Elysion Fields and In Fear And Faith lose vocalists.

Sometimes bands have members depart rather amicably, while others simply don’t.  Vocalist Tim Sheridan from the Illinois native metal-core outfit, Elysion Fields, has left the band to start another band called “Autonomy”. Not much is known about this band yet except that its still trying to recruit a guitarist and a bassist. Sheridan was and still is on good terms with the band after the departure.

His replacement is Chris Fernandez an ex member of Thyateira.   I must however point out the benefit Chris has done for himself by getting away from yet another drag and disappointment upon this local metal scene in the essence of The Black Dahlia Murder wannabes, Thyateira.

During Tim’s last show with EF on December 11th, EF drew over 40 people to the venue of note, The Oasis, and put on a spectacular show playing almost every song they have written. Chris combine with Tim during the last song of their set for a remarkable vocal assault.  Expect good things from this band, as it remains one of the last bastions of talent and semi-originality in the local Wisconsin and Illinois scene.

Both Elysion Fields and Thyateira will be playing at this years “20 Band’s Of Christmas” on December 18th which will also host national acts Within The Ruins, The Crimson Armada, The Plot In You, For All Those Sleeping and other local bands, so be there.  This will probably be one of the biggest shows of the remaining year.   Last year there was about a thousand people in attendance, and if you get tickets now, it’s only 13$. I’ll be there, so if you’ve ever wanted to punch me in the face or trample me in a wall of death, this show is your chance to do that semi-legally.

Heres a link that I hope works to the 20 Bands Of Christmas Event as well as Last.Fm which should have directions to the “venue”


Anyone remember In Fear And Faith?  Yea, they are still around but haughty, snooty, and arrogant vocalist Cody Anderson isn’t anymore.  At first I thought this was their clean vocalist, but it’s actually their once screamer.  Last week it was announced by IFAF that he had left the band. To be honest, I’m sad to see him go as he was actually an excellent vocalist both live and on the album, which can’t be said of their high pitched creepy emo dressing clean vocalist/keyboardist.  Before I rip on him too much, one nice thing I’ll say that is also true is that his annoying vocals on each of their albums is much more tolerable live.

Cody on the other hand continuing his in-person deuchebaggery from Warped Tour 2010 essentially quit the the band during the “This Is A Family” tour, but I suppose this shouldn’t have been a surprise. We still don’t know exactly why he quit the band. All he left was a facebook status that is strongly reminiscent of a high-school breakup gone very bad:

“I have left In Fear And Faith. I will not tell you why because it’s none of your business. Nice meeting you all. Buy whatever CD they come out with next. Scott [Barnes] has a better voice than any of these other shitty bands out there. If you live in SD lets hang out. Please don’t talk shit cause it’s a pain to go to your home page and delete you”

Wow. He may be trying to avoid drama, but I’m tempted to friend him just to do some trolling after a status like that. After posting something like that, I really suspect he had a fight with the band.

“Buy whatever CD they come out with next.” No. Not after a release like Imperial.

“Nice meeting you all.” It appears that came from the bottom of his heart.

Anyway good riddance, even though I liked his vocals. Let’s just all try to remember the good times of the band. We can actually anticipate more live stellar performances by the band and realize that these guys may still be headed somewhere if they can revisit their roots.


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