The Little Known Divide: Scene vs. Hardcore

If you look like this, you are part of the scene. No questions.

The doors are about to open up and there is a line of folks all the way down the side of the building. Kids are waiting to get in dressed in their slip ons, tight skinny jeans, straightened hair, and their Blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, and Miss May I T-Shirts. Others are dressed in cargo shorts, sport long unkempt hair, and an As I Lay Dying large T-Shirt. Last but not least, we have the Hardcore Tough Guys in their mesh shorts, bro mosh basketball jerseys, and angry future hardcore pit demeanor. All the necessary pieces of this year’s Thrash And Burn Tour

(Quick Note: When I talk about “hardcore” music, I’m referring to what the “hardcore” bands of today identify themselves, not old hardcore like Hatebreed and Bleeding Through. )

It’s quite common for there to be excited chat ranging from high expectations for a band, to the hate for all the “scene fags” in and around the venue.  Well what is a scene kid/fag ? There is a wikihow related to it, in-depth google searches, and various sites such as “yourscenesucks” that poke fun at the various scenes out there in the music world.

Lately, we’ve seen alot of anger by some in the metal/hardcore world with the “scene fans” that now populate Warped Tour, Cornerstone, and other major music Festivals and Tours. Even Mayhem fest attracted it’s fair share of scene kids with the prominence of bands like Norma Jean and Atreyu who played the fest this year. As some people know, this has been going on since metal started, but I believe it may be intensifying somewhat.  Drop a name like “Senses Fail or Silverstein” to give people an idea of what bands you like during a certain show can sometimes get a prompt “F*ck you!” from bystanders.  Some people, I suppose, don’t have open minds when it comes to listening to more then one kind of metal, and it’s not like I dropped a cursed name like the Jonas Brothers in the conversation.

Sunday was another big show at a the Cofee House in Dekalb. Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Miss May I, Oceano, and I Declare War had their fans there in force. I was too stupid to buy tickets online and found out that they were sold out, so on my way out, I was fortunate enough to hear the remarks of your typical hardcore kid who saw my shirt and remarked “Aw The Devil Wears Prada. Thats f*cking cute.” I said in response when I walked past him, “Hey, they are a good band.” 

The quick memory of this little encounter has gotten me thinking though. I’m somewhat afraid to proudly wear my TDWP shirts at shows with bands like Oceano, Whitechapel, Emmure, Suicide Silence, and the other hardcore/deathcore bands out there.

Toward the end of Whitechapel’s set, I saw a kid stumble out of the venue bleeding from several places in the head. It was like a B movie, except the paper towels, ice, and blood dripping onto the ground below him were very real. His shirt “Feed Christians To The Lions”, pretty much summed up what had happened to him.

Looking at his situation and comparing it a possible future one of mine got me thinking. If he got smashed up this bad, imagine what would have happened to me with my “cute” TDWP shirt. I may have to avoid certain parts of the pit, or the pit in general for bands like Whitechapel if I want my face to stay intact, while sporting any sort of shirt which could be even remotely considered to be the wrong hate scene.

It’s not as if I pulled an Eric Douglas and gave Justin Bieber haters/metal loving f*ck heads 14 days to take down their “hater” sites, groups, pages, ect. I love and respect metal in all of it’s forms, but it seems that a serious gap is taking place.

The attitude that seems to be taking over mainstream hardcore is troubling, and I’m not some sort of Christcore kid. I understand wanting to get physical and go nuts during a heavy as hell breakdown, but the desire to smash someone’s face in?

These creatures gather at Emmure shows.

More and more places are banning moshing in any form and even innocent commonplace activities such as crowd-surfing. I’m not going to bash anyone for hardcore dancing. If people want to get into a pit and all do some hardcore dancing, I’m all for it. If someone goes in and gets crushed, they understood the risk of going in, and paid the price. But the kids that go full speed into nearby bystanders with their windmills and spin kicks are the reason for metal and hardcore giving terrible impressions to onlookers.

Apparently one can’t like several different kinds of metal and be openly proud of it, without some repercussions, which shows what the scene has become.  I hate to say it but im starting to realize why some of the metal head kids despise the hardcore ones, and it’s not because of the hardcore dancing.

Whenever I ask hardcore and metal fans why they hate scene kids, I never really get an answer, and when I do it usually consist of something along the lines of, “They think their bands are good and/or are more talented then the bands I think are good and/or talented.”

We are all vastly aware of the difference in opinion in the metal world over what some people consider talent, Between The Buried And Me, and what some people don’t, Emmure.  Talent is a very subjective thing. I wont say that a band isn’t talented. It takes a slight bit of talent after all to make music. While I love TDWP and think they are very talented, I personally won’t put down and demean someone else’s band and tell them that their band isn’t nearly as talented as the ones I prefer.

While we all may have a disagreement over the levels of talent invloved, I believe we all might be better off if we hesitate a bit and lay down the hate for WCAR, Attack Attack!, and I See Stars. Sure they arent the most talented bands out there, but I think they are catchy as hell.  I even prefer listening to them over BTBAM, but don’t get me wrong, BTBAM is an incredible band with alot of talent. I just don’t dig them as much.

Yea, there are plenty of these at hardcore shows.

To sum it up:  There are always differences in perceived talent. We may not really like it or dig it very much, but let’s at least try to hesitate a bit before we say a band sucks and start a brawl. (You might want to be careful around people when you demean their bands and tell them they suck.)  Lets remember that people enjoy various forms of metal, and some prefer not to listen to more then metalcore or deathcore. I like listening from everything from TDWP, TAS, AILD, Underoath, WCAR, Veil Of Maya, ABR, and everything in between, so please, don’t hate me too much.

If you insist on ripping bands and saying they suck, well by all means, feel free. Some bands do suck, and it’s better to let them know that, so that just perhaps, they can improve. (Which might not be possible for bands like Attack Attack depending on your perception of their music.)

If you really need to some hating, please direct it toward someone who may be deserving, that is if 4chan lets him live in peace. For now, forget your hatred of crabcore, and our shared dislike for Brokencyde. Below is a video of that poor, yet stupid and foolish kid who has now pissed off 4chan, and declared war on metal fans giving them a deadline to submit to his wishes.

 The comments on this video are horrible, yet hysterical. I suggest reading them, it will be worth it. (He will probably never show his face around any sort of metal show. I wouldn’t want to be him and thrown into a pit.)

Questions? Comments? Death threats? Feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged.

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