SINGLE: For The Fallen Dreams = Strange Faces (Pre-Prod) [2010]

For The Fallen Dreams has released, or leaked, to be more accurate, its newest work since Relentless (2009) in the form of a single called Strange Faces.

Strange Faces continues in the style and feel established by the last two For The Fallen Dreams (FTFD) albums. The melodic feel is still there in all its glory, but the song does seem to be a bit heavier then what you may have previously heard from FTFD.  The song also includes a surprisingly catchy clean vocals chorus sung two times throughout the song which probably combines for about a minute worth of this three minute song.

Simply put, this is a step in the right direction for FTFD and may be an indicator of what seems to be “good stuff” to come with their upcoming album. 

While this is only a Pre-production of the song, the quality is quite good. My most important pet peeve, loud distinct double bass, is also fulfilled and met in this leaked track. 

The leak can be found at I Liked You Better Dead.  A 320 Kpbs quality copy of this song can be downloaded through mediafire.

Questions? Comments? Please post any feedback you may have regarding my review of this song and/or your opinion of it.

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