Why Robin William’s death doesn’t matter to me.

It’s all over twitter, the news, my facebook feed; Robin Williams was very depressed and committed suicide.  Apparently this is a big deal because of how much influence he has had on people’s lives through his movies, comedy, ect.

Okay, well not me. He has not had any effect on my life. In fact, I can’t think of one celebrity, actor, ect who actually has. Why? Because I don’t give a shit about celebrities or supposed “artists” that many of these high tier actors deem as such.   Do I dislike them? No, I just don’t care and I believe there are far more important things worth my limited time each day.

What you may ask? ISIS murdering innocents. Brutal skirmishes between rebels and their perspective governments in Africa. The shooting death of Michael Brown in Missouri and the looting and rioting that has proceeded it.  That actually seems like a pretty damn big deal with serious implications as to the police in America.  

These matters are worthy of my attention, not Robin Williams.  Sure, if you want to pay attention to him for the affect that he has had on your lives and acknowledge it, go ahead. I just believe that is a misplaced use of your time.  In today’s day and age, so much is crying out for our attention and often so little of what we run into online and throughout the day is really worth it. 

People being brutalized by the police? That seems important to me. How about the homeless people wandering our streets? That seems important too. What about the small family struggling to make ends meet? Well, I suppose the most appropriate use of our time is to go out there and help. Literally.

Disagree with me? Fine. That’s just my two cents.