Political Tweets gone nasty: Why?

In today’s political climate, opponents usually refer to other opponents as child-killing deviants, warmongers, radical extremists, terrorists, fascists, “likely would have supported Hitler”, bane of humanity,  ignorant fringe religious whackos, socialist communist scum, and tea bagging nazis.

Unfortunately this political atmosphere proves to be as pervasive as ever.  Though I disagree with Ted Cruz on quite a bit, wishing for the death of his speechwriter’s children is just another example of the hatred that can consume people involved in politics.


Later on Allan apologized and rightfully so. However in the internet age, something like this never expunges itself from your resume.  Let’s however ask an important question.  How did disagreements over political positions and ideology, even sharp ones, get this low and nasty?

Just because John Doe supports an invasion into Syria – a  position I firmly disagree with – doesn’t mean I should wish the death and destruction of war upon him and his family.   Just because the president has ordered drone strikes – which I consider terrible- doesn’t mean he is intentionally blowing up children and the same should be wished upon him and his family.

Yes, let’s disagree, and perhaps even quite strongly.  However, let us never allow our differences to reduce us down to the level of vitriol that Allan spewed in the heat of his anger. Let’s stop with the demagoging of one’s political opponents aren’t child killing genocidal lunatics who want to destroy the poor or the rich and enforce their will on society.  They are our fellow citizens, neighbors, and family members who are espousing what they believe to be valid positions.

I know political disagreements can be quite heated, but if you saw a fellow liberal, conservative, libertarian, statist, ect. lying on the ground dying, would you not help him or her regardless?
Love for our neighbors, family, friends, and those around us should conquer all differences; even the bitter gulf of opposing positions and disagreement that is politics.

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