Statism and the “Mandate”

At about 5 AM with my brain still awake  and tweaking from the effects of a monster and coffee, I was further stimulated the welcoming cold air of my store’s frozen section which I had been asked to help “face”.   It was around this time that I got into a conversation with one of my co-workers about those exciting topics like the election, what and why the presidents actions have occurred, and the the question as to what is a “liberal”.   Well “liberal” means so many different things depending on your ideology, so we ended up discussing this much more in-depth.

Well the subject of the healthcare bill and its mandate came up and my coworker said something like this; “I like the mandate.” It was at just about this point that the conversation wasn’t able to continue much further due to a commotion at the other store which turned out to be someone having a heart attack in another department.

The quick statement made about the “mandate” made some thoughts run through my head during the rest of the morning, my ride home, and even now. Subsquently, my mind has been besieged my a domino effect of thoughts.

If a mandate for national healthcare is something to be advocated, then what other topics, issues, ect are mandates acceptable to advocate for?  One is forced to pick and choose what laws will mandate and what they won’t. Most progressives/liberals today will insist that morality, if it is religious in nature, should never be legislated. (That doesn’t make sense.) However, the nature of law itself is enforcing morality on the general public. Well, why choose this? Apparently the notion that healthcare is a human right is one of the prevailing reasons for the advocacy of this.  The question then arises: What is a human right? Who determines human rights? Where do they come from? Can we vote something into being a “human right”?

One thought that particularly interests me is in what both political parties would support/advocate when it comes to mandates. Depending on the issue one will insist something should be mandated and the other that it should not, usually regarding the social issues.  Another question to consider: Would a mandate banning abortion be appropriate, as many conservatives would insist that it is? Progressives would insist that it is not. However, they’ve continually opened that door when they advocated for a healthcare mandate.

The fact that we are so willing to mandate anything today in our society, specifically on a national scale indicates how much we’ve all become advocates of centralized power.  To put it more bluntly and efficiently; statism.  How could this have happened? It appears we’ve all bought into the notion that not only do we know what is best for people, we own them to a certain degree.


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