Iraq and embracing Multiculturalism.

     The good ole Huffington Post, a bastion of multiculturalism and pluralism, expressed great concern about Iraq and a potential bill in there “government” in which the legal age of divorce being lowered to nine years old in Iraq.

This of course also involves a conservative hardline party in the government which wants to lower the legal age of marriage way down there, something that isn’t a horrific human rights violation in the minds of at least some Iraqis. Cultural differences eh? 


One thing that really popped up in my mind is that to be truly multicultural and pluralistic, we should respect the laws,  choices, and ideas of said Iraqis.  This however doesn’t seem to be the case with many commentors on the Huffington Post which described it as terrible, a tragedy, ect…

But what about multiculturalism and pluralism.  Those concepts don’t apply to this situation and neither does the concept of consistency. Seriously, what gives with the picking and choosing?

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