Clearwater Theater: The Word Alive, For Today, Bleeding Through

Clearwater Theater 9/28/10

The Word Alive
I caught the last three songs of a rather irate The Word Alive (TWA).  First off, I’ll hand it to them, nothing grows your fan base like cussing out the crowd for “being arrogant pussies”   The rant would continue with the lead vocalist going on a quick tirade about bands not wanting to come through because of the behavior of the crowd.  
Now Clearwater isn’t known for bands sounding good there, quite the opposite, in fact. However, TWA sounded better at the Clearwater theatre than they did at the Milwaukee Warped Tour. You could actually hear everything, something which is always a welcome improvement, even if the sound isn’t top quality.
For Today
For Today was next. Matty got up, pumped up the crowd and started their set. After the conclusion of their first song he gave a small quick talk about his beliefs, which he doesn’t hide. He doesn’t insult any non Christians, and he was quite humble both on stage and in a quick personal conversation I had with him after their set.
They were impressive live. They got the crowd into it, and were right on with their whole set. I was particularly impressed with how they played Devastator and how closed it sounded to the album version.The singer/guitarist was quite good and was on as well, something that I usually dont see with live bands. He didn’t sound too high pitched or screechy.
DISCLAIMER:  (Note there are plenty of metal and hardcore fans who would strongly disagree with me considering what I’m about to say about Bleeding Through)
 Bleeding Through is band that surprises me with the fact that they are still around, and not in a good way.   I won’t even mention their stage performance. I will rather point out how bad they sounded. Live they sounded almost worse then many start-up bands with nothing but high school members, horrible equipment, and a terrible live sound from cranking their guitars too loud.
Seriously how can a band be around playing live shows for 10  years and have one as bad as this? You expect a band that has been around for this long to have their live performance and sound down. I say this because bands who sound bad live usually don’t last too long.
Another unfortunate fact to point out is that literally every song they played sounded the same. Every bloody one.  Bleeding through is the reason why hardcore gets bad name for songs that “all sound the same.”
I’ve rarely been disappointed at show, as I usually have a pretty solid idea of what to expect live wise from most bands, but this was a complete shock.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with their studio generic sound, no matter how much originality its fan base claims that it somehow posesseses. So, I was hoping for a different feel from them live. Instead, they sounded even worse live. Simply put: FAIL! 
You know how you hate when a good band breaks up? Well this is horrible crappy band that needs to breakup and do hardcore a favor that should have happened a long time ago. They have inflicted pain and misery upon the ears of their unfortunate  listeners and fan base, for far too long.
 Oh, I do have one good thing to say about Bleeding Through. Their Keyboardist was hot.

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