Tumblr: Where the Really Wild Things of Privilege Dwell

Tumblr is essentially a very entertaining cesspool of anger and vitriol where people “discuss” privilege.  Either the trolls on Tumblr are the best that the internet has ever produced – far surpassing the 4chan glory days- or there are some people who are truly filled with enough hatred, blame, and anger to make Emperor Palatine quite jealous.

The internet is obviously a place for everything including some major venting.  What bugs me is that I can’t tell when people are actually serious or they are trolling.  Extremism is usually a word we toss around when we don’t agree with people – yea it’s that simple.   In this case, extremism is in the eye of the infamous beholder.

One of my main punching bags as of late has been the whole “privilege” movement.  It’s a bit more scholarly, cushioned, and articulated on more of the formal Slate, Jezebel, ect new site then it obviously is on Tumblr where people don’t worry about their future reputations- both online and offline.    According to Tumblr, “Privilege” doesn’t only just extend specifically to male white folks, – this makes me glad I’m only half-white – but actually includes “thin privilege”.  Looks like, I can’t escape that one.   Oh, and this one too: Cis privilege.

There’s a rather interesting site which lists the growing amount of … accepted ideas of what can be considered privilege.  Considering its three years old, the list probably is much larger now, so remember to “check your privilege”.

privilege list

Well, I need to update this list with a new category of privilege that everyone else has that I don’t to make sure I have someone to shift blame too as well: Genocide privilege.    If your ancestors haven’t endured/survived genocide(s), you have a generational and familial privileged of resources, education, time, ect that I simply can never have.  Feel bad for me damn it and check your privilege! Damn, that feels good.

Observation:   We seriously have a gigantic confused mess of judging other people for judging, blaming other people for supposedly blaming, ect. and “privilege” is no exception.  Question: Is this just an example of the Communications Dialectic Contradiction Theory that permeates so much of our thoughts on the “issues” of our day?  It’s incredible that when you view much of today’s arguments on any subject matter, contradiction theory is all around. Whether its being intolerant of intolerance or discriminating against people to alleviate past discrimination, you have to wonder why this logic is so pervasive.  I still can’t exactly pinpoint why it is, just that I see it.

Yes, this is Tumblr and yes, these are fringe folks, or apparently I am told so.  Does that really any less negate the impact of it?  I would suggest otherwise. Ideas have consequences, but they don’t have to trash someone’s livelihood by participating in the blame game and playing the “oppression Olympics.”   There’s got to be more substance and fulfillment to life and the problems we face instead of pointing the finger in blame at someone, something, anything else…

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