A Day To Remember Album Release Show at The Rave Sells Out!

Update: It’s been almost 8 years since this show and it’s still one of my favorites.

I’ve never seen The Rave sell out, but it sold out about 30 minutes before the show started.  This may have been one of the sickest shows I’ve ever been to and might be tied with the seven thousand people who showed up for August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada at Summerfest back in July.

The lineup for the show was Close Your Eyes, The Word Alive, Underoath, and A Day To Remember and the day was Tuesday the 16th of November, the very same day that ADTR would “What Seperates Me From You” finally hit the store shelves.

Now this is a show where if you chose to stand anywhere on the stage floor, you were stuck there. We were tightly packed together, body pressing upon body.  Also this is The Rave, which is a pretty big venue.

Now what did you miss?

  • You missed a show where the whole stage floor was a semi-quasi-moshpit for basically three hours. I was continually pushed around as were the people around from all directions so I kind of constantly swayed with the crowd. In fact at one point I picked up my feet and let the 3 huge guys near me pretty much carry me around for a few minutes. It was that tightly packed.
  • You missed a show where you actually couldn’t fall down. There were so many people packed close together that you could lean your whole body weight on the people around you and be propped up.
  • You missed around 20 or so fights that broke out
  • Even when music wasn’t playing you still got pushed and shoved around, as did the people around you. Too much excitement in the air I guess.
  • You missed great sets from Underoath and in particular A Day To Remember.  ATDR played several songs from For Those Who Have Heart and Homesick. 
  • You missed one of the best shows all year in this whole Wisconsin and Illinois area. I’ve rarely seen this kind of energy at a show before.

At times the whole floor turned into one giant pit from side to side, front to back, especially for Underoath and A Day To Remember. When the breakdown from My Life For Hire kicked in, the whole floor was a giant pit and you got pushed into and slammed into from every side. It was like a constant domino effect.  I and alot of people around me got pushed from the back to the middle to the front, and back to the middle during Underoath’s set.

 I was on my feet for almost 4 and half hours and I couldn’t sit down, nor could I get out of the front area of the crowd because of how tightly packed it was.  The pits were very aggressive and people were tossed around like ragdolls specifically because of the amount of people around them.

If you were on the stage floor you were constantly being pushed into by people from all sides who had people pushing into them from all sides. It was insane. It was exciting. It was incredible. When every one starting jumping for Plot To Bomb The Panhandle, the floor shook. By the way, these are the sickest pits I’ve ever been in, as well as that I’ve seen in person.

Close Your Eyes opened up, but for some reason I think they sounded somewhat better a few weeks ago at Clearwater. They put on a great show though considering how packed the place was.  They got some great crowd participation for “Song For The Broken”, which they seemed to do the best out of their set.

Now you can usually tell when The Word Alive is playing. There is alot of “We love you” and “F*ck this place up,” shouted by the lead vocalist. Apparently flurries of F-bombs make your breakdowns more badass.  Nevertheless, this is the best I’ve seen The Word Alive play by far.

A majority of the fights broke out during their set, as plenty of tough guys had something to prove. One guy who accidentally hit one of the hardcore dancers tried to reconcile with the guy, but he just put his fist up and shouted at him indicating that he would hit him if he said anything more.  Some people can throwdown but just can’t handle someone else throwing down into them.

Their last song Epiphany was probably the craziest of their set. I actually saw someone do some sort of weird break-dancing backflip ‘esqe multiple spin kick into some guy and a fight broke out a few seconds after it. The move the guy did probably could have won him a showing on America’s Got Talent, it was that awesome.

Underoath would get up and add to a show that just kept getting better and better. They led off with a song of their new album which I can’t recall, although it may have been In Division.  Things started to heat up at this point.  A bloody shirt somehow fell on my face, not sure how, several people lost their shoes, including my friend who came with me who lost her shoe toward the end of the set, and I got hit   in the head a couple times including having some guys elbow jammed into me for at least 5 minutes. I tried to move his elbow off my stomach but it was too tightly packed around me to even change how I was standing/forcibly leaned into the guy next to me.

Underoath played all the classic songs we know and love, as well as I think two other songs off Disambiguation.   For all of you who worry about Underoath without Aaron, “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” was performed perfectly, though the incredible amount of crowd participation singing out the chorus certainly helped and made it feel all that more epic.

They concluded with “Writing On The Walls”, which I will take credit for since I called it realizing it was the only other big song that they hadn’t played yet. When the breakdown kicked in it seemed like everyone suddenly lost it and went nuts. If only you had been there!  The one thing I’m realizing about Underoath is that you can look forward to an amazing intense show and excellent live sound every time they play a live show.

A Day To Remember opened up with “2nd Sucks” and people went nuts. Elbows, knees, and plenty of body squishing took place immediately, several of which made contact with my back, ribs, gut, you get the picture, as well as pretty much everyone else around.  I spent the rest of the show being squished around like a tomato.   Luckily someone had their video camera going up on the balcony to capture this epic kodak moment:

ADTR would continue with several songs from FTWHH as well as several Homesick and one of their earliest songs, “You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance”. I love that they did this because too often bands who release a new cd make the mistake of playing way too many songs off of it that the crowd won’t know. This was the album release show, but I’m pretty sure over half the people at the show had already downloaded the leaked album.

I finally fell over when the breakdown from “My Life For Hire” hit and the floor turned into a massive pit.  When ADTR played “I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of”, Mike from The Devil Wears Prada got on stage, did some sort of crazy stage dance, and screamed out his part like a greek god, which brought the show to a whole new level and made the hardcore dancers look like they were trying to escape angry villagers.

When their set ended the crowd, including me, screamed for an encore, and we got it. They played three more songs before the night was finally over.

For those of you who might not like any of the bands that played, this is one of those shows where the atmosphere, the crowd, and the energy and excitement made up for anything you may dislike or hate about the bands or the band’s music itself.  Plus A Day To Remember played tons of their old stuff which made this show something of epic proportions.  Tuesday night for all those who experienced will be a day to remember forever.

P.S, if your looking to download A Day To Remember‘s “What Separates Me From You”, I’ve found it on mediafire for you, again courtesy of ILYBD. Audio quality is VBR.

I would encourage all ADTR fans to buy this album, as buying it will help it gain media exposure, and I’d really like to see a band like ADTR break into the mainstream. Shockhound currently is selling the album download for 6.99$!  (Not become mainstream.) Anything with doses of screaming in it and breakdowns that gains media exposure is good for exposing hardcore and metal to the rest of the music world.  ( I will be buying this album myself on Friday when my paycheck comes in.)

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