Johnny Franck leaves Attack Attack!

Well, I didn’t see this coming. But then again I sometimes don’t see a lot of things coming. No homo.  I really thought the band was doing just fine, but this goes to show that you don’t always know whats going on behind the scenes since that is only made public knowledge when they want to pump up awareness for an upcoming album.

 Attack Attack! in all of its Post-Crabcore glory, as this band has been so lovingly labeled my lovers, and well mostly haters, may have been dealt a reeling blow. Johnny Franck who provided mind blowing technical guitar work and cleaned vocals auto-tuned to perfection for adoring high-school girls has decided to leave the band.  His reasons are listed in a recent news article by Alt Press (AP)  and in the you tube video made and released yesterday, so I won’t go into them.

This could be problematic as it leaves Caleb Shomo doing clean vocals as well as screaming, and not a lot of us were particular impressed by his screaming vocals which are sub-par to say the least. I’ve even heard accusations that his screams were auto-tuned on Attack Attack’s new album, but I’ll leave that up the to experts to determine.

A silver lining here is possible, although most of us wouldn’t think so, or even hope so,  for all you somewhat justified haters out there. Perhaps Caleb might stick with the clean vocals and give up the screams to someone who can actually scream well live without appearing to lose his breath or completely miss notes.  Just think of the possibilities of the band with a real screamer and not the current fat one in skinny jeans.

I know some people hope this will be the demise of Attack Attack for all the auto-tuned and generic atrocities they have committed over time, but perhaps some redemption might be possible. We or probably just me and a majority of high-school girls can hope for something good to come out of  this for Attack Attack.

Let me quickly admit it: I have a guilty weakness for old Attack Attack. It’s catchy and a great listen. No, its not the most technical thing in the world, and probably isn’t really metal, but I still like listening to it. Also they aren’t dead to me just yet. I’m willing to wait for their next album, as I know plenty of fans voiced their disapproval for their horrid attempt at a wannabe tough guy hardcore sound. If you sound good the way you play, leave it, and improvise a bit rather then changing your sound completely.

I do have this sneaking suspicion that the other band members might have something to do with Johnny leaving, as it did with Austin, but we all know Austin isn’t exactly the greatest “people” person. Anyway, I’ll let Johnny talk for himself about why he left Attack Attack!

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  1. According to the first comment how you know they did not write there own music amazes me considering you are most likely not in the band nor know any of them personally. But Johnny is doing what's right for him in this point of his life. I'm tired of reading peoples ignorant comments online about religion and how God is to blame for all of this. The truth of the matter is that it's Johnny's choice not God's. Why people need to constantly bring up religion in this matter is stupid. Yes while Johnny's departure from the band is because of his relationship with God, it has nothing to do with there music or a band as a whole. It's what Johnny feels is right for him and his life and people need to realize that and stop assuming that religion is the blame for our problems when in reality it is our ignorance

  2. im glad johnny did the right decision to do what he wants to but i know attack attack will soon fall eventually each band member is important in that band unlike of mice and men they can just keep replacing people attack attack needs john Holgado,johnny franck caleb shomo andrew whiteman and wetzel btw there the best band

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