Another Hidden Gem: Seasons


Some of you may be a bit sick of the cool 20-30 second string of riffs, a breakdown, a few more sweeps, and riffs, a breakdown, and yet another few sweeps that sound thrown in just before another breakdown. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good breakdown, but sometimes they can feel so overused that you just don’t get as pumped up from them as you have in the past.

There are some bands out there that mix in breakdowns quite well, but either you already know about them, and/or you haven’t been able to find any new ones. Well, take some time from your usual web surfing, facebook commenting, and constant checking to see if there have been any new leaks of Underoath and/or A Day To Remember, and check out rather incredible sounding band from Toledo, Ohio called Seasons.

Seaons is a melodic hardcore band, but a standout one, which if you listen to the 7 track EP the have, you will find out exactly why that is. This self-titled EP makes for a great listen, and a bit of a change of pace if you’ve been listening to  I suggest that you listen from the intro all the way to Paper Boats. You will get the most enjoyment out of this EP by listening to it from start to finish, something that should tell you something about the musical composition and writing style of this band.

All you need to do to get lured into listening to the rest of this EP is to listen to the intro and you’ll be hooked. It will satisfy you much better then a Snickers, and that’s no lie. Don’t take my word for it though. Listen to it yourself so that you can give yourself the experience of a beautiful sound which you have previously and unknowingly deprived yourself of.

They will probably instantly remind you of The Ghost Inside (TGI) , but they are, in fact, much more melodic then TGI. Their riffs are a thing of wonder.

I guarantee you when you listen to this EP, there will be a track that you’re listening to in which you’ll hear this brilliance of Seaon’s ambient compositions and you’ll be driven to rewind the track a bit, or put it on repeat. Once such song I would mention would be “Above The Water”, which has an ambient ending you won’t soon forget.

Their instrumental track as well as their intro really show what kind of talent these guys have.  These tracks just arent thrown together and placed in the album for a “cool instrumental interlude.” In fact, there is alot of work put these parts, which will be perfectly evident to you when you listen to this EP.

I highly suggest this EP for a refreshing breather. I suggest a bonfire, a smoke, a comfy yard chair, and a beer as the perfect setting to enjoy Seasons. You can get their EP at mediafire through ILikedYouBetterDead

I attribute my discovery of this band to TheJeffRoutzahn who made a youtube review of the band which has some further information about the EP and its composition. It is posted below. I highly recommend watching it.

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