Sleep Serapis Sleep: The Biggest Metal Band in the Chicago and Milwaukee area

Sleep Serapis Sleep probably one of the biggest bands in the Lake County and Milwaukee area, and their following and success is well deserved if you’ve taken a listen to any other stuff. What can you expect from these guys? You can expect something that is catchy, melodic,  has well placed breakdowns, contains an excellent use and placement of clean vocals, and features song writing that continually gets better.

They have a unique sound, that’s for sure, especially in the Chicago and Southern Wisconsin metal scene.  The band has a metalcore feel, but also has southern metal elements in their earlier stuff.  These guys however are definitely one of the best metal bands in the area.

I haven’t yet jumped on the Sleep Serapis Sleep (SSS) bus just yet, but I’m really getting tempted to. I caught a few of their songs at summerfest back in July at the Cool TV Rock stage. They performed well and set the tone for MMI, ABR and TDWP  who would all play on the same stage later that day.  I also saw them at Swing State where they put on a sick show there as well.

I’ve heard some mixed reviews from people concerning the band. Some people say they are just another metalcore band, and others have said they are the freshest band to our metal scene in a while.  They’ve been compared to BMTH, (Seriously how is that possible?) why I don’t know, and As Blood Runs Black, something I don’t get either. The truth is somewhere in the middle in this case.

This band “mixes” up the kind of elements in their songs very very well, and its the exact reason why for the success they are experiencing right now. I, for one, hate using the word “mix” or variations of it sometimes, especially in metal, because of what usually becomes of bands who try to to do it. Usually some kids will get together and say to themselves, “Hey lets take some deathmetal, metalcore, screamo, and maybe a bit of rock and rap and mix it all together! It will sound awesome and we will become famous!”

Well that usually never happens, because most bands who try to mix and match can’t pull it off well because they don’t possess the kind of talent, song writing ability, and time to do what A Day To Remember, Chiodos, System Of A Down, Between The Buried And Me, and others have done.

The first two SSS albums are a little bit different from each other. Their first album, Dead Man Walking (DMW) was recorded with Joey Sturgis and is pretty heavy, and some riffs in it that sound like something right out of TDWP’s Plagues. (No I’m not kidding.) The album is very unique compared to any other albums or EPs that have come out of the Milwaukee and Chicago scene in the last few years. DMW also has some southern metal elements mixed into it which leak through when you hear some of the vocals. This album is my personal favorite of the two. 

Their second album, The Dark Awakening, was actually self-produced and marks an improvement in their song writing and composition as well as their vocal ranges. It still keeps to their metalcore roots, but gets a bit heavier.  This album also keeps their tradition of well placed and written breakdowns instead of the crappy generic ones we are used to hearing in this scene.

The improved writing of the breakdowns in this album should be apparent with just a quick listen to “Explaining Sight To The Blind”  The breakdowns that you will hear are for the most part fast-paced, but are actually very very well done, so don’t worry about hearing something that overuses breakdowns, and overuses them badly. 

Their best song overall is probably “Ed Gein Just Wasn’t Comfortable In His Own Skin”, which shows some of the talent the band has as well as some of the reasons for their current following. (It also shows their ability to mix styles well.) One final note is that the release of The Dark Awakening has really shown the improvement and potential of this band, as well as giving this band a guarantee of future success.   Simply put, this is probably one of the best metal bands in our scene in the last year or two.

Rating: (5/5)