusing stick figures, hoping to quell their potential rage with abominable art. But I’ll try take your (and OM’s) advice and stop giving a shit.

    1. Sometimes you can quell certain people, but others just simply won’t be satisfied. Don’t bother trying to placate those people. (You know what they say about arguing on the internet.)

      What people don’t seem to realize that just because you refrain from saying your opinion – out of fear or other reasons – doesn’t mean you don’t have that opinion. Never be afraid to say your opinion. Let those people know you have a voice and they can’t silence you.

      Keep on blogging!

  5. I agree with the sentiment, but I also think that it is important to consider the well-expressed viewpoints of your detractors. Especially if they’ve take the time to assemble supporting citations or craft a lengthy, well-worded rebuttal. Yes, be fearless in expressing your opinion, but be equally fearless in changing your mind in the face of compelling evidence. Every thought and idea you have has been influenced by the information you allow past your own selection biases; it remains important to continue to take more information on board so you can evolve your thinking.

    Most people want to be right. I’d rather be true, which requires being wrong sometimes.

    1. I think this is a damn valid point Chris. It take’s as much fearlessness to admit your wrong and change your opinion/position as it does to state it.

      I’d say I think there is a distinction between stubborn pride and confidently not-giving-a-shit about about expressing what you think.

      Gives me another post idea though.

      “Most people want to be right. I’d rather be true, which requires being wrong sometimes.”

      Now that is quotable. 🙂

  6. I think blogging, though public, can be a very personal thing. It takes a lot to put a part of you out there. I had someone basically say to me once ‘well you’re putting stuff on the internet so you can’t complain when you’re judged’. Like it’s something seedy. It’s not, it’s a form of expression. If you don’t agree, then say why, don’t start spouting angry hatred to someone you don’t even know. But that’s just my opinion. I enjoyed your post.

    1. Well, people will judge you – negatively or positively. I would urge you to never let the negative judgement get you down.

      There is going to be fierce disagreements. People are going to be mad about what other people say. You just have to not give a “fuck” and keep standing strong by what you think and believe, regardless of whether people like it or not.

      Never let other people silence you.

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