MLK would have backed it?

“Obama: MLK would have backed “‘Obamacare'”, runs the headline on several news websites.  I get used to sifting through the usual anti-Obama headlines. I laugh at and enjoy the clever ones, shake my head at the name-calling ones, and attempt to find those rare somewhat impartial stories addressing the policy and thought of the POTUS. 

This story, through a quick look at the Washington Times, hits my negative bone. Not specifically because Obama said it, but rather because of the statement implies; an appeal to a person to justify something, rather then the ideas.  I call this hero worship. 

Our culture suffers from Hero worship.   In fact, it is plagued by it. We have given these heroes their own special pulpits.  Celebrities, superstars, admired historical figures, authors, philosophers, ect. are all being used to tell us that we should believe and advocate what they believe. I have and still do succumb to it myself.  

For one moment, let’s think about the implications of what Obama said,

“Oh, he would like that … because I think he understood that health care, health security is not a privilege; it’s something that in a country as wealthy as ours, everybody should have access to,” Obama explained.

I’ll be a bit extreme here.  If MLK had advocated genocide would we back it simply because, hey MLK thought it was a good idea?  If MLK had advocated brutal Stalinist measures in the U.S. would we still think its a good idea because MLK thought so?

Racism is not harmful because MLK thought and believed it was, but because of what the concept of racism is in itself. Look at the ideas behind a political policy, not the person who espoused it or may have. 

Unfortunately, Obama has been forced to use a “hero” like MLK as an appeal for what the POTUS advocates – Obamacare- because that’s all our society today seems to use as a litmus test for whether or not his policy is a good one.  Oh, by the way, did I mention I completely disagree with Obamacare? 

Just because Brett Favre wears Wrangler Jeans,  Matt Damon advocates climate change awareness, and Ellen DeGeneres advocates veganism doesn’t mean you should too just based on the fact that they are advocating it. Examine the validity of the ideas they are advocating rather then the people who stand by them.