My Music Story – Chugcore

It all started about 2 years ago.

I was bored one day, and wanted to chat to some people through the internet (yeah, sounds stupid). I joined this forum called DarkDemon. No idea why… cause… it was a stickman animating forum. LOL. So yeah, I was really active, and talked to a few people. A friend of mine from there introduced me to As I Lay Dying. At first I was like, “ew wtf is this?” but gradually it grew on me.

I listened to As I Lay Dying on youtube, and I saw some other related bands, like Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. You know… those kind of metal bands haha. Over time, I heard about A Day To Remember

 from that same forum. I really liked ADTR because I thought they were ‘so original and unknown’. When I listened to ADTR, I went to the Victory Records website and looked at the shit they had there.

From there, I listened to post-hardcore bands and rock bands a lot. My favourite post-hardcore band was probably The Devil Wears Prada. I went to my local record shop to buy a TDWP album, but found out Meshuggah. I heard a bit of Meshuggah but didn’t like them, but for some reason I bought their album ‘obZen’. It was a pretty damn good album

A few months later I found out what metalcore and deathcore was. At first I was like “pfft. stupid names”. But I regret that. I listened to August Burns Red and really, really liked the song ‘Composure’. So I went and bought that CD, too haha. After listening to August Burns Red, I fell in love with metalcore music, and through metalcore, I started to love deathcore.

Deathcore was the music of my life. Some people may not see why, and I’m not sure myself, but the pure aggression and energy put into each song is overwhelming. The lyrics are so brutal and blunt –  it really relates to me.

Now, I’ve become a vivid part of the deathcore community and love every single aspect of deathcore.

My favourite bands from each genre:

Post-Hardcore: My Ticket Home, I The Breather, After Me the Flood, Casino Madrid, Halfway to Winter, Inspiration Isn’t Cheap, Lower Definition (broken up, unfortunately), Sirena, Woe Is Me, Sirens And Sailors

Metalcore: August Burns Red, Breakdown of Sanity, For Today, Get Up Texas, The Plot In You, Motionless in White (new album), Of Blackest Oceans, Crystal Lake, Counterparts,

Deathcore: Emmure, Oceano, Suicidal Massacre, As She Dies, xDoomedx, Myself My Enemy, The Baby Lottery, Garden of Stained Graves, GrenadeFace, Sensory Amusia (kind of djent-y), Spiritual Ravishment, The Wrath of Vesuvius, And Hell Followed With, Atrophy, Beheading of a King, Bermuda, Cognitive Atrophy, The Compliance Process, The Contortionist (old album), Defiler, Doom Cannon, He The Deceiver, Her Name In Blood…

Too many to name.

Please, if you haven’t checked out these bands, please do.
I’m new to this blog, so expect more from me :]


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