Poetry: “Lovers”

Context: I was at Swing State for Tuesday Poetry Night and I just let the creative and odd juices flow with no filter and just a bit of editing.   If you want to get a really interesting and creepy vibe, read this out aloud to yourself in your most creepy voice.


Tender lovers,   I  am a true lover.   Lover’s walks… I invented those. An amorous bastard, I am that.
Dearest, I am a passionate lover. Many lovelies  stalk my small living space like harpies with the beauty of mermaids, but I remain  passionately steadfast. What can I say?  I’m a veracious and veritable lover.
My graceful beauty, Lovers quarrels I do not tolerate,  because love never stops –   Literally,  Symbolically, and Metaphorically.   Day and night,  I can feel the love…      In the sky, in the trees, and in nostalgic AIM chat rooms where the magic happens and the memories are made.
Love of my life, like a true lover, I make memories with my bona-fide love.  I can see into your soul.  Or at least I’m gonna keep telling myself that I can.
Sweetheart, they say love is a verb, and they are so right. Let me show you it’s past tense, it’s present tense, and it’s future tense. I’ll show you it’s plural form in all it’s majesty.

Angel, Let me use it in the imperative.

” Love you babe.”

Darling, Let me use it in the declarative.

“Lover, It’s time for love.”

Beloved, Let me show you it’s interrogative side.

“Are you ready for love my lovely devoted lovers?”