My Ticket Home: What Happened?

My Ticket Home has released two new songs on their Myspace:
Deadweight (Ft. Caleb Shomo)
Normally I’d be overjoyed, but the songs surprised me a bit, and not in a good way. This band used to have a unique feel to them in the post-hardcore genre, but then something bad happened to them.  Caleb Shomo.

Who is that?” you may ask. I’ll tell you. Caleb Shomo is the current screamer for Attack Attack. “The bad one?” Yes, the bad one. 

Caleb’s reputation for his studio scream may have provided him with incentive to go into music production. Perhaps he is aware of the very negative feedback that is becoming common after Attack Attack shows:

They suck live!

Well, to be fair, he sucks live. He’s a good guy, but the truth hurts. Anyway, he is going to producing My Ticket Home’s new album , “The Opportunity To Be”. God help us.

I am not an Attack Attack hater by any means, even though their last album is a direct result of the bad things that can happen when bands try to go all “tough guy hardcore.”  I don’t even hate their scene fan base which seems to be a close second to Justin Bieber for angry attacks on metal related youtube videos.  
Shomo is now producing their album and their two new songs posted on their myspace reflect this.  Both songs sound close to the new Attack Attack! sound. The MTH clean  vocals from before are now gone and replaced with vocals that sound almost exactly like Johnny’s vocals in the new Attack Attack! album, which to be quite frank, suck.  His massively auto-tuned vocals in Someday Came Suddenly are much better, and that should tell you something.
Something I will point out right now is that I have seen some people allege that Attack Attack actually copied My Ticket Home’s  (MTH) style and that the close friendship of the lead singers of both bands is one of the reasons behind the similar sound. In further support of that argument is the fact that Attack Attack’s self titled album came out after MTH put up their new songs on their myspace.  My argument against that is the sound of the old MTH EP vs. the sound of these two new songs produced in part by Caleb Shomo. The fact that have recently signed to Rise Records is something else to consider as well. 
To Caleb and MTH’s credit, these two new songs don’t sound overproduced, something which is becoming all too common in the overarching metal scene.
Overall their two new songs, Deadweight, and aren’t all that bad, but there is now a distinct similarity in sound to Attack Attack. Let’s hope MTH’s new album doesnt suck as bad as Attack Attack’s new one did.

Deadweight  and Desertion can be downloaded through mediafire. Their EP, Above The Great City and a relatively new single, Refuge In Purpose, can also be downloaded through mediafire.  You can download their whole new EP, The Opportunity To Be at mediafire.

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  1. you must be dumb, Caleb made attack attack what they are today. their self titled album is probably the best sound I've heard from attack attack ever. And before you go saying i've never heard them live, I've seen them live before Caleb was the screamer and while Caleb was the screamer, and without him screaming they were terrible, but with him screaming they were one of the most brutal bands I've seen live.

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