20 Bands Of Christmas was Amazing!

If you weren’t there, you missed out, and you missed out badly.  There were some bad bands who I will mention tomorrow, but there were some real surprises which gives me hope for our scene!

I’ll go into a huge mega post with plenty of details tomorrow, but I’ll give you a few following details:

– 400 people showed up, and got the place buzzing.
– Punchline was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Best live pop punk/indie rock band I’ve ever heard live. EVER.  Killer harmonizing vocals that blew my mind, and backup vocals to kill for.
– Thyteira. Usually, I rip this band. I’m not too huge on regular death metal, but they put on a great set, and they were perfect live. Perfect. I have now gained respect for them, and actually will attempt to fully listen through what they have put.  Their new singer is awesome.
– Elysion Fields, Within The Ruins, and For All Those Sleeping were all very very solid. 
– The Crimson Armada shared the best live performance with Punchline.  I’d never heard either band before, and I’m ashamed that I hadn’t stumbled across this phenomenal music before. Curses on Fallout Boy for what they have done to punchline!
– There was fight in which I witnessed first hand and close-up. A security guard ended up tackling the instigating hate mosher Brian Urlacher style. It was sick.  I’ll have some full details of this fight and why hate moshers are a plague to the scene, mkay? (The hate mosher was tackled while 4 people around him were kicking and punching him as he was down on the ground unable to move. Serves him right!

Anyway, more tomorrow.

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