A local metal show: Some Bands Surprise, Some Really Suck.

Swing State 10/9/10

The local music scene on Saturday, October 9th presented us with the following bands that the local metal scene from the following has to offer:

Attempt To Fail

Attempt To Fail kicked off the night with their first live show ever and proved to be a welcomed surprise, something that always makes a show better then expected. 

They bring a different feel, finally, to the local metal scene.  This feel is most specifically not even close to anything metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, or anything “core” for that matter. As a band their genre is hard to classify, but they are most definitely a kind of alternative metal, with somewhat of a funk twist to them because of their drummer’s style.  They also have a bit of a Rage Against the Machine feel, but have a very distinct sound of their own which is very melodic in nature, yet pretty damn catchy for a metal band.

 There was a few screams in some of the songs, but they are specifically well placed and usually only consist of word or two.  They have yelling vocals and before you think it, those yelling vocals sound nothing like Ollie Sykes from BMTH. Also included was some rap style vocals, as well as David’s backup vocals which were on and clean sounding. (Oh, and no, they dont sound anything like Limp Bizkit.)

I did detect some surprising and well timed blast beats in some of the heavier parts of the song, which were yet another impressive mix by the drummer who distinctly gives this band their unique feel. Lyrically their songs have some obvious philosophical bents to them, something that is surprising in the metal scene, which unfortunately is dominated by relationship themed lyrics.

Solos. Solos. Even though I despise solos,  the ones that they did have was catchy enough to the point that it blended well with the song rather then sounding like it was thrown in, which really surprises me.

Their best song was easily their last song “Suffer-cate”, which had a bit more of a melodic feel to it, but “Shits and Giggles” is another one that deserves a mention. It even included a well timed breakdown at the end.  Before I sum this up, let me bring it up one last time,  the talent and ability of their drummer is something that should be pointed out as he gives this band their unique feel.

If your looking for a different feeling metal then the accustomed “core” kind that most of us are used to, check these guys out. Their current recordings on their myspace are from Swing State, so dont judge them by that.
Go out and see them, its worth your time.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

While plenty of us aren’t lucky enough to be surrounded by the incredible metal scene in Australia, we can score some luck, or Providence for us Calvinists in hearing a band from the area that doesn’t suck.

Wow.  Who would have that thought that a unique fresh breath in the post-hardcore metal scene is possible, especially in Illinois?  It’s nice to be surprised and not in a disappointing way, and you can thank “Dead Men Tell No Tales” for that.

This band is impressive to the ear. While their stage presence isn’t anything special, their sound is. They have a good screamer who seems to be able to vary his range, something that their studio recordings dont reflect.  Their guitarist does backup vocals, although he does them so much, that I wouldn’t call him a backup vocalist. He actually had a good voice for having to yell into the microphone, and the harmonization of vocals that did frequently occur was bloody good.

You can also detect a tad bit of a southern metal influence in their music although its not as apparent or dominant in their music like it is for bands like Norma Jean or Every Time I Die. They were a bit too post-hardcore/alternative rock for that.

Okay, now for the pump information. The breakdowns were for the most part quite fast, but very well done. They didn’t feel as if they were just thrown in there, they actually were well placed, flowed, and melded into the songs.

Their drummer has some serious talent, and good equipment too, something most local bands dont usually have. It was too bad that they werent able to mike their bass drum at all, though the venue can be blamed for that.

Oh and for a fun pic: 

He’s certainly having a good time.

 Of Apollo

Wow, what potential! A wonderkid band in the works? Untapped, youthful potential like Our Last Night and a Texas In July possessed and still do?

Hell no, this band is as generic as they come. Yet another highschool wannabe deathcore band who thinks doing some ambient riffs and then throwing in a breakdown somehow constitutes a well written song. Well, It doesnt.

 You could almost hear their attempt to have a Misery Signals/For The Fallen Dreams feel and sound, but coming up short. Don’t take my word for it though. Check out the crappy recordings on their myspace. It is literally the most original and unique well done “stuff” you have ever heard.

The band hails from Wisconsin, which shouldn’t surprise us. Seriously, how many good bands have come out of the metal scene in nearby Wisconsin in the last 5 years?

Their drummer was the only thing that was just a bit refreshing, as his style was actually somewhat unique and caught me eye. This bands needs to work ALOT more on their live sound, because if they don’t, they wont be around for very long. It won’t take too long for one of the members to drift into reality and think to themselves, “Wow, we suck.”

Could they get worse? Sigh, yes. The breakdowns  had a very generic sound to them. They sounded like something that was just thrown into to pump up the kids with 1 inch gauges and a weaknesss for anything with a double bass kick that you couldn’t hear.  Not only that, but it sounded like they had one single breakdown which they played for each song without variation. 

The one redeeming quality of this band was that some of their more melodic riffs at certain points were perfectly timed with the screaming, something I didnt expect from this band considering how bad they were. No, there were no more redeeming qualities besides this final point: In the music world, there is always hope for a band, or at least we hope there might be.

(P.S. I might seem a bit harsh, but I try not to cushion the facts)

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