Tragedy temporarily knocks out With Life In Mind in traffic accident.

Well sometimes bad things happen to good bands who are tearing things up. For those of you who don’t know, Hardcore/Metal/Progressive outfit, With Life In Mind (CI Records) suffered a nasty accident only a few days ago early on December 28th.  They were just starting out in the early stages of a small tour called “A Metal Christmas” headlined by Texas In July accompanied by other bands including Like Moths To Flames, A Hero A Fake, Destruction Of A Rose,

I was lucky to see these guys live, but I’m guessing no one else will be able to see them live for a while. None of them were hurt in the accident, but their ability to play and make music, as well as provide audiences with a means to go crazy is now very improbable, and essentially impossible. (They won’t be playing any shows anytime soon.) 

From what I’ve gathered, they were either hit by an 18 wheel tractor or collided with one.  Apparently the accident was the fault of whoever was driving the tractor, so insurance may help pay for some of the losses which With Life In Mind has just occured. This includes their van, trailer, and most of their equipment which was trashed in this unfortunate accident.

I’ve also heard that they are either looking for jobs, or that some of them have attained jobs in order to save up money to purchase new equipment before they can start touring again. If you ordered merch from them, you may have to wait a bit, as they do not currently have access to their trailer though they have promised to get orders as quickly as possible, as well as reimburse items that were either destroyed or lost in the accident.

I would encourage those of you who like these guys to go out and buy some of their merch. Just make sure its not in their trailer if possible.  On a side-note; would buying their CD actually help them out or CI Records?