Gwen Stacy Breaks Up

Well yet another good band goes down. Looks like Solid State will lose another band. I’m sad to see these guys go.  Yea a little late, but I just found out about this a few moments ago while doing some web browsing. I could speculate on various reasons, but I’ll just post up what they put on their myspace regarding the breakup:

“After six years, nineteen countries, countless US tours, two albums, and an EP, Gwen Stacy has decided call it quits. We feel like now is the best time to end the band and pursue other options and directions in life. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the bands career over the years. 
“There are too many people to thank everyone individually, but we would like to send a special thanks to past members TJ Sego, Cole Wallace, Bobby Oakley, Josh Rickard, Mike Bryant, and Chris Suter, our manager Mark LaFay, Carl Severson and everyone else at what was Ferret Music, Once Nothing, Life In Your Way, Poison The Well, Haste The Day, Vanna, and every other band that we’ve been able to share the road with.
“Thank you as well to anyone who came out to a show, bought a shirt or cd, sang along, let us crash on their floor, or was just supportive in any way.
“A few of the members will be starting new projects and we will be updating our pages as these projects start to unfold. We want to assure everyone that we are splitting up on good terms. We’re all excited to see what everyone has in store for their future endeavors. Be sure to keep checking back to follow up with what everyone is doing.
“Our last show will be Saturday November 20th at Rhino’s, 331 S Walnut St. Bloomington, IN. Please come out and get gross with us one final time.
Well, I am glad that the ADTR and Underoath show I went to made up for this sad news. This does get me thinking though, all good things must end. Life is short I guess.  There last show is Saturday in Indiana. Anyone interested in going? 
Anyway one of my favorite songs from Gwen Stacy from a couple years back:

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